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7th > October > 2016 Archive

Transcripts: The crunch courtroom showdown to halt ICANN's internet power grab

AnalysisWe dig into the ongoing legal row over IANA

Google's Chrome cloaks Pirate Bay in red screen of malware death

Scam ads abound

Russian government ponders open source purchasing preference

Open code with Russian services preferred, unless good excuses can be found

Internet of pills plan calls for drugs to tell you when to take them

Smartphone app will send reminders to E-Ink labels on your favourite medicines

Fake copyright site infuriates Indian government

Smash and grab PoS pwners ready with pre-Xmas malware update

Cocky devs don't try to hide malware, export credit card numbers as cleartext

VMware Horizon View bug

OVH decides to Fauquier the cloud in America

That's Fauquier County, Viriginia, chosen as its first US bit barn and HQ

AWS CloudFront goes IPv6

London cops charge ATM malware hacker

Raiders bagged and tagged

OpenStack Newton debuts, runs anything at almost any scale

Containers? VMs? Bare metal? Huge scale? Small scale? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And yes

'Please label things so I can tell the difference between a mouse and a microphone'

On-CallCan we suggest the label 'idiot' for this uppity user? And share a classic Trek vid?

Zilog reveals very, very distant heir to the Z80 empire

Relative of classic CPU gets the dirty job of Two-Phase Digital Power Factor Correction

Four reasons Pixel turns flagship Android mobe makers into roadkill

CommentGo boutique, or get out of the way

Building iRODS to take load off scientists' back

Panasas and WD/HGST go balls out for parallel file access and object storage integration

Ofcom kicks off 5G auction consultation

But what about the delayed auction for more 4G capacity?

Invasion of the virus-addled lightbulbs (and other banana stories)

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Why Pinky? What are we doing tomorrow?

Robots blamed for wiping 10 per cent off the value of sterling

Down down dooby-down

Breaking compression, one year at a time

Sysadmin BlogDIY is hard

Device-as-a-Service to make life simple? Nope

Canalys Channels Forum 2016Still, where's there mystery there's margin and PC vendors need that desperately

It's executive whack-a-mole at Big Data replicator WANdisco

Fired CEO gets his sackers sacked in boardroom rout

Pay up or your data gets it, Fandroid

BT Yahoo! customers: Why! can't! we! grrr! delete! our! webmail! accounts!?

No delete until 'end of Sept'... Not the 2016 Sept, then

Crooks and kids (not scary spies paid by govt overlords) are behind most breaches

InterviewTroy Hunt talks down the state-sponsored hack threat

BOFH: The Idiot-ware Project and the Meaningless Acronym

Episode 13We'll take you away from misery of Hell Desk

Cisco exec: Is our networking gear exciting? Yeah, like 'sewage'

Canalys Channels Forum 2016Pong is less, well pongy, since we dabbed on l'eau de Apple

Samsung's profits may not be as explosive as its products, says firm

Chip and display business segments claimed to have covered the burning bottom

Ofcom finds 'reasonable grounds' that KCOM failed to maintain 999 services

Hull operator invited to respond

FT journo roasts channel leaders for spouting bullshit

Canalys Channels Forum 2016Tech industry needs more Wan Longs, apparently

CEO of shady ad site Backpage and owners arrested on human trafficking suspicions

Special reportCDA internet shield under the spotlight

You're fired (into space)! Trump tops Martian ejaculation poll

Marissa Mayer or Katie Hopkins? Eenie meenie...

Fujitsu to staff: Toe the party line over this PC sale talks story

Repeat after me: We have absolute commitment to customers. YES we do

Cohesity cuddles up to Cisco. But riddle me this: Is it hyper-converged?

+CommentJoins Solution Partner Program

Dell has laid off EMC people at Hopkinton

Getting rid of overlapping job functions

FBI wants to unlock another jihadist’s iPhone

Apple vs. US round 2 looming

Devs! Here's how to secure your IoT network, in, uh, 75 easy pages

Cloud Security Alliance releases 'hefty' report ... and it's pretty handy

GDS shouting matches so severe team takes to talking by hand signals

ImagesTactic designed to empower the 'less dominant' members of the PaaS team

'Pay once' FalconStor storage model causes scratching of heads

You mean I had to pay twice or thrice to store stuff before?

IBM Watson Xprize is a chance to make AI more open, says prize team

Oh, and also win millions of dollars

Quantum predictions up

Fujitsu Tech Products boss channels his inner Sid Vicious

'We need to be less polite to f*%$k over the competitiion'

Lenovo grabs spotlight, hunts for sales uplift after server build shift

If it wasn't for those bloody cloud people, we'd be quids in, says data centre exec

Windows updates? Just trust us, says Microsoft executive

Interview'Rather than you approving which patches you want, we are saying let them all flow'

Hubble telescope spies massive 'cannonballs' of fire from dying star

Scientists aren't completely sure where they are coming from

Actually, yes, Samsung, you do have to pay Apple $120m

Decade-long game of patent tennis nearly over

Probe cops' Stingray phone masts, senators tell US comms watchdog

Congresscritters want to know if cellphone snooping kit illegally jams connections

French programmers haul Apple into court over developer rules

Your unfair contract cripples browsers, Nexedi complains

Don't panic, but a 'computer error' cut the brakes on a San Francisco bus this week

Muni unexpectedly turns into self-driving ride

AT&T pilots dedicated IoT mobile network

But it will cost more than your mobile phone

US govt straight up accuses Russia of hacking prez election

'Only Russia's senior-most officials' could authorize the exploitation of our weak security

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