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21st > October > 2016 Archive

Microsoft kinda did OK this quarter – but whatever, Wall Street loves Satya Nadella

It's the cloud economy, stupid

DIY website builder Weebly was secured feebly

43m credentials lifted, plus 58m more at Modern Business Solutions and 22m from FourSquare

Nintendo's new console-tab

Google pays $100k to anti-malware crusader Giovanni Vigna

Prolific malware murderer bags Mountain View's Security, Privacy and Anti-Abuse award

Dirty COW explained: Get a moooo-ve on and patch Linux root hole

Code diveWidespread flaw can be easily exploited to hijack PCs, servers, gizmos, phones

IBM throws ISP under a bus for Australia's #Censusfail

Big Blue claims ISP allowed DDoS. ISP says IBM rejected DDoS advice and services

Spam scum ping global blacklists to wreck rep

Email pests seek clean machines for better hit rates.

Chaos Monkey 2.0

Two new dinosaurs walked from South America to Australia, via Antarctica

Skeleton suggests beast as long as a London bus

Fruity hacking group juiced by Microsoft's October patch parade

Get your patching done, people, this Font-borne bug is being actively exploited

Rogue sysadmins the target of Microsoft's new 'Shielded VM' security

VMware's also trying to stop Dennis Nedry in vSphere 6.5, but both trail the NSA and Xen

Slack whacks global account hijack holes

For a while there your Slack account could be hijacked with just a username

Glued-shut IT wallets hindered UK govt's programmes – study

Viewing big initiatives as tech projects not helpful, say Brunel researchers

Puppet shows its hand: All your software is belong to us

Special reportIn the future code is going to be managed and deployed by other code

AMD is a rounding error on Intel's spreadsheet and that sucks for us all

Zen biz's only hope is to avoid Chipzilla's wrath, it seems

Sysadmin flees asbestos scare with disk drive, blank pay cheques, angry builders in pursuit

On-CallAnd he needed rather obscure controllers to get anything working again

Hardware ain't hard, money is: Crowdfunding, bootstraps and startups

RadbotCan you rattle the tin for marketing? Really?

Sky’s CEO drops MVNO bombshell at results conference

Firm's sure to use its sports lure to bring in the punters

Banks don’t give a 2FA

What will happen when I'm too old to push? (buttons, that is)

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Glitzy gadgets begin to lose their appeal

Oh joy. You can now buy a gold plated quadcopter drone

And fly it at more than 16 times the legally permitted height, we're told

Lessons from the Mini: Before revamping or rebooting anything, please read this

How not to throw the baby out with the bathwater

UK fintech firm reaches for Ireland Brexit escape hatch

Seeks passporting clarity

Meet the slimeballs who are openly sabotaging Virgin Media

Amazingly slow Shropshire attack causes sluggish services

Hack us and you're basically attacking America, says UK defence sec

And we'll attack you back, promises Defence Secretary

No matter who becomes US president, America's tech giants are going to be quids in

Both parties promising massive tax break on overseas earnings

Hapless Network Rail contractors KO broadband in Uxbridge

30 cables cut and countless masts out of action

Computacenter Q3 numbers lifted by weak British Pound

'Hurrah for the Euro and our services biz in Germany' cheers reseller titan

Hax0rs sow Discord by using VoIP service to sling malware at gamers

Not even playtime's safe these days

Today is the 211th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar

Toast the Immortal Memory of Admiral Lord Nelson, shipmates

New measurement alert. The Pogba: 1,200Pg = NHS annual budget

Reg Standards BureauYou gotta have standards

Dyn dinged by DDoS: US DNS firm gives web a bad hair day

Reddit, Github, Airbnb and pals affected

Hewlett Packard Enterprise gives UK boss control of Ireland

No, not the whole country, just the whole country operation

EMC moves into Dell house: Where'd I put the spoons?

CommentCheck the Org chart, will you

OpenStack-flinger Mirantis signs landmark NTT deal

Private cloud - as a service, sir?

Acronis: Yep, we're using blockchain for backup now

Blockchain timestamped hashing fraud check

Gartner's seers pass judgement on storage industry leaders

Quadrantic magicians do their square rating thingy

Boffins twist beams of neutrons into pasta to cook up holograms

Fun but it's probably better for measuring really small things

DNS devastation: Top websites whacked offline as Dyn dies again

Twitter, Amazon, AirBnB, Github and many others hit in DDoS attack on infrastructure

Duck Google's data grab

AT&T wants Time Warner

Smoking hole found on Mars where Schiaparelli lander, er, 'landed'

Pic4KM plummet to surface shattered Euro spacecraft

Como–D'oh! Infosec duo exploits OCR flaw to nab a website's HTTPS cert

Pair abused typo blind spot to game certificate authority

Today the web was broken by countless hacked devices – your 60-second summary

UpdatedIoT gadgets flooded DNS biz Dyn to take down big name websites

Machine-learning craze reaches freelancers: AI skills sought for gigs

Fed up with artificial intelligence hype? The blather is only just beginning

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