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27th > September > 2016 Archive

Puppet names new CEO

Fax machines' custom Linux allows dial-up hack

Don't laugh. Epson printer/fax machines dating back to 1999 have this problem

India releases Mars data

US Labor Dept accuses CIA-backed Palantir of discriminating against Asian engineers

Good ol' boys' club gives jobs to good ol' boys, lawsuit says

Add 'fattism' and hacker stereotyping to the list of Donald Trump's list of non-PC positions

Says 'someone weighing 400 pounds' could be DNC hacker in first presidential debate

STUN hack could help admins choose between 'net links

RFC identifies handy spot for RTT, packet loss metrics

Suspected Russian DNC hackers brew Mac trojan

Ruskie space program doc used as spear phish payload.

Mozilla wants woeful WoSign certs off the list

Backdating SHA-1 certs is just not on

The server's down. At 3AM. On Christmas. You're drunk. So you put a disk in the freezer

On-CallSanta doesn't put new disks down the chimney

It's Pablo Pic-arsehole: Turner Prize wannabe hits rock bottom

A pretty pile of penny coins, a train set and more twee crap vie for this year's bonkers art gong

Narcissist Heidi Powell wants her dot-com and she wants it now, now, NOW!

'Do you know who I am?' silly woman asks stunned court

Microsoft makes massive changes to MCSE and MCSD

Certs now the same for end-users and partners, but re-certification can now be annual

Daesh-bag hacker gets 20 years for harvesting US military kill list

Cross-border Kosovan cuffing leads to long stretch inside

Sinclair fans rejoice: ZX Spectrum Vega+ to launch October 20

Dead-flesh keyboard not included

It's open season for bug hunting – on Microsoft's Azure cloud

IgniteProject Springfield offers fuzzing, which isn't nearly as titillating as it sounds

Google tries to cross out XSS attacks by releasing its own test tool

Just about every content security policy does it wrong

Windows Server 2016 will cost more on big servers, but discounts can be found

Microsoft's helping you move to per-core pricing and making Azure more attractive too

Swiss vote for spy powers

Don't let banks fool you, the blockchain really does have other uses

AnalysisGov.UK missing out on the real value? We're shocked, we tell you... Shocked!

Scrapped NHS ballsup cost taxpayer almost £8m

ExclusiveMoney 'not' wasted – claim

Mark Zuckerberg and the $3bn cash fling: He's not your father's tech kingpin

History, philanthropy and the Victorian computing age

152k cameras in 990Gbps record-breaking dual DDoS

Hacked low-powered cameras and internet-of-things things

BBC to demand logins for iPlayer in early 2017

Not about licence enforcement, but we'll have 'access to the info', it claims

Bloodhound supersonic car backed by Chinese taxi biz Geely

Shiny new sponsor for 1,000mph motor

Sonos' Apple Store creds

Hyperconvergence: Where is the technology, and the CIO, going?

Going fast is great, but only if you have direction

Oh Snap! How intelligent people make themselves stupid for Snapchat

CommentThe very finest of new tech babbling

That's cold: This is how our boss told us our jobs are at risk, staffers claim

Blue you're in, purple you'll change. No colour? Update CV

Senator! calls! for! SEC! probe! to! be! inserted! into! Yahoo!

More bad news for the Purple Palace

Nutanix's 'expected' IPO date is 30 September

Nasdaq spews stock-market launch date

Official: Windows 10 has hit the 400 million device mark

Pro version accounts for growing share of business PC sales

Disney rollercoaster helps pop out kidney stones

We're not even taking the piss

Fujitsu UK sales director: I'm off

Shifting deals 'like trying to push water uphill' quips reseller

More Lenovo staffers to be buried in the redundancy pit

Over 1,000 roles will go as peak smartphone approaches

Seagate Beijing demo

Ordinary punters will get squat from smart meters, reckons report

Small savings for us, big moolah for gas 'n' 'leccy suppliers

Baidu Research grills AI models on deep learning

Tool aims to reduce machine-training time

No wonder we're being hit by Internet of Things botnets. Ever tried patching a Thing?

Akamai CSO laments pisspoor security design practices

IBM, WanDisco, DataTorrent and pals sign Hadoop interoperability pact

ODPi boasts of big enterprise names joining scheme

Hapless VESK hit by second major two-day outage

Just as well it removed the 100 per cent uptime claim, then...

Microsoft paid me $650 to scrub Windows 10 from my grandpa's PC, says man

Dodges small court claim over GWX nagware

OnePlus snags O2

Ofcom blesses Linux-powered, open source DIY radio ‘revolution’

It came from the shed

Germany calls halt to Facebook’s WhatsApp info slurp

Privacy watchdog says nein

Lily Cole: You'd hate me more if were a success


TalkTalk hack: Teen in court on hacking and blackmail charges

19-year-old from Wales alleged to have demanded 596 bitcoins

Damn you Brexit! You screwed my biz – LSE-listed tech supplier

Alternative Networks issues third profit warning in a year. When was EU vote?

Metalogix punts out cloudy collab coliseum for canny IT craftsmen

One to rule them all

New LITE working group takes up ARMs against the IoT

Another initiative targets developers of smart doorbells and other gizmos

Startup iguazio launches NVMe-propelled missile at enterprise analytics

Wall St-beating PaaS for Big Data firm touts crazy performance claims

Microsoft's Azure-in-a-box preview runs on your own hardware

Shame the actual product still doesn't, though

6-in-10 punters return their self-destructing Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Only one in ten demanding cash, we're told

EFF dinks HP Inc finks in rinky-dink ink stink

Rights warriors demand reverse-ferret on printers snubbing unofficial cartridges

Yahoo! Mail! down?! Great! timing! as! more! US! senators! dogpile! hacked! web! giant!

Enjoy the sounds of a thousand heads at Verizon slamming into a thousand desks

US govt pleads: What's it gonna take to get you people using IPv6?

Eye-pee-vee-what? Rest of world responds

Uber: Can't sue if you die

Did last night's US presidential debate Wi-Fi rip-off break the law?

It's gonna spell bad news for all of us

Elon Musk: I'm gonna turn Mars into a $10bn death-dealing interplanetary gas station

Red Planet to be Elon-gated community-slash-graveyard

Approve dot-gay, ICANN told

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