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Yahoo! begs! US! spymaster! Clapper!: Spill! the! beans! on! secret! email! snooping!

Uncle Sam asked to come clean on what info it sought. Good luck with that

Cisco patches NetBIOS vuln

Tesla's big news today:
sudo killall -9 Autopilot

Shiny new on-board computers won't actually work while Tesla figures out how to auto-drive

Reading this? Then you can pop root shells on Markvision enterprises

Twin bug bombs perish with patch

Jumpin' AppFlash! Actifio's devops gear rolls onto Pure kit

+CommentCopy data virtualisation gets a flash boost

Trump vs. Clinton III - TPP looks dead, RussiaLeaks confirmed

Reg finds tech needle in a haystack of stupid

European Telecoms Standards Institute to World+Dog: please start caring about 5G

Industry verticals, busy trying to make money, aren't paying attention to the telco biz's future

GPS spoofing can put Yik Yak in a flap

De-anonymising 'secret' chat app not that hard, really

Microsoft reveals career-enhancing .PNG files

'Digital Badges' will tell the world you drank Redmond's certification=credibility Kool Aid

Kids today are so stupid they fall for security scams more often than greybeards

Millennials turn out to be digital naïfs, not digital natives

Win Server 2016 on AWS

Meanwhile, in America: Half of adults' faces are in police databases

'It is out of control,' think tank thinks

Cisco is still making hay while the SAN shines

FCIP, faster Nexus switch, management software extensions announced

DeepMind boffins are trying to help robots escape The Matrix and learn for themselves in the real world

It's hard being human

Security research tool had security problem

Plugin for popular disassembler OllyDbg allowed man-in-the-middle diddle

Mesosphere half-year pledge: Fresh DC/OS open source baking

'Exciting changes' for Microsoft's favourite cloud container fabric

Hard-up Brits 'should get subsidy for 10Mbps'

BT already has a subsidy for telephony, says representative body for councils

Flash reaches the enterprise tipping point

Mass enterprise performance array migration has started

IoT botnet swells

‘Alan Turing law’ to give posthumous pardons to 59,000 men for 'gross indecency'

16k surviving 'ex-cons' punished for their sexuality will have to file paperwork

NSA, GCHQ and even Donald Trump are all after your data

CommentWhat do you do? Use manual typewriters or live in a Scottish croft? Our man advises

Virgin Media boss warns Brexit could hamstring broadband investment

Praises May for indicating date on Article 50 trigger

The man running HPE's Microsoft Azure biz says shiz this... after eight months

Former channel czar John Ansell is about to leave the building

Dynamic IP addresses are your personal property, CJEU rules

Property? Arrrr... no

NCC stirs in 'lumpy' bits of Fox, produces sales gravy. But market still chokes

Doesn't seem to've killed its appetite for acquisition

Will rush for New Radio compromise 5G quality?

AnalysisAccusations fly of vendors hijacking standards for their own purposes

Is this the worst Blockchain idea you've ever heard?

PollPeak Blockchain. Just stop

Fujitsu Voice is no more: Employee works council shuttered as job cuts loom

Silence falls

ExoMars update: Schiaparelli probe's parachute malfunctioned

Craft feared lost as scientists scramble to recover data

Google lights toasty price war under S3's hot and cold data bits

We're the 'perennial price leader' in cloud. See that, AWS? We said it

'Doubly unacceptable' Swiss vegan forces his way into the army

Tax or warfare? Right, where do I collect my rifle...

Vodafone says it'll launch NB-IoT network in EU early next year

Nobody's really impressed, but take a look at the long term

Britain's fight to get its F-35 aircraft carriers operational turns legal

OK, a bunch of uniformed lawyers had a thinly-disguised knees-up

EMC Dell deal: They're loved up and living together, but whose house rules?

CommentFast follower meets fast reacter

Scality flogs RING

BYE, EVERYBODY! Virtual personal health assistants are coming, says Gartner

Half the population to be diagnosed by chatbots by 2025

EU legal eagle: Euro court should review Intel's €1.6bn fine

Chipzilla market share WAS overstated, claims Advocate General

Boffins exploit Intel CPU weakness to run rings around code defenses

Branch buffer shortcoming allows hackers to reliably install malware on systems

Cheapest Apple iPhone 7's flash memory is waaaaay slower than pricier model

Your donation is insufficient. Please buy again

Uni students float into Hyperloop finals with levitating prototype

Magnetic tech gives 14-foot-long tube a tiny lift

US DNC hackers blew through SIX zero-days vulns last year alone

Most targets were individuals with Gmail addresses

File this: XtremIO to fling forth filer functionality

AnalysisNASty: Gen-two gear will add transactional file operations on block base

Keystrokes bugged by ear

Despite best efforts, fewer and fewer women are working in tech

It's not the boardroom that needs a change, it's the classroom

Three million debit cards at risk after hackers raid Indian payment systems

It wasn't us, gov! Hitachi Payment Services denies its ATMs were pwned

Verizon: Data center sale going nicely. Yahoo! bid? Not so much

Lawyers now working to decide how much to knock off the Purple Palace offer

10,000th Airbus takes off

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