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7th > September > 2016 Archive

Internet of Sins: Million more devices sharing known private keys for HTTPS, SSH admin

IoT == Immensely Obvious Threat

Rate our bugs, says Yelp

Union: Telstra seeking 120 redundancies in network ops team

NBN contract miss puts pressure on field staff

Hardcore core-to-core comms core-alled into hardware

Intel and boffins let cores talk among themselves without software mediation

Qualcomm, AT&T get together to test mobe networks for delivery drone control

Can LTE cut it for real-time pizza delivery?

Fleeing Snowden hid among Hong Kong's refugees

Hello, Fortinet? Could you patch these vulns please?

Oh, and CERT's left a message or two

Spoof an Ethernet adapter on USB, and you can sniff credentials from locked laptops

As the gent says, 'this shouldn't work'

Punters want heart-throbs, not brains, when thinking wrist-jobs

If Apple updates the Watch today, it's ignoring the wearable market's trend towards dumb

Fujitsu's billion-dollar ARM supercomputer delayed by up to 2 years

Japan's exascale Flagship 2020 looking more like Flagship 2022 after CPU design headaches

Google malware scare plan

'Smart belt' loosens purses

Linus Torvalds won't apply 'sh*t-for-brains stupid patch'

He's sweary, but probably right on 'fundamentally insane' idea of driver/firmware disconnect

CIA-backed big data firm Palantir says secrets pinched by investor

Accuses advisor of 'brazen scheme to claim highly confidential secrets as his own'

Mr Chow plates up sticky ransomware

Global Chinese restaurant chain serves old recipe of Darkleech with exploit kit sauce

Speaking in Tech: Windows is coming to smart refrigerators

PodcastThis week on Podcast Idol: a UK IT architect

Nokia's 4.9G races Ericsson's almost-5G, yet the finishing line is a mirage

4.5G 'Pro', 4.9G and 3.9G! Oh come on...

Star Trek film theory: 50 years, 13 films, odds good, evens bad? Horta puckey!

Star Trek @ 50How Kirk and Co bested Star Wars

Forget Khan and Klingons, Star Trek's greatest trick was simply surviving

Star Trek @ 50How, by the numbers, Star Trek should – but didn't – go red shirt

IBM loses chunky ATM contract, reaches for staff eject button

Booted bods urged to stay professional for 'future win back opps'

SSP to PERMANENTLY shutter mega-outage bit barn

Sod this. Let's just start over

My Dell merger wish list

Sysadmin BlogI want geeks, the future and a pony

When you've paid the ransom but you don't get your data back

Oh, British firms... you're not alone – 1 in 3 pwned firms agree

Buckeyed cyberspies' switch

Tesla driver dies after Model S hits tree

Firemen were unable to approach the wreck due to electricity hazard

EMC/Dell deal respectfully caps the minicomputer age

The legacies of Wang, Prime, DEC and Data General live on in mega-deal

Microsoft takes shot at Amazon as it wraps up UK cloud data centres

Office 365 and Azure go local

Typo made Air Asia X flight land at Melbourne instead of Malaysia

Co-ords cockup causes confusion – but not calamity

Kaspersky Ireland R&D haus

UK will be 'cut off' from 'full intelligence picture' after Brexit – Europol strategy man

Concerns about cybersecurity info sharing shared in interview

Avnet interim CEO gets nod for full-time fun and frolicks

Bill Amelio is the made man

Network Management Systems are a 'treasure map' for hackers

Payroll printer, HR's server - wahey... jackpot!

Inside our three-month effort to attend Apple's iPhone 7 launch party

Alan Hely, why don't you just admit it and relieve the pressure in your skull?

Intel Basis fans burned again: Refund checks for scalding smartwatches bounce

Too hot to handle, too rubbery for banks

You're guilty but broke, judge tells – the 'Uber of laundry'

Upstart is everything that's wrong with Silicon Valley

Scientists' sneaky smartphone software steals 3D printer designs

Creative but only semi-useful snooping hack

Sony levels up PlayStation 4

Pains us to run an Apple article without the words 'fined', 'guilty' or 'on fire' in it, but here we are

Finally – an iPhone we can use, er, in the shower?

St Jude sues short-selling MedSec over pacemaker 'hack' report

Defibrillator security saga will go to court

McAfee's back! Intel flogs security software biz, pockets $3.1bn

Chipzilla wing loses $3.5bn in six years – almost as fast as John McAfee in a strip club

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