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20th > September > 2016 Archive

Netflix pirates Netflix, for the sake of better video

Meridian's real audience is UHD codecs

Teradici's releases desktop-as-a-service-ware, as used by AWS and VMware

Your own DaaS-aster zone is now remotely possible

Ghost of Windows NT haunts EMC's VNX, Celerra and Avamar

EMC's just figured out it has a problem with a bug Microsoft squashed in 2010

Microsoft hints at Cloud Platform System and Azure Pack integration with Azure Stack

Three hybrid clouds in prospect at next week's Ignite chatfest

Citrix Receiver adds Win10 Anniversary Update support

Quantum comms succeed over metro-scale fibre networks

Experiments in China, Canada, get us a little closer to quantum repeaters

Hackers hijack Tesla Model S from afar, while the cars are moving

VideoChinese researchers control brakes, lights and mirrors with wireless attack

Microsoft lets Beijing fondle its bits in new source code audit hub

New 'Transparency Centre' comes to Asia, more to open in 'coming weeks'

Legend of Zelda cracked with 6502 assembly language glitch

Find yourself a Famicom and brush up on ancient syntax to finish the game in minutes

Mozilla emits JavaScript debugger for Firefox and Chrome

When it's easier to rewrite than refactor

ROBO-PLOD! 'Droid snatches scumbag's shotgun in standoff

Californian Elmer Fudd foiled by mechanical means

Pluto's emitting X-rays, and NASA doesn't quite know how

The best words in science: 'That's odd'

Apple seeks patent for paper bag - you read that right, a paper bag

Not all bags, just one very cunning bag with planet-friendly gussets and folds

Android Studio 2.2 debuts

Jakarta be kidding me! Google gets $400m tax bill from Indonesia

Java no friend of the Chocolate Factory

2,000 year old man found dead near 2,000 year old computer

VideoAntikythera mechanism shipwreck yields old bones

WTF is OpenResty? The world's fifth-most-used Web server, that's what!

Tumblr switches to nginx superset maintained by CloudFlare and Taobao folk

Autonomous vehicles inquiry set up in the UK

Farming? Space? Oh the places driverless cars can go

Avere builds on-premises object store all smothered in NAS

Tasty? NASty? You decide

Online scammers speed up: Hit gold every 15 seconds

Take five to fix fraud

Electrical box fault blamed for GS2 data centre outage

Second outage at huge data centre in three months

France, I am in you, says HPE's EMEA channel overlord

Gilles Thiebaut says oui oui to country manager's job

Opera debuts free VPN built into desktop browser

Plus Adblocker in the webreader

Uncle Sam rules on self-driving cars

Robo-cars are go.... well, sort of

Hackers claim they breached Aussie point-of-sale tech firm, try to sell 'customer DB'

ExclusiveClaim to have backdoored supplier to Woolworths' pub chain

Going, going, done: Trio of prolific auction fraud fraudsters jailed

Can't put a price on porridge

Intel drafts in troubleshooting veteran for CFO slot

Swan righted EDS Navy, drove Webvan...

Margaret Hodge's book outlines 'mind boggling' UK public sector waste

ReviewCivil servants still don't care 'cos its not their cash... except it is's Digital Catapult wheels out Central London IoT network

It's free. Now find something it can actually be useful for

Naked, drunken Swede assaults chicken shed after 60th birthday

Gets plastered, ends up in chicken shed instead of chicken shop

Latest F-35 bang seat* mods will stop them breaking pilots' necks, beams US

One problem nearly fixed, only several hundred to go

Three outsources staff to Capita

Merry Christmas and a Happy... Oh

We read Nutanix's homework... and the numbers look good

AnalysisPre-IPO HCI startup's promising biz growth foundation

Apple iPhone 7 launch hysteria? Not in Viking land

Danish fanbois shun birth of latest Jesus mobe... to queue, or not

1TB SanDisk flash cam card

Google buys startup biz, slurps up its NLP brains

Nah, not that neuro-bollocks – natural language processing

Ubuntu tees up OpenStack on IBM's iron

Server union for open source floaters

Ofcom smacks Sky for breaching broadband switching rules

Could be in line for a multi-million pound fine

IDC: Those servers numbers just keep on tumbling

Pesky no name ODMs beat down the big brands

India court could stop Facebook’s WhatsApp mega-slurp

Stop Zuck’s data gulp

Vodafone UK blocks bulk nuisance calls. Hurrah!

Stamps out spammers with new barring technology

Oracle confirms Java EE 8 is delayed for 'major enhancements'

Cloud and microservices new blend

Mobile review website MoDaCo coughs to data breach

Irate fans air views on firm's forum

Official: Cloud computing is now mainstream

Advanced practitioners display hybrid vigour

Self-service-as-a-service startup Trifacta releases newest product version

No more programming tears, claims firm

Microsoft sues Wisconsin man (again) for copyright infringement (again)

Redmond decides to go brute force route in serial piracy case

CloudFlare offers web encryption up the wazoo

Don't sweat your mixed content, promises web whacker

Symantec patches AV hole

What the world really needs right now is more Comcast: US cable giant mulls wireless service

Network tie-up will make Verizon the ultimate frenemy

A-dough-be: Photoshop flinger pumps profits 50 per cent

Revenues rise as cloud lineup brings big bucks

macOS Sierra fixes vulns

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