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16th > September > 2016 Archive

iPhone 7 first fondle

Cisco drops patch for nasty WebEx remote code execution hole

Patch, then patch this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this

iOS 10 in 'smart' key woe

Cloud pause slows server revenues amid price war rumours

Server shipments are up but the money isn't flowing

Former comms minster Stephen Conroy to leave Parliament

'The NBN is my greatest contribution' says senator in speech detailing trolling

Oracle settles with State of Oregon for US$100m, by locking it in

Government hails free licences for PeopleSoft, Hyperion as stuff it could never afford, but desperately needs

Remote hacker nabs Win10 logins in 'won't-fix' Safe Mode* attack

*Turns out to be very unsafe mode thanks to this hack

Alibaba fires gluttons

VMware flings vCenter Server away from Windows, if you want

vSphere update adds vCenter Server for Windows to vCenter Server Appliance migration tool

New ISO standard kind-of explains how to ignore standards

Meet ISO/IEC TR 38504 - Guidance for principles-based IT governance

First Dell EMC product is a VSAN-in-a-can, aka 'ScaleIO Ready node'

Flashy software-defined storage packed into rack-mount servers, but no new bezel design

Google: There are three certainties in life – death, taxes and IPv6

CloudFlare Internet SummitAnd TCP-killer QUIC, right? Everyone loves QUIC?

Two Sundays wrecked by boss who couldn't use a calendar

On-CallWhat day's that planned outage happening? Just get here anyway, minion!

Researcher says Patch Tuesday fix should have been made earlier

Alleges attack allowing targeted Trojans was known long before Redmond's wranglers roped it

Brexit will happen. The EU GDPR will happen. You can't avoid either

Comply or not, in a few years you'll be able to choose

Amex phishing tackle

Rise of the Machines at Sea: The British firm building robot boats

RotMEl Reg gets nautical with ASV Global

Ransomware scum infect Comic Relief server: Internal systems taken down

Nothing funny about stealing from a charity

You call it 'hacking.' I call it 'investigation'

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Let's call the whole thing off

Swedish appeals court upholds arrest warrant for Julian Assange

The saga continues

Idris Elba thrashes Night Manager Hiddleston for James Bond job vacancy

Reg poll crowns most wanted as next 007

BOFH: The case of the suspicious red icon

Episode 11Could it be a virus? Why, user, you should be head of IT. Yes, I said behead

MoD confirms award of giant frikkin' laser cannon contract

Consortium headed by part-French biz MBDA scoops it

Pramworld admits mailing list breach

Spamalot Friday

It's here! Defence Secretary launches £800m MoD tech creche

And not an artisanal Shoreditch hipster startup in sight

Lauri Love extradition A-OK

National Cyber Security Centre to shift UK to 'active' defence

Cyber chief calls for 'offensive' weapons

Audi works with Chinese technology companies to develop intelligent cars

Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu join connected transport project

Alleged hacker Lauri Love loses extradition case. Judge: Suicide safeguards in place

Defence set to appeal decision

Stripped and ready to go: Enterprise Java MicroProfile lands

Red Hat and IBM make their microservices play

Brave telco giants kill threat of decent internet service in rural North Carolina

Citizens told they can't have broadband because something, something, competition

World's largest internet exchange sues Germany over mass surveillance

DE-CIX questions legality of government tapping its system

Apple's tax bill: Big in Japan. Like, $120m big

Cook and Co once again accused of money-shifting shenanigans

ICANN latest: Will the internet be owned by Ted Cruz or Vladimir Putin in October?

AnalysisLet's check in with the IANA madness

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