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5th > September > 2016 Archive

'Hey, Elon? You broke it, you bought it' says owner of SpaceX's satellite cinder

Hand over $50m in compo or at least a free flight, says Israel's Spacecom

4G hits 1.9Gbps

YouTube breaks Sony Bravias

Linux 4.8-rc5 lands

McAfee-the-man wants McAfee-the-brand, Chipzilla says no

Sueballs loaded; take ten paces, turn and fire

Extra Bacon? Yes please, even though the Cisco bug of this name is bad for you

Probably-NSA-sourced bug isn't being patched, even by UK government users

Pixellation popped: AI can ID you, even after PhotoShop phuzzing

Like humans, machines can ID obfuscated faces - only faster

Microsoft thought of the children and decided to ban some browsers

Redmond's Family Settings now block browsers-without-filters by default, but which ones?

'I'm sorry, your lift has had a problem and had to shut down'

More BSODs for your schadenfraude

HDMI hooks up with USB-C in cables that reverse, one way

One cable to rule them all … and in the darkness stream them

Brexit must not break the cloud, Japan tells UK and EU

Japanese companies want to know what they – and their regional HQs – are in for

Sundown exploit kit authors champions of copy-paste hacking

Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

Wikibon sticking to server SAN takeover idea

Interesting slices in vendor revenue pie chart

Telstra wins AU$39 million for data retention costs as grants revealed

AU$128.4 million about to flow, to 180 companies we now know will have our data

Next Mars landing scheduled for Monday, November 26th, 2018

Better late than never for Mars InSight and its thermo-hammer plan to drill 5 metres into Mars

Sysadmins: Poor capacity planning is not our fault

Let us explain why things are so crap

Of supermarkets, Volkswagen and the future of Dell-EMC

AnalysisConsumer-style product choice or product overlap mercy killings?

Red-faced VESK scratches '100% uptime' claim after 2-day outage

'We were always going to delete it' blusters company mouthpiece

UK Parliament's back for Snoopers' Charter. Former head of GCHQ talks to El Reg

IPBillTerror law review project turned in at the holidays... and now we wait

O2: Float or flog. What's it going to be, Telefonica?

Forced to find funds for €50bn deficit

Sophos Windows users face black screens after false positive snafu

Black is the new BSOD

Japan's Brexit warning casts shadow over Softbank ARM promises

Japanese companies are unhappy ... but what about Japanese-owned firms?

Tech-for-insurers biz out of action for 10 days now. Hope they had, er...

SSP tells The Register 'We are aware of the issue'

Nul points: PM May's post-Brexit EU immigration options

CommentWhat now as the Aussie system dream lies in tatters?

Chubby Chinese students refused top bunk

Policy to prevent plummeting 'plump' pupils pushed out

These are not just job cuts, these are M&S job cuts

Retailer to ship out 400 IT and logistics jobs from London

HSBC: How will we verify business banking customers? Selfies!

Nothing says business like... oh, hang on

Hollywood offers Daniel Craig $150m to (slash wrists) play James Bond

El Reg offers readers chance to perform positive vetting on 00 section’s next recruit

Ad ransomware nixed

International Space Station astros prepare to rejoin us Earthlings

Human guinea pigs to be subjected to more testing after arrival

Equistone grabs stake in print services slinger Apogee

Biz valued at £185m

ACCC mulls regulating roaming charges

Don't even think about it, thunder Telstra, Optus

Debian plugs Linux 'TCP snoop' bug

Happy Labor Day, US sysadmins. Everyone else, you know what to do

Smut site forum IDs dumped

Samsung Australia waves white phlag in phlaming phablet recall

Call this number to sort things out - from some other phone

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