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17th > October > 2016 Archive

Salesforce rules out Twitter bid

That leaves the possible number of interested buyers at … Zero.

Juno probe has tech trouble, cancels orbital re-adjustment

Another 53-day loop needed while NASA sorts out helium check valve delay problem

Yahoo! cancels! earnings! call!, dodges! hacking! questions!

P0wned portal promises custom info that matters to you, except when being acquired

Instagram open sources iOS UI crash fix

App devs: if UICollectionView bugs you, this might help

More than half of Androids susceptible to ancient malware

Bad ads, off-brand app stores and smut carry 'Ghost Push' nasty

Outlook-on-Android alternative 'Nine' leaked Exchange Server creds

Patches slung to fix popular third-party email app

German regulators won't let Tesla use the name 'Autopilot'

Tesla told to tone down its cruise control claims as Elon Musk delays new launch

Hello |FNAME|, this is the Obama-bot Drupal chat module speaking

White House open-sources presidential Facebook Messenger chatbot

Mozilla users >50% HTTPS

What the HEC? HDS claims it has a big *aaS

BaaS, AaaS and DRaaS joined by STaaS and CaaS

BART barfs, racers crash, and other classic BSODs

Your weekly Windows entertainment large and small

Bits of Google's dead Project Ara modular mobe live on in Linux 4.9

Linus Torvalds teaches devs a lesson with early rc1 release

Pushy Pure, cheerful Cisco fortify FlashStack

Resistance is futile against this on-coming go-to-market blitzkrieg

ShadowBrokers put US$6m price tag on new hoard of NSA hacks

Auction failed, now false-flag filchers want 10k bitcoin or the code gets it

HPE UK overlord lines up sales generals, gives ra ra speech

'Be relevant, beat the compeetition. Believe. Have fun. Go to the boozer'

DIY storage startup: Tech, check. Techies, check... Er, credibility?

Part FourNobody knows you, so how do you get there?

Puny human sailors still needed... until drone machine learning tech catches up

RN admiral insists robots won't replace sailors, for now

FalconStor ticks public cloud

Mega-Misys IPO trimmed: Firm slashes expectations by £1bn

Brexit-bashed, but still likely to be the UK's largest tech IPO

Continuous Lifecycle 2017: Meet the committee...

And impress us with your container, DevOps, CD and Agile stories

Sextortion on the internet: Our man refuses to lie down and take it

ExclusiveIt rubs the lotion on its skin, repeatedly it seems

Multi-lock ransomware

Drone idiots are still endangering real aircraft and breaking the rules

Four airprox* reports made in just five days

New UK National silicone database will help avoid boobs

20,000 cases of implant surgery to be held

Chinese 'nauts blast off for month-long space station scouting mission

China to 'deeply and broadly' go where some have gone before

Dell bundles bundle of systems-bundlers into its IoT van

Secure or not, it's great if someone's making money

Google has unleashed Factivism to smite the untruthy

AnalysisBut who checks the fact-checkers?

London cops strap on new body cams

Footage uploads to Axon cloud for use as evidence

Sweet, vulnerable IoT devices compromised 6 min after going online

Gone in 360 seconds, says researcher

Court finds GCHQ and MI5 engaged in illegal bulk data collection

I don't believe it! The mad lads have only gone and won a legal case against the spooks!

Lenovo be Nimble, Lenovo be quick, inks deal to take on Dell EMC kit

Swaps all-flash array, analytics for channel access

RRS Sir David Attenborough construction goes full-steam ahead

Baby bro McBoatface will probe under ice sheets...

HPE tops in tape. Yes, tape is still a thing

Nothing too flashy, but it still makes bucks on ribbons of rust

Linux Foundation whacks open JavaScript projects umbrella

JS Foundation: It's raining devs...

Apple's car is driving nowhere

It's harder than Silicon Valley thinks

CoreOS acquihires tool biz

Take it away, ICANN: US States drop internet handover lawsuit

Attorneys General face reality

'State cuts' Assange internet

Microsoft boffins: Who needs Intel CPUs when you've got FPGAs?

Bing searches get speed boost from Catapult integration

US reactor breaks fusion record – then runs out of cash and shuts down

VideoMIT hardware under pressure

Apple hires CMU AI guru Russ Salakhutdinov to lure over more talent

Associate prof will have opportunity to explain 'publish or perish' to secretive company

Mysterious algorithms, black-box AI recruiters are binning our résumés

AnalysisThe software separating jobseekers and jobs remains a secret

The answer to Internet of Things madness? Open source, of course!

We chat with hub makers WigWag

AI software should be able to register its own patents, law prof argues

Kneel before Watson

nbn™ says nobody needs gigabit internet, trumpets XG-Fast at 8Gbps anyway

Placating fibre fetishists has nbn™ in a twist and distracts us from bigger issues

Samsung to fab 10nm FinFET SoCs for next year's exploding phones


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