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12th > September > 2016 Archive

Cisco's head of enterprise networking bails

Robert Soderbery says he got a seven-year itch … just after a Borg re-org

PCI Council wants upgradeable credit card readers ... next year

Tamper-proofing and shielding against side attacks on the agenda

End of life for Linux 3.14

Curiosity rover likes big buttes but it cannot lie around

Mars' layered rocks look just like the American southwest, says Yanquiphile NASA

33 million CLEARTEXT creds for Russian IM site dumped by chap behind Last.FM mess

Leaker tells El Reg his dumps are justified because they trigger password resets

Bug delays VMware release

Linux 4.8 rc6 facepalm!

SOHOpeless Seagate NAS boxen become malware distributors

UpdateAll attackers have to do is upload a file into a public folder. No password. No nothing

'Oi! El Reg! Stop pretending Microsoft has a BSOD monopoly!'

Your wish, dear reader, is our command. Including an Acorn BSOD. Yup, that Acorn

Peccant pwners post 670,000 Pokémon punter MD5 passwords

Peek-a-boo to fans of Pikachu

Just not cricket: Microsoft's big data Googly called No Ball

Redmond's Duckworth Lewis Method revamp rejected by the stats wonk who runs it

Israeli Pentagon DDoSers explain their work, get busted by FBI

There's not much more than fine print between stress testing and DDoS-as-a-service

Ericsson strikes partnerships with Intel and Google for pay TV

Let it rain down from the cloud

Hololens for biz shocker: Surprisingly, it doesn't totally suck

ReviewSerious playtime for suits – but not you, gamers

Edward Snowden's 40 days in a Russian airport – by the woman who helped him escape

InterviewSarah Harrison on Ed's exile, Assange’s future – and the privacy fight ahead

Brexit makes life harder for an Internet of Things startup

What's going to happen with the CE mark for 'leccy goods?

The next Bond – Basildon or Bass-Ass? YOU decide

Go on, who would you pick?

Sniffing your storage could lead to sensitive leaks, warn infosec bods

Electromagnetic fields aren't a miscreant's magic key, though

HP Ink buys Samsung's printer business for a BILLION dollars

That's the equivalent of seven cartridges of coloured ink

Drones and alt energy tech star at Spanish start-up fiesta

Skill and enthusiasm on the Iberian peninsula

Microsoft thinks time crystals may be viable after all

Movement without energy? Redmond puts its money where its mouth is

'Jet blast' noise KOs ING bank's spinning rust servers

Noisy fire-fighting test cripples Romanian cash operation

The digital workplace: Just in reach or over the hill?

Reg EventsJoin us to compare vision and reality

Google's diabetes fight

Meet DDoSaaS: Distributed Denial of Service-as-a-Service

AnalysisCracking the grey market in rent-a-borkers

Kneel before Zod! OpenText claims mighty Documentum from Dell

Dell-EMC unloads ECM heavyweight for $1.62bn

Upstart AI dreams of 'disrupting' digital marketing – with sex

Natural selection algorithms to weed out web's crap design

VW Dieselgate engineer sings like a canary: Entire design team was in on it – not just a few bad apples, allegedly

Techie admits conspiracy

Nominet overlord: Apply here

Tesla to stop killing drivers: Software update beamed to leccy cars

'Autopilot' adds radar and driver prods

Student charity's ex-IT boss in the cooler for stealing $1.3m through fake tech contracts

Shameless exec invented companies to pocket invoices

Delete Google Maps? Go ahead, says Google, we'll still track you

Google Play services need constant location info

Pair cuffed for US gov hack

Apple, Google auto auto woe

No clear path to market

Phones exploding in kids' hands, shares tanking – but it's not all good news at Samsung

South Korean giant sees $16bn figuratively do what the Note 7 literally does

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