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8th > September > 2016 Archive

HPE crams unloved software down Brits' throats – then charges them $9bn to swallow it

Ex-Autonomy code smuggled out in Micro Focus 'spin merge'

Read the damning dossier on the security stupidity that let China ransack OPM's systems

How hackers broke into millions of US govt personnel files

Excel abuse hits new heights as dev uses VBA to code spreadsheet messaging app

At least he didn't use Excel as a database for credit cards

US Dept of Energy flings cash at exascale simulators

Because everybody wants to run better exploding star simulations

Apple killed OS X today and binned its $10,000 BlingWatch too

It's 'macOS' from now on. Oh and watch out for scratches on the Darth Vader Black iPhone 7

Oracle buys Logfire

Oz universities plan big iron to look for gravitational waves

AU$3.5 million in OzGRav grant will go on new super

Microsoft to slap Slack with Skype – reports

Cheaper than an acquisition, anyhow

Ten-year-old Windows Media Player hack is the new black, again

Why bother buying a zero-day when casual piracy and old code can p0wn thousands?

A nice long pub crawl is good for your health, if you stay on your feet

BJM reckons striding out every week beats the booze risks

UFC champ boards VMware

Star Trek's Enterprise turns 50 and still no sign of a warp drive. Sigh

Star Trek @ 50Realistic tech or lazy plot device – what do you think?

Printers now the least-secure things on the internet

BitDefender's senior threat analyst Bogdan Botezatu despairs of IoT security

Officials, lack of kit to blame for 'critical delays' in sex abuse inquiry

Judge slams bureaucrats, lousy evidence database for 'hampering' crucial investigation

Nest offers its thermostat in three new pretty colors!

Whaddaya mean no new products? Colors are products too

Kaspersky to 1337 haxors: take down our power grid. We dare you

Capture the flag romp will offer chance to do the thing governments everywhere fear

Hello, Star Trek? 25th Century here: It's time to move on

Star Trek @ 50A fragmented franchise and tired direction demand a new medium

Brexit? We have heard of this, says Dixons Carphone CEO

'No detectable impact' on consumer cash splash after vote to leave EU

Really – 80% FTTP in UK by 2026? Woah, ambitious!

INCA people warn govt it's falling behind on fibre comms civilisation

BT needs to ditch its legacy to be competitive, says chief architect

InterviewThe dinosaurs that refused to die out

Apple: Crisis? What innovation crisis? BTW, you like our toothbrush?

AnalysisBehold the ... er, most cat-friendly smartphone of all time

Public masturbation not a crime declares Italy’s top court

Though tossing more than coins in the Trevi fountain could still merit a fine

Little boxes made of ticky-tacky: What Dell's record-busting $67bn EMC deal means

Engineered, er, systems for, you know, 'stuff'

Mills appears at top of MapR

World eats its 10 millionth Raspberry Pi

Humble Pi most successful British 'puter in history

EU court: Linking to pirated stuff doesn't breach copyright... except when it does

AnalysisConfused? Don't worry, that's the idea

HashiCorp pulls in $24m to build out DevOps infrastructure portfolio

Cash comes AFTER senior appointments for a change...

IBM lifts lid, unleashes Linux-based x86 killer on unsuspecting world

HPC BlogNVLink, big bandwidth, but is it enough?

Investors resist Larry Ellison's $9.3bn NetSuite deal

'Unique' relationship with big shareholder questioned

Midwich slurps Euro and Kiwi AV disties

Channel revolution that started in Diss, spreads across the planet

What's up, Zuck? FTC to probe Facebook for WhatsApp phone number mega-slurp

Campaigners urge watchdog to examine info snatch

Fight over internet handover to ICANN goes right down to the wire

Congressmen threatening to derail IANA transition

Hypervisor security ero-Xen: How guest VMs can hijack host servers

AnalysisTriple whammy of bugs in popular open-source platform

Come in HTTP, your time is up: Google Chrome to shame leaky non-HTTPS sites from January

Web giant will start labeling insecure websites insecure

Google buys Apigee

Save us, Jack Dorsey!

Call to kill FBI spying powers

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