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9th > September > 2016 Archive

Top smut site stops Flashing, adopts HTML5

When even the pornographers think you've got a problem, you've really got a problem

Dell considers Franken-products once it gets around to consolidation

Plans to make world better place … but first needs to sort its channel, local leaders

United States names its first Chief Information Security Officer

Brigadier General (retired) Gregory J. Touhill gets the job of Putin-and-China-proofing America

Microsoft wearable makes lazy lardies pay to play on the couch

Shake your tail feather or Redmond wrist-job will dip into your pocket

Microsoft baits backup blimps with Azure upgrade

Policy power-up makes us enterprise-strength, says Redmond

Boffins ID bug behind London's Great Plague of 1665

Yersinia pestis fingered as slayer of 10,000 victims

Indian sat flies 40 mins late

Google hover-drones to drop burritos on campus

Not a half-baked stoner movie: US aviation authorities have signed this off as a trial

Florida Man's prized jeep cremated by exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As US watchdog warns: Don't fly with one of these in your pocket

No-fly zone suggested for Galaxy Note 7

Phlaming phablet should not be used in the sky says US Federal Aviation Administration

Is there paper in the printer? Yes and it's so neatly wrapped!

On-CallJust like in those Simpsons episodes where they travel the world, we're in Brazil. But without sucking

IBM's AI guru leaps over to Brit biz

Drug discovery is benevolent business

US-CERT tells network operators to pay attention and harden up

Recent exploits and golden oldies are making packets perilous

Citrix slurps Norskale

UK nixes Land Registry sale

NHS hospitals told to swallow stronger anti-ransomware medication

New cyber triage to fight malware plagues

Intel pulls out hard cash to gobble virtual CPU upstart Soft Machines

ExclusiveChipzilla's silicon acquisition spree continues with a $250m deal

Sony wins case over pre-installed Windows software

User refused to sign 'end-user licence agreement' at startup

US Marine Corps to fly F-35s from HMS Queen Lizzie as UK won't have enough jets

It's OK, the Yanks let us play with their ships ... well, we hope

Self-stocking internet fridge faces a delivery come down

Something for the Weekend, Sir?There is no place I can hide, there is no place I can go

Brit spies and chums slurped 750k+ bits of info on you last year

IOCCO annual report also reveals more than 1,000 errors and cockups

Chinese rivals: ZTE to take on Huawei... in the UK

Wants to make a play for smart cities and IoT

NHS health apps project plan: Powered by your medical records

Privacy worries bubble up after Health Sec's announcement

Quadsys Five sentencing hearing delayed

Pre-sentence report not ready, Oxford Crown Court confirms

Plusnet broadband outage: Customers fume as TITSUP* continues

Yup, that's a Total Inability To Support Usual Plusnet

Hot-cross-platform Mac malware

Assange returns to Earth

Gives Ecuadorian embassy 3 stars on TripAdvisor

The Rise, Fall and Return of TomTom

InterviewEurope's biggest consumer tech company is back and wants you to wear it

You should install smart meters even if they're dumb, says flack

Smart Energy GB lobbyist brushes aside infrastructure snafus

Elon Musk says SpaceX Falcon 9 fireball investigation is 'biggest challenge yet'

'Anomaly' wasn't rocket engine's fault, he claims

Double-negative tweet could be Microsoft Surface Phone hint

Trolling or typo? Take a look-see

Dell swings layoffs axe at 3,000 EMC people

First they buy you. Then they cut you

NASA's OSIRIS-REx is off to nick some rocks from asteroid Bennu

Did space rocks bring us life? Just 7 years and we'll know!

Filmmaker Werner Herzog interviews Elon Musk for internet doco

It's just as weird as you'd imagine

Google-funded group mad that US Copyright Office hasn't abolished copyright yet

CommentCan't you see the conspiracy?

Petulant Facebook claims it can't tell the difference between child abuse and war photography

UpdateDefensive attitude shows just how much social media giant needs to grow up

US Congress blew the whistle on tax-dodging Apple, claims Europe

Psst, take a look at de emerald isle if you know what I mean

Google's AI finds its voice ... and it's surprisingly human

Talk like a robot? I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can do that

Wait, wait – I got it this time, says FCC as it swings again at rip-off US TV cable boxes

If at first you don't succeed, your name is Tom Wheeler and I claim my £5

Airbag bug forces GM to recall 4.3m vehicles – but eh, how about those self-driving cars, huh?

Software update is 'voluntary' so long as you're OK with death

Seagate sued by its own staff for leaking personal info to identity thieves

Workers furious that HR fell for phishing scam

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