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19th > September > 2016 Archive

Australian universities drop tech services to dodge metadata retention obligation

Secondary campuses – and your alumni email account – fail 'immediate circle' test

T-Mobile USA leaked free access to sites with '/speedtest' in the URL

High school slacker hacker gets LTE for free

Emacs and Vim both release first new updates in years

Updates for vintage text editors are like buses - none for ages then two at once!

Oracle takes aim at AWS with cheap, fast public and hybrid cloud

Workday named Enemy No. 1 in SaaSLand as Larry Ellison jokes about his pay cut

Bash batch: Patch, natch

Linux 4.8 probably needs rc8

FBI overpaid $999,900 to crack San Bernardino iPhone 5c password

Hacker brews fast NAND mirroring prototype for $100.

BSODs of the week: From GRUB to nagware

'Free for personal use' might not include a stadium. Just sayin'

IPv4 apocalypse means we just can't measure the internet any more

You're all hidden behind NAT, which wouldn't be a problem if you'd just go IPv6

NASA starts countdown for Cassini probe's Saturn death dive

Keep Solar System Tidy message heeded despite plan for three probe dumps

Dark web drug sellers shutter location-tracking EXIF data from photos

But 229 didn't

Non-big IT vendors: Trying to understand where startups fit in tech

Sysadmin blogPart one: Who are you calling an upstart? oughta get its data-sharing house in order before Digital Economy Bill plans

AnalysisIf you show us yours, we might show you ours

Conviction by computer: Ministry of Justice wants defendants to plead guilty online

Do you really trust prosecutors to upload all their evidence?

Hybrid infrastructure: You did it. You switched over. Now lock it down. Yes, really

And do it yesterday. Here's a checklist

EMC: King of storage needs to shore up defences

Watch out, Mikey D. Meg W's got enterprise storage parity

Microsoft snubs alert over Exchange hole

It only applies to 'compromised' servers, says Redmond

Radar missile decoys will draw enemy missiles away from RAF jets

We like the BriteCloud so much we're going to write a book about it, says MoD

Data-updater CTERA handed $25m: Overheated sector could get NASty

Cloud storage gateway and NAS? Getting crowded in there

Spoiler alert: What Oracle is going to announce today

OpenWorldIt's clouds all the way down

CSC straps another 100 jobs to redundo cannon, lights fuse, walks off

More Brits set to be fired into the land of the unemployed

Brits: Can banks do biometric security? We'd trust them before the government

Is that saying much, though?

RAF Reaper drone was involved in botched US Syria airstrike

British unmanned system used in strike that killed 62 non-enemy troops

Italian scientists use fluorescent box to arouse sexually indifferent men

Something worth getting up for

Want a Dell printer? Unlucky – they've just stopped selling them

Warranties won't continue beyond 2021

EurekAlert breach outage

Tech Data to slurp Avnet TS for $2.6 BEEELLLION

Consolidation grips distribution as the big are eaten by the bigger

The perimeterless, ever-shifting enterprise: What would a real, red-blooded IT team do?

You're not trying to build an empire, you just want to secure the bloody data

Samsung wants your exploding Galaxy Note 7. Have a new one instead

Replacement programme for UK and Ireland

Samsung's latest blowup

The Rector reckoning – DataDirect loses CMO

Molly Rector moves to Quantum to head up marketing

Nutanix's $209m, $13-a-share IPO revealed in homework to watchdog

Hyperconverged software wrangler makes long-awaited filing to go public

Is Tesla telling us the truth over autopilot spat?

Prickly car company has long history of lashing out

Lack of Hurd mentality at Oracle OpenWorld: Co-CEO's cloud claims fall flat live on stage

OpenWorldWhen polling in keynotes goes bad

HP Inc's rinky-dink ink stink: Unofficial cartridges, official refills spurned by printer DRM

Software timebomb blasts ersatz Officejet Pro supplies

FCC Comms criticized

Target lost, Cruz missile misses: Ted's ICANN crusade is basically over

IANA transition from US govt hands looks likely as senators head home for election

Epic snafu takes Australian Securities Exchange offline

Hardware failure in main database has traders Googling 'redundancy'

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