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24th > October > 2016 Archive

Kroll Ontrack acquired for US$410m by LDiscovery

Behold! A global titan of data retrieval is upon us

Brute force cred crunchers gifted Username Anarchy

Ruxcondpauli, darren.pauli, darrenp, pauli.darren, paulid

Microsoft drops tools to help ingest and model big datasets

Get your Rs into gear, data scientists

Thanks, IoT vendors: your slack attitude will get regulators moving

Networks also need to grab a mirror and look at themselves

Hackers pop top 'secure' wireless keyboard and mouse kits, gain RCE

RuxconPatch? Nah, we'll just remove 'secure' from the tin: vendor

Chap turns busted laptop into phone keyboard, in Himalayan book-rescue mission

Kind of a hacker-MacGyver story

Slowmo Violin train crash still sliding down the tracks

CommentHow long before it goes off the rails?

Ageing GSM crypto cracked on commodity graphics rig

A*STAR Singapore shows how easy it is

Is Google using YouTube to put one over on Samsung?

Let’s hope not. Somebody might notice

Microsoft: We're hiking UK cloud prices 22%. Stop whining – it's the Brexit

On-prem set for 13% hike

HPE to offer hybrid cloud hypermarket to world+dog

Not just Europeans who'll consume Cloud 28+

Cabinet Office gears up to ink mega Oracle deal

How's that plan to break with monopoly suppliers going?

Parliamentarians ask Obama to withdraw Lauri Love extradition request

Cross-party collective of 105 MPs sign open letter to US President to save Love

Hitachi ups its array game with new hardware and software

Fatter flash and in-drive compression helps to boost performance

Huzzah! Java EE 8 by October ... 2017, says Oracle

MicroProfile play targets the Eclipse Foundation

Hacktivist crew claims it launched last week's DDoS mega-attack

Dyn-Dyn-Dyn... it's a knockout!

AI lawyer: I know how you ruled next summer

RotMNearly 80% accuracy in human rights trials from reports

Paid Wikipedia-fiddling on wheels

Reputation management comes out of the shadows

Bad news, Trump. NASty storage is pretty popular, too

But don't forget: the network needs monitoring

Stung by Azure and AWS cost shock? Penny-pinchers love them some OpenStack

'Spotlight' on the money in a post-cloud-hype world

Government Digital Service under review after rural payments cockup

Audit follows IT disaster that resulted in farmers being underpaid

Murder in the Library of Congress

Copyright chief removed, moved sideways

Newly discovered cave-dwelling creepy-crawly is four times the man* you are

Millipede possesses a tetrad of todgers. Oh, and 200 poison glands

Chinese electronics biz recalls webcams at heart of botnet DDoS woes

US products compromised by Mirai mischief in another Internet of Things success

Barracuda Networks chomps up contract with reseller Quadsys

Severs ties after Quadsys Five hacking case concludes

Wi-Fi commuter fears

Asda server glitch leaves customers without online shopping

Soz, you'll just have to get in your car and pick up a basket

Gravitational lensing event could provide ideal conditions for planet hunting

Astronomers will have to wait until 2028, according to predictions

NetSuite's pre-Oracle curtain call: Growth and costs increase

Looks past pesky shareholders to joyful Ellison marriage

App proves Rowhammer can be exploited to root Android phones – and there's little Google can do to fully kill it

Hardware vuln strikes 18 of 27 tested mobes

Musk outlines plans for Mars

US docs halve screen time for tots: No more than an hour a day

But babies can start video chatting early

Clinton, Trump actually agree on something – blocking AT&T's Time Warner mega-buy

No matter who wins US prez race, merger faces rocky ride

Google flying car spotted?

Intel throws the ball long with sports, VR and IoT cash injections

Chip giant puts $38m into next generation of digital tech

Finally, that tech fad's over: Smartwatch sales tank more than 50%

Apple still rules the roost – but it's not a popular perch

It's nearly 2017 and JPEGs, PDFs, font files can hijack your Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad

Get patching now

LinkedIn, Dropbox hack suspect named as Yevgeniy Nikulin by US prosecutors

Russia hoping to block accused miscreant's extradition

CEO of VoIP biz admits in court: It was all a $1.8bn Ponzi scheme

Unsuspecting investors given full Brazilian from TelexFree scam operation

Verizon boss: Yahoo! email hack 'is a big deal to us', we'll decide new price next month

Lowell McAdam talks acquisitions, 5G and IoT

No NY love for Airbnb

2016 has been a garbage fire. But 2017's looking up – there'll be loads of IPOs, beams Intel

Head of chip giant's VC arm bullish about exits

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