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13th > October > 2016 Archive

After lessons learned from super-storm Sandy, US telcos weather Hurricane Matthew

Network cleanup going well, claim carriers

Oracle DB admins urged to swap their gas guzzler for an electric car

Postgres VisionBusinesses can bet on open source – or at least use it as a threat

OVH is go in Asia, UK soon

Carders bag stylish sack shop Vera Bradley

Malware siphoned mag-stripe data from servers

Google, Facebook toss cash into LA-to-Hong Kong sub cable corp

120 Tbps non-stop Pacific link plans to see first light in 2018

Buggy Excel patch panned

Hackers pop 6000 sites on active 18-month carding bonanza

US National Republican Senatorial Committee on list of sites slinging data to Russia

Oz gummint's de-anonymisation crime is as mind-bendingly stupid as we feared

Disclosure is a lesser crime than research; government agencies are exempt; and don't Google your own key

VMS will be ready to run on x86 in 2019!

Or 2018 if you're brave. For now, we have a boot screen!

Google offers baseball bat and some chains with which to hit open source software

Fuzzing tool used to test Chrome lands on GitHub

Student software finds new Minor Planet found way out beyond Pluto

'2014 UZ224' has diameter of about 530km and takes 1,100 years to go around the Sun

Virtual reality is actually made of smartphones

From the HoloLens to the PlayStation VR, all VR kit is descended from the first iPhone

Junos OS CLI has a bad bug. So good luck applying its new patches

Gin palace has eight bug-killing shots for you to imbibe

A robot kitchen? Whatever. Are you stupid enough to fall for this?

Stump up £30k for a year of grocery deliveries and some sketchy promises

Email security: We CAN fix the tech, but what about the humans?

From Michelangelo to ransomware

BT will HATE us for this one weird 5G trick

Ready to hear our bright cycle safety idea?

Time to crack down on sales of dragon's gold - securobods

Coin of the gaming realm used for money laundering, malware and more

Dell EMC World tease: What does 'composable' mean to you, readers?

AnalysisPeople are 'working on something cool' - EMC converged man

Pound falling, Marmite off the shelves – what the UK needs right now is ... an AI ethics board

AnalysisCall for probe into 'social, ethical and legal implications'

S&M Cloud's IBM hookup

Metronet gobbles up hosting firm for £47.5m, instantly doubles in size

It's a network-biz-eat-network-biz world. Burrrp

Data-updater CTERA gets IBM reselling approval stamp

SoftLayer object storage gets CTERA file services front end

Hypernormalisation: Adam Curtis on chatbots, AI and Colonel Gaddafi

InterviewIt's a techno-utopia on the BBC

Lenovo soups up storage for supers servers

DDN buddy-up A-OK for HPC

Tax-swerving IT director disqualified for 8 years

Paid himself £40k when biz was insolvent, says

New GCHQ unit: Psst, breached biz bods. We won't rat you out to the ICO

National Cyber Security Centre wants you to come in for a reassuring chat

British jobs for British people: UK tech rejects PM May’s nativist hiring agenda

CommentEducation, not immigration, is UK’s dangerous burden

Apple squishes crypto bug

Fresh from 1,800 job cuts, Fujitsu boasts of spinning rust-killing flashy boxen

Ready for mainstream enterprise use, firm says

Barracuda's satisfying cloud meal offsets appliances dip

Bet they're glad they switched streams

Lenovo big cheese walks

Dave McQuarrie tipped to join HP Inc

3D printers might sell. Really

Euro politicians are hyping the terror threat to steal your privacy

OX SummitSo says Open Exchange CEO

Google DeepMind 'learns' the London Underground map to find best route

New research combines neural networks with external memory

GlobalSign screw-up cancels top websites' HTTPS certificates

Final updateRevoked certs may linger for days, locking people out of sites

Managed sec services merge

Facebook anti-terrorism job

Personal info on more than 58 million people spills onto the web from data slurp biz

Modern Business Solutions keeping quiet

Soylent bars farting recall

Decade-old SSH vuln exploited by IoT botnet armies to hose servers

Internet of Unpatchable Things

The exploding Note 7 is no surprise – leaked Samsung doc highlights toxic internal culture

Exec-only presentation encourages intimidation of staff

3,500 Verizon call center workers can't hear you now

Telco plans to board up seven US facilities

Chat app Telegram's meltdown today was literal – its data center cooling failed

Messaging conked out in North and Latin America

Galaxy Note 7 flameout: 2 in 5 Samsung fans say they'll never buy from the Korean giant again

Punters will vote with their wallets – before they're roasted

Something strange stirs in the storage backwater swamps, long ribbons of rust that never forget

And Quantum is summoning them

Amazon AWS: 'Hi there!' VMware: 'We submit. Please, save us'

vSphere to be rented out on Jeff Bezos' cloud

Wi-Fi baby heart monitor may have the worst IoT security of 2016

Gaping security holes, but a fix may be coming for Owlet

Verizon!'s top! lawyer! ponders! walking! away! from! Yahoo! gobble!

Purple Palace buyout might be Ya-screwwww-ew-ew-ed

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