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18th > October > 2016 Archive

IBM's focus on cloud and software isn't novel – it's survival

Hardware division is dying, 18 quarters of shrinking revenue, the writing is stained on the wall

Exablox bundles backup tool

US government wants Microsoft 'Irish email' case reopened

Argues that users don't control where data resides, so Redmond should pretend its within reach of US law

SHA3-256 is quantum-proof, should last billions of years

Ye Olde hash standard looks like it can beat the coming of the quantum cats

LogMeIn collapses its 'Cubby' Dropbox clone into LogMeIn Pro

Sync 'n' share survives if you cough up. The rest of you, download before November 16

Ethiopia bans social media

'Dyre' malware re-surfaces as 'TrickBot', targets Australian banks

Researchers say it looks like Dyre wolves are back in the wild, despite February arrests

AWS turns on Ohio Region

Phew: ISS re-supply mission launches without destroying Wallops launch-pad

5,000 pounds of astronaut-fodder fly without flame-outs

Audit sees VeraCrypt kill critical password recovery, cipher flaws

Patches slung at 11 bad bugs

Freeze on refrigerants heats up search for replacements

Hydrofluorocarbon ban to start 2018 in developed countries

Ubuntu OpenStack ARMv8-A

What's 5G? Who knows, but Qualcomm's designed a modem for it

Snapdragon X50 will push 5G bps through 800 MHz of mm-wave spectrum

Orange blows up French govt website in terrorism censorship snafu

Accidental DDoS with Facebook and Google redirects

Spain's iPhone killer actually a rebranded Xiaomi – new claim

Zetta handsets might have been marked-up Chinese phones

VMware waves white flag: vSphere, vRealize, VSAN dock with Docker

VMworld EuropeDell-EMC's virtual virtuoso cuddles containers, plus more news

New Snapdragons coming

Dell/Quest Software plans layoffs and relocations – source

Some products may go, too, once private equiteers take over

Pair programming – you'll never guess what happens next!

Oooo, oooo, that smell…

Basic income after automation? That’s not how capitalism works

AnalysisShould there be a base amount of cash given to all?

Flocking Dell! Caringo's Swarm storage software soars to version 9

Starring on a Dell-powered box near you soon, if you feel like buying one, of course

vSphere has been moved onto VMware's slow development train

The UI – seriously, the UI – is the bit VMware thinks is most significant this time around

May blocked plans to bring in more Indian IT workers – Vince Cable

Good luck convincing India to buy British in November, Prime Minister!

It's good to talk, UK banks told after massaging cyberattack figures

It's not like the public will think any worse of you

VSAN users get file access with DataSphere: It's a computing resource 3-way

+CommentPrimary Data converges files and blocks for VSAN

Vodafone and Inmarsat hang satellites over potential Internet of Things customers

Remote backhaul for rural millionaires? Not so, they say

LG’s V20 may be the phone of the year. So why the fsck can’t you buy it?

Reluctant to cash in on Samsung’s calamity

Spinal Tap’s bass player sues former French sewer

It's about artists' rights, argues Harry Shearer

You work so hard on coding improvements... and it's all undone by a buggy component

Third-party addition not the time-saver the boss thinks it is

NHS patients must be taught to share their data, says EU lobby group

Combining public funding and public data for whose benefit?

Honeywell's UK staff mull strike action

Final salary scheme to be axed

Store flaw? Naw! The hyper-converged vendor and the 'bug'-bash

CommentDeal or no deal

China blamed in drone hack

Democralypse Now? US election first battle in new age of cyberwarfare

CIA said to blame Russia for voter database hacks

Ubuntu 16.10: Yakkety Yak... Unity 8's not wack

Best part of update is taste of much-promised GNOME beauty

Open-source storage that doesn't suck? Our man tries to break TrueNAS

ReviewFreeNAS's 2003-looking grown-up sibling examined

US vs UK: Who's better prepared for AI?

AnalysisYanks have the edge on selling it to the public

How do you make a qubit 10 times as stable? Dress it up for work

No joke. Electromagnetic fields could help achieve dream of quantum computing

AI, AI, captain: Royal Navy warships to set sail with computer officers

STARTLE'd code to make decisions from waves of information

HomeKit is where the dearth is – no one wants Apple's IoT tech

Is anyone buying it – figuratively or literally?

Microsoft tries, fails to crush 'gender bias' lawsuit brought by its own women engineers

Redmond under fire for allegedly broken rating scheme

Facebook is writing a Mercurial server in Rust. This is not a drill

Git, Go, Swift, pish – that's so last year, darling

Imagine a sad deflating balloon. There, that's IBM's servers, storage

AnalysisBig Blue's cash cows saunter into the slaughterhouse

Samsung airport exchange

Think virtual reality is just about games? Think again, friend

Why we may all be calling movies 'flatties' in a few years

Ecuador admits it cut Assange's internet to stop WikiLeaks' US election 'interference'

10 points to Gryffin, er, Ecuador

NFL is No Fondleslab League: Top coach says he'd rather use pen and paper than Surface tab

Belichick says he's done with the Microsoft slab

Yahoo! hides! from! financial! analysts! amid! email! hacking!, privacy! storm!

Mayer silent on Verizon's discount demand, too

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