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19th > October > 2016 Archive

Google's crash canaries' muted chirping led to load balancer brownout

45 per cent of load balancers threw 502 errors for an hour last Thursday

Cisco swallows Worklife to Spark-up collab suite

Heroik Labs to become part of Cloud Collaboration Technology biz

South Australia blacked out by bad bespoke software, not wind farms

'Non-credible event' triggered safety settings

DNS infrastructure sprinting to IPv6 while users lag

More than one third of queries hit v6-capable servers, says 'net boffin Huston

Oracle's quarterly security release offers 253 patches

15 are critical, some allowing complete system compromise over HTTP

100Gbit/s Mangstor array blows interconnect cobwebs right away

Mangstor's MX-Series drives enter the vSphere to soup up VM performance

Vodafone Australia promises fixed-line broadband over NBN

Let battle be joined with Telstra and Optus. And let's see how weak-in-mobile TPG responds

Intel stock falls on glum Q4

Crims cram credit card details into product shots on e-shops

Just Save Image As to exfiltrate data, safe in the knowledge webmasters trust JPGs

Mozilla strangling SHA-1

China's Shenzhou-11 capsule docks with Tiangong-2 station

A month in space is the plan as China's ambitions escalate

Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and BT bid for Indian cricket online

Indian Premier League TV audiences top 100m, online audience barely tapped

Swisscom claims world's first broadband service

Copper-extender can hit ~500Mbps, CTO says users will settle for 100Mbps

Probe boffins: Two balls deep in Uranus's ring

Voyager data raises possibility of pair of new moons

Australia's new data breach disclosure laws have a rather floppy definition of 'breach'

If someone doesn't think you can be harmed by a breach, they can stay quiet

Oh God, here comes the artificially intelligent boss bot – look busy!

IT biz hires new decision-making CEO – a code-executing officer

Microsoft keeps schtum as more battery woes hit Surface sufferers

UpdatedLook on the bright side – at least they're not exploding, right Samsung?

Skin tattoo will tell your phone when you've had a skinful

Government-sponsored sweat analyzer gets speedy

This speech recognition code is 'just as good' as a pro transcriber

Transcriptionist, your days are numbered, it seems

No shoes for little Timmy, Mama needs a new 10TB hard drive

Small, large, fast and slow – take your pick from Seagate's latest range

Data integrity and failover in the hybrid cloud

Between two stools one falls to the ground

Buck up, You need to get a grip on failing shared services centres - PAC

Promise to save £600m per year was all talk and no trousers

Red Hat eye from the Ubuntu guy: Fedora – how you doin'?

CommentMore than a mere RHEL release testbed

10x faster servers? Pop a CAPI in your dome

HPC BlogNot quite sure how the new mechanism works? Mull it over here

Hack suspect hospitalised

Speaking in Tech: Is OpenStack really a threat to VMware?

PodcastPlus: Marketecture, cloud and more

Who killed Cyanogen?

AnalysisWell, it's hanging on in there, but why didn't it conquer the world?

Digi minister Matt Hancock: Britain needs go full fibre. And we're not paying for it 'working with fibre providers to find a solution'

DARPA unveils robot co-pilot

Your inflatable buddy in the cockpit

Soz, folklore fans! Negligence, not Nessie, sank WWI German sub

When diving your U-boat, check all hatches are shut

Brexit? No impact at all, chuckles reseller juggernaut

Softcat warned of storm cloud in UK ahead of referendum, now says it blew over

Let's all go down the Strand (our data centre). King's College London goes TITSUP*

Well at least timetables, payrolls, library systems...

Three new 'nauts launched to the International Space Station

Floating space lab will back up to full capacity

Here's how much HP's 3-in-1 PC replacement will cost you

Pricey, but cheaper than a pub full of BOFHs

Openreach split could damage broadband investment, says BT's chief exec

How interesting that you'd say that, Gavin

Report: UK counter-terrorism plan Prevent is 'unjust', 'counterproductive'

Muslim child's Facebook holiday snap farce a case in point

Copyright zealots FAST to pursue 'far greater' fines for historic piracy

Not-for-profit organ looking for wider income streams - sources

No, Russia is not tapping into Syria's undersea internet cables

A tale of the spy ship Yantar, tinfoil hats and that pesky bugger we call reality

VxRack and VxRail systems feel the Edge of Power

EMC's HCI gear gets a Dell server invasion

It's finally happened: Hackers are coming for home routers en masse


EMC storage wranglers to cuddle Dell SC arrays

Compelling development for SC, much less so for PS Series

The Internet of Things is 'dangerous' but won't ride to the rescue

Suck it up, folks, you'll have to take responsibility for yourselves out there

EMC Dell deal: ECS object store gets new server, storage hardware

Must be hoping its biz hookup mojo will see off Amazon, S3

Donald Trump running insecure email servers

But he's got a yuge firewall, folks... the best kind of firewall

Data Domain explodes into floods of cloud tiers

Software-only Data Domain gets 6X capacity expansion

Dell-EMC, Pure Storage disengage from legal brawl

Lawyers weep as retirement plans go AWOL and Dell gets payment

Brexit killed any hopes of growth in global technology spending

Gartner, aka the Ministry of crappy forecasting, strikes again

Isilon Nitro all-flash dragster filer to hit the streets in 2017

Avere, Qumulo and Pure's FlashBlade facing pushy eager-beaver of a product

IoT insecurity: US govt summons tech bosses, bashes heads together

Everyone agrees: Our group has the best solution for patching bugs

Whinge on: T-Mobile US docked $48m for limiting 'unlimited' data plans

Telco coughs up cash to make throttling complaints go away

Third of Donald Trump's debate deplorables are mindless automatons

Twitter bots make a lot of noise but thankfully can't vote in elections

SimpliVity sheds staff, rattles tin for another $100m from investors

+CommentCompute-storage wrangler is working with Morgan Stanley from here to IPO

Czech, mate: Cops cuff Russian bloke accused of LinkedIn mega-hack

VidArrest caught on cam as chap enjoys lunch in Prague with his squeeze

Malwarebytes eats upstart

Coming soon to smart home devices? Best Before labels – with patch cut-off dates

Upshot of US government meeting to tackle IoT security

Wow, everyone loves our drives, says Seagate sitting on a pile o' cash

Disk arrays and flash still minor league stuff, though

Pivotal turn to Google Cloud

Just what Europe needs – another bungled exit: Mars lander goes AWOL

Martian probe goes silent mid-descent, Juno also goes dark

Chicago DC for Digital Realty

China's LeEco eyes up US, takes on, er, Apple, Samsung, Netflix, Tesla

PicsPhones, cars, VR goggles ... the Chinese are coming for your profit margins, America

Australia's IBM-assisted Census fail burned AU$30 MEEELLION

How to spend $10 million A DAY fixing a web site

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