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10th > October > 2016 Archive

Heads roll as Qihoo 360 moves to end WoSign, StartCom certificate row

Two CAs get new bosses, operations to be split

Security bod to MSFT: PowerShell's admin-lite scheme is an open door

UpdatedToo much admin turns out to be barely enough

Turkey blocks Drive, Github, OneDrive in bid to kill RedHack leaks

Google jam lifted after take-down

'There may be no hackers' says Trump in Presidential Debate II

'The Russians hack the information and Wikileaks is involved' says Clinton

National Australia Bank starts week with TITSUP*

Total Inability To Support Usual Performance strands ATM, EFTPOS users

Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7

Stops throwing fuel on the fire

BSODs from around the world, from the wrist-job to public art

BSOD WATCHThanks readers - you never fail to spot Windows with its pants down

Linus Torvalds says ARM just doesn't look like beating Intel

Linux Lord also feels Internet of Things hardware is mostly doomed, like his old Sinclair QL

Russia tests sat jamming

Command line coffee machine: Hacker shuns app so he can stay at the keyboard for longer

Reverse engineering turns 'Smarter AM' into brew-bot

Stickers emerge as EU's weapon against dud IoT security

Whitegoods-inspired security rating scheme under discussion

Leap second scheduled for New Year's Eve 2016

Linux survived 2015 but there's work to do if you want to enjoy the fireworks

Boffins eschew silicon to build tiniest-ever transistor, just 1nm long

'Molybdenum disulphide' valley has a nice ring to it, no?

Adventures in (re) naming your business: Fire up the 4-syllable random name generator

RadbotLashings of “q” and “z” and “j”

Disney aims for Netflix. If the deal was made, it would shoot itself in the foot

AnalysisThat's the prediction, anyway

Make yourself presentable, upstart: We're going out

Part ThreeNot you, buddy, the product's UI

Facebook pays, er, nope, gets £11m credit from UK taxman HMRC...

We've got an 'efficient tax structure', boast the Zuckerborg

Everspin's Friday IPO goes pop: Moderate amount of champagne all 'round

MRAM top's still spinning and hasn't fallen flat

Astronauts on long-haul space flights risk getting 'space brains'

*Insert Trump joke here*

Social media flame wars to be illegal, says top Crown prosecutor

Unlucky, commentards: You're all thought criminals now

Brace yourself, Samsung: Activist investor Elliot's in an arm-twisting mood

AnalysisDemerge, simplify and cough up for shareholders, it demands

Nokia crawls towards comeback with new phones announcement

And it’s … oh, a midrange Android

Internet of Things botnets: You ain’t seen nothing yet

SSSh*t just got real

Steve Jobs' thermonuclear showdown with Samsung reaches US Supreme Court

Battle of rounded corners approaches $399m climax

Confirmed: UK police forces own IMSI grabbers, but keeping schtum on use

CCDC is for 'Covert Communications Data Capture'

Inside the Box thinking: People want software for the public cloud

AnalysisGoodbye sync 'n' share, hello enterprise content management

Fasthosts was down

Today in stalking British AI startups: The Chinese are coming

First Google comes sniffing around, now it's bags of dosh from China

Cloudera tells bright Sparks: Go teach yourselves Hadoop

Online DIY courses gotta be less tedious than teaching GCHQ's finest, right?

TV5Monde was saved from airtime-KO hack by unplugging infected box

French telly station boss spills les haricots on what happened

Little top tech tip: Take care choosing your storage drives

Sysadmin BlogFlash, rust, MCS, SMR PMR TDMR HAMR and QLC – oh my!

Skype for Linux users can crash-test video calls in v1.10 Alpha

Redmond's cloud to kill off older versions

FreeBSD 11.0 lands, with security fixes to FreeBSD 11.0

Bootleggers, don't ignore the official version

Samsung to Galaxy Note 7 users: Turn it off. Now

Phirebug phablet phreeze conphirmed as Samsung orders all sales and swaps stopped

Intel is shipping an ARM-based FPGA. Repeat, Intel is shipping an ARM-based FPGA

Nobody tell Linux, okay?

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