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31st > August > 2016 Archive

OneLogin breached, hacker finds cleartext credential notepads

'Store your firewall password here' notes pillaged

USBee stings air-gapped PCs: Wirelessly leak secrets with a file write

VideoTechnique turns connected storage devices into transmitters

Waze to go, Google: New dial-a-ride Uber, Lyft rival 'won't vet drivers'... What could go wrong?

Chocolate Factory also settles up cookie complaints

Dropbox: Leaked DB of 68 million account passwords is real

Login details are strongly hashed and date back to 2012

Lawyers! win! millions! in! bonkers! Yahoo! email! snooping! case!

Privacy, who needs it?

More banks plundered through SWIFT attacks

Shape up, cause the Bangladesh Bank hack is just the start, SWIFT warns

HPE yawns, stretches, and patches January OpenSSH bug in virtual access products

lighttpd also gets a fix

Microsoft's beta language service gets C# dev kit

Yet another chatbot to train

Google login URL phish 'bug'

Cisco is the new container for ContainerX

Upstart start-up assimilated into cloud biz

Net neutrality activists claim victory in Europe

BEREC final guidelines land on the side of civil society

Deep inside Nantero's non-volatile carbon nanotube RAM tech

Biz has signed up Fujitsu as a licensee for its technology

Blink and you missed it: Asteroid came within 90,000 km, only one sky-watcher saw it

SONEAR sees 25-metre-plus rock when it was, well, so near

Astronauts sequence DNA in space for the first time

Microgravity does little to life's secret sauce, experiment confirms

Angler's obituary: Super exploit kit was the work of Russia's Lurk group

Kaspersky's chief malware sleuth solves the mystery of the doomed exploit juggernaut

Enterprise storage is a stagnant – and slightly smelly – pond

OpinionGraphing IDC numbers and the market ain't pretty

ARM moneymen OK buyout

Behold: Huawei evokes always-wise God Cloud – with Terminator users

Huawei ConnectStart prayin'

Speaking in Tech: Fancy a 30 hour work week? Ask Amazon

PodcastPlus: Uber, your burning-cash-as-a-service startup

Acronis beats Veeam

Cloudy biz Vesk suffers 2-day outage – then boasts of 100% uptime

HDD failure led to 'split brain event' – for systems and techies alike

Is VMware starting to mean 'legacy'? Down and out in Las Vegas

VMworldC'mon, marketing droids, tell me what's new

Newest Royal Navy warship weighs as much as 120 London buses

Given final kiss in Glasgow as fitters climb on board

Spectrum Protect speed-up

Bridgeworks TCP/IP acceleration speeds Big Blue backup software data transfers

African Ring of Fire to show up at annular solar eclipse

Set your watches for tomorrow's skylight extravaganza

Got to dash out for some rubber johnnies? Amazon has a button for that

God help humanity if Wi-Fi goes down

EU 'net neutrality' may stop ISPs from blocking child abuse material

AnalysisVoluntary blocklists will be, er, blocked themselves

VMware Vannounces Vlots Vof Very Vnew Vstuff Vat VMworld

Plus more juicy snippets from EMC, Panzura and QLogic

BBC vans are coming for you

Australian geoboffin discovers 3.7 billion year old fossils after ice melts

Stromatolites are evidence of changing chemistry on Earth

Exploding phablet phears phorce Samsung Galaxy Note 7 delay

South Koreans getting hot under the collar

AT&T trash talks Google over Fiber fiasco: Leave ISP stuff to the experts

Telco takes a victory lap as ad giant's broadband plans collapse

US appeals court slaps down FTC, AT&T walks free, cats and dog living together, mass hysteria

We're now reliant on the FCC, God help us

Life imitates satire: Facebook touts zlib killer just like Silicon Valley's Pied Piper

New compression library and MySQL fork open-sourced

Drama in orbit: Brazen UFO attacks Earth's Sentinel-1A satellite

Plucky climate-change probe fends off cosmic intruder

Fake Twitter accounts, coup plots ... Wacky Hyperloop One lawsuit turns it up to 11

Amended complaint outlines alleged takeover attempt

FBI Director wants 'adult conversation' about backdooring encryption

How about f**k off – is that adult enough?

BT boils over, blows off Steam, accuses Valve of patent infringement

American Half-Life developer in hot water with UK telco over tech rip-off allegations

Good job, Oz feds: Conroy wants you investigated for privilege and contempt

Inspector Cluseau called: he wants his bumbling schtick back

VMware's vDare: Build more complexity and silos, or virtualize more

VMworldYou can't avoid the cloud, so Virtzilla says how you manage it will matter

US spectrum auction falls short by, oh, you know, $66bn thanks to tightwad mobile giants

Back to the drawing board for TV airwave sell-off

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