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6th > September > 2016 Archive

QANTAS' air safety spiel warns not to try finding lost phones

PicAustralian carrier has already had one Lithium-Ion fire after seat crushed a mobe

Nougat for x86 lands

SoftBank ARM buy is done

Second 'dimmer switch' star spotted

'Tabby's Star' gets a friend and it's even stranger, but let's not do the 'alien megastructure' thing again okay?

Adobe reverses decision to kill NPAPI Flash plugin for Linux

Resumes updates after four years because even retro-Penguinistas deserve security

VMware's Virtual SAN to gain data-at-rest encryption

New beta kicks off with three big features plus 'various enhancements'

98.1 million CLEARTEXT passwords pasted as rumbled

'Яussian Yahoo!' may just have become world's biggest breach

Asteroid 'FreddieMercury'

Pokémon-loving VXer targets Linux with 'Umbreon' rootkit

We told you Pokémon are evil, but no, you wouldn't listen

Obama says USA has world's biggest and best cyber arsenal

Calls for new world no-hack order so we can fight the real bad guys – criminals

Google plots cop detection for auto autos

First responders coming? Google-mobiles will see them flashing and flee

Lose a satellite? Us? China silent on fate of Gaofen civilian/spy sat

Elon Musk must wish he could order media to remove mention of failures like China can

Hacker takes down CEO wire transfer scammers, sends their Win 10 creds to the cops

HITB'Whaling' attackers fall for poison PDF 'invoices'

Spinning that Brexit wheel: Regulation lotto for tech startups

Divorcing Europe, custody arrangements, post-nups and more...

NHS 'paperless roadmap': Fewer dead trees, more data control

Hold on a sec. We've heard this one before

BA check-in system checks out: Staff flung back to cruel '90s world of paper

New, intuitive tech smacked by 'computer problems'

Retired Philae lander slouches on Comet 67P

Chilling on –70°C comet, leg stuck in the air... Fancy a beer, friend?

It's time for humanity to embrace SEX ROBOTS. For, uh, science, of course

Not just mankind: Ladies love 'em too, we're told

Universal Credit: 'One dole to rule 'em all' on verge of recovery – report

Some 12 years later we might have a working IT system

EU will force telcos to offer 90 days of 'roam like home' contracts

Max continuous use of 30 days, may not apply to UK

Drone speedboat isn't

Sex is bad for older men, and even worse when it's good

Frisky older women reap positive benefits

Flash: Still exploits kits’ MVP

Publishing military officers' names 'creates Islamic State hitlist'

The Times shrieks about a security breach, MoD yawns

Intel adds vision to its AI vision with computer vision firm buyout

Eyes up Movidius, reaches for its wallet

Encrypted comms collective rattles tin

Overwhelmed by post-Snowden crypto demand

UK Labour man Owen Smith: If you wanna be a leader, you gotta stop with that lens

'Net pics last forever, login details ... send

Meet Deliveroo's ‘bold and impactful’ new logo. No, really

LogowatchBrimming with personality from the Strategy Boutique

Sick of Southern Rail? There's a crowdfunding site for that

£25k sought for judicial review against UK Dept for Transport

GE runs off $1.4bn, hands it to two 3D printing firms

Powdered metal is big business

UK's EE scores network reliability clean sweep, rival dwarves fume

O2 bumps along the bottom. Shoulda tried harder with LTE

iPhone outsells Galaxy

Sneaky Gugi banking trojan sidesteps Android OS security barricades

UpdatedOverlay malware gets angry if you try and say no

Apple, Google back MS fight

Regulators, take note: Tencent is now Asia's biggest company

It's worth how much?

Dude, you got a Dell lawyer: HPE sues high-flying ex-exec after defection to EMC

Can anyone leave this company without a lawsuit being filed?

FCC goes over the top again to battle America's cable-box rip-off

Chairman Wheeler to propose agency act as copyright holder

US tech college ITT is not pining for the fjords. It is no more. It has gone and met its maker

Daytime TV reruns mourn passing of beloved advertiser

Google emits three sets of Android patches to fend off evil texts, files

First set of security fixes issued for Nougat aka Android 7

Delta computer outage costs $100m

Power cut to blame

Australia boards the slow boat to Brexit

Trade negotiations will take years, says minister

What's Dell brewing the day before its EMC mega-slurp? A latte money? Oh, a flat white

Hopefully new biz has better luck than current one

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