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29th > September > 2016 Archive

Source: nbn™'s fibre-to-the-kerb will be VDSL at 100/40Mbps

But Optus still gets its $800m payday, even though its network was too expensive to upgrade

Google deleted some cloudy middleware accounts

They're back and the 15-hour SNAFU is mostly over, but this is no way to run a cloud

New Amazon Linux

D-Link DWR-932 B owner? Trash it, says security bug-hunter

More than 20 vulns in SOHOpeless LTE gateway

Smartphone lost on QANTAS 'began hissing, emitting smoke and making orange glow'

PicPassenger reported it lost but when crew tried to find it, the business class seat struck!

Optus' HFC problems were never a secret, so why did nbn™ need the network?

Malcolm Turnbull, you will never be a network engineer

Cisco squeezes out massive patch dump

Order some pizza and put in for overtime, netadmins, this could be a long night

Crusty Cat 5e/6 cables just magically sped up to 2.5 Gbps and 5 Gbps

Thank you, IEEE, for approving the 802.3bz standard and faster ethernet on old wires

Researchers crack Oz Govt medical data in 'easy' attack with PCs

White hat efforts show up Govt's proposed laws to criminalise research

Nissan reveals self-driving chair

PollTired of standing in queues? Auto-maker says it's solved serious societal problem

Laos bans Galaxy Note 7

Pokemon NO! Hospital demands ban on virtual creatures after addicts invade private wards


Yahoo! Answers used to cloak command and control networks

VXer wordsmiths demo novel stealth tricks

Samsung: And for my next trick – exploding WASHING MACHINES

Why wait for North Korea to nuke Seoul? Sammy's gear will take care of the job at this rate

ZX Spectrum Vega+ will ship on time, developer claims amid doubts

Oi, where's my retro games console?

Sad reality: Look, no one's going to patch their insecure IoT gear

'Consumers are ready to roll the dice with their privacy every time they buy a gadget'

When two tribes go to war: Docker Swarm on the left, easier-to-install Kubernetes on the right

AnalysisThe K8 1.4 release feels your pain

But is it safe? Uncork a bottle of vintage open-source FUD

FOSS's hidden marathon to big-ticket respectability

M.2 SSD drive format is under-rated. So why no enterprise arrays?

BlogTiny physical size SSDs being hugged by hyper-scalers

Lenovo: Entry-level 1U pitch

Sendspace shrugs at phishers exploiting free service

To: Whomever, From: Whomever, Attached: Whatever

How to build a storage startup

Part OneFunding, contacts, brainboxes... a step-by-step guide

Realm – a database you may not have heard of but app devs have – touts cloudy platform

Tool tries to simplify shifting data to and from mobes

Oracle's Coach Larry needs Microsoft plays to beat Amazon

AnalysisBest locker-room strategy: Avoid emulating AWS directly

Exchange down for Android and iOS users

Mobile access receives the Office 364.5 treatment

More 20nm MRAM

WANdisco's CEO dances off

Microsoft warns Windows security fix may break network shares

We're making your NAS secure by hiding it from you

UK will buy 138 F-35s

Disaster biz inhales $51m

Market pulls chain on Crapita share price after first ever profit warning

Reselling slumps, TfL contract woes and possible Co-op 'litigation' looms

Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society... Doesn't sound sinister at all

RotMGoogle 'n' pals hope to herald machine-human 'golden age'

Complaints against cops down 93% thanks to bodycams – study

Quite likely keeping both the cops and public in check

FCC death vote looms for the Golden Age of American TV

Special reportThe inside story of Google's plan to pwn the TV biz

Microsoft chatbots: Sweet XiaoIce vs foul-mouthed Tay

Cultural differences, eh?

Fingerprint tech makes ATMs super secure, say banks. Crims: Bring it on, suckers

All those unchangeable PINs, up for easy swiping

Pisspoor IoT security means it'd be really easy to bump off pensioners

Oi, digi-utopians. Start putting your house in order, says CW event speaker

Russian hackers target MH17 journalists for embarrassing Putin

State threat actors are a reality for today's scribes

NHS Digital 'must be prepared for the inevitable'

Dell-EMC's dual server supply problem... is not a problem, it reckons

+CommentConverged server suppliers? Crack on, says senior soul Sakac

Apple puts on its grey suit: Firm, 40, keen to meet corporate types

Could use all the dev time it hasn't been using on iPhones, amirite?

Londoners react with horror to Tube Chat initiative

‘Someone tried to greet me’ splutters tearful Reg production chief

Microsoft's chums Dell, HPE and Lenovo give Azure Stack a shout-out

Mover over, devs, and bring me a chequebook

Computacenter's former 'unsung hero' rocks up at Redcentric

Mo Siddiqui hired as chief operations man

If you seek Amy

VESK coughs up £18k in ransomware attack

ExclusiveBiz took the precaution to pay up as a belt and braces approach

Human rights orgs take Five Eyes nations to court

UK/USA to sit in dock at ECHR over backbone collection mischief

Microsoft widens Edge browser bug hunt for bounty hunters

Keeping you in hoodies

Why XPoint SSDs won't meet original speed claims: A guide

CommentIt's not just the media, stupid

Badda-Bing, badda-doom: Microsoft search guru heads up giant's new AI boffinry unit

Deep Thought? I don't think you're going to like this answer

Qualcomm eyes NXP lunch

Verizon techie sold people's call logs at $75 a head to private dick

Prison looms for telco insider who flogged subscriber records to dodgy investigator

Four US states demand restraining order to stop internet power handover to ICANN

Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada sue Uncle Sam

'Syrian Electronic Army' goon extradited from Germany now coughs to hacking, extortion

His crime boss The Shadow remains at large

Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?

Stop pressOld rich white man comes up with perfect solution to tech sexism

Oracle loses (again) in battle to get Google Java case retried (again)

More imminent: Heat death of the universe – or Big Red giving up appeals?

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