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Crash test dummy? Love the excitement of breaking an OS? Fedora 25 Alpha has landed

It's supposed to end in tears. Then you can file a bug report

MedSec's 'hackable pacemaker' report autopsy: Bombshell crash claim in doubt

No conclusive evidence of bricked devices, say uni experts

L0phtCrack's back! Crack hack app whacks Windows 10 trash hashes

Get ready to crack passwords up to 500x times faster

Blackhat wannabes proffer probably bogus Linux scamsomware

'We nicked your files, pay us or we'll leak,' warns pastebin note

Solidfire is 'for people who **CKING HATE storage' says NetApp Founder Dave Hitz

VMWORLD 2016Apologises for 'screw-up' of slow move to Flash

Cisco SOHO switches patched for SOHOpeless vuln

Buggy defaults in SNMP

Now the Olympics is over, Theranos is withdrawing its Zika test application

Medical unicorn spins FDA concerns as a 'positive interaction'

Nest developers become Oompa-Loompas in Google shake-up

Alphabet soups up Android with more IoT

Lenovo's tablet with a real pen, Acer's monster laptop, Samsung Galaxy S3 watch

IFA 2016and more Berlin IFA madness

IBM swings axe through staff, humming contently about cloud and AI

Long-serving workers in US, UK and beyond lose their jobs amid ongoing months-long shakeup

VMware content to run a small and beautiful cloud, with friendly help

VMWORLD 2016vCloud Air is now a going concern, and an R&D resource

TalkTalk's appeal against paltry ICO data breach fine thrown out

Penalty amounted to roughly one hour of CEO's billable time

Suspicious DNS activity runs rife

Healthcare and local gov are most likely UK bodies to suffer infosec breaches

New figures reveal doubling in reported data losses

Tim Cook: EU lied about Apple taxes. Watch out Ireland, this is a coup!

The EU's coming for your government, froths tech titan

This is why Huawei's cloud is not like Amazuregoo

Make Box Simple. Make Platform Open. Riiiiight

Deal delays and exchange rate woes batter Salesforce

Going soft in the USA

Cash crunch at Tesla

UK nuke warhead builders shift IT gear into public cloud

End well: Will it, dear readers?

So Nutanix has fessed up to PernixData slurp. Now what?, Pernix and what about that IPO...

Backup's Amazon hook-up

Robot cars probably won't happen, sniffs US transport chief

Autonomous automobiles? Not on the NTSB chairman's watch

Huawei hugs open-sourcey Alluxio: Thanks for the memories

China giant + OS software in big data analytics acceleration scheme

SpaceX blast kills Zuck's sat

Still got a floppy drive? Here's a solution for when 1.44MB isn't enough

Solid state cartridge swapout tech for... collectors? Missile operators?*

Want a Windows 10 update? Don't go to Microsoft ... please

Peer-to-peer Delivery Optimisation goes global

Mangstor, Mellanox flash rig crowned 'fastest in the lab'... for RAID-0

Reviewer says NVMeF-based MySQL cluster is darned quick

Nutanix to kick off its IPO extravaganza on ... go on, take a guess

Guessing Tuesday, September 6, the day before Dell-EMC deal completes

Transmission hijacked to broadcast Mac malware

BitTorrent client gets trojanised

Crashing PC sales don't stop HP Inc releasing two new ones

A 1½" tall cuboid and a Toblerone, respectively

Baa NooBaa black sheep, have you any storage?

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir... stuffed with the ashes of Exanet

Watch SpaceX's rocket dramatically detonate, destroying a $200m Facebook satellite

UpdatedThat'll buff right out, no worries

InIn now in Genesys

Hey, uh ICANN. US govt here. You know we said we'd give you the keys to the 'net? Yeaahhh...

Yeeahhh, I'm thinking we might be changing our minds

George W Bush hacker Guccifer to spend 52 months in the big house

And that's on top of the seven years in the clink in his home nation of Romania

iOS abandonware purge

Cooky crumbles: Apple mulls yanking profits out of Europe and into US

Wonder if it has anything to do with that $14.5bn tax bill

Ice to see you! Windows 10 fix for freezing PCs finally flung at folks

If the update doesn't work, you'll have to co

Did you stay at any of these 60 Kimpton hotels? Whelp, hackers have your card details

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Hotel chain hit with POS malware

Phytium's 64-core ARM chip

What do microservices do to data stores? Netflix is built on them and had no idea!

So it built a now-open-source benchmark tool for Cassandra and Elasticsearch

How much does your kid hate exams? This lad hacked his government to skip them

Teen cuffed in policy rewrite stunt

Surge pricing? How about surge fines: Pennsylvania orders Uber to cough up $11.4m

Super Cali goes ballistic, wait, sorry, wrong state

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