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29th > August > 2016 Archive

Yakkety Yak beta lands

Our pacemakers are totally secure, says short-sold St Jude

Hackable medical device claims are 'false and misleading'

Jovial NASA says Juno flyby a success

Downloads will take days

NewSat network breach 'most corrupted' Oz spooks had seen: report

Spies had interception kit in Satellite provider's data centre, ex staffer tells El Reg

Nutanix: Yup, OK, we gobbled PernixData, What you gonna do about it?

Cracks open wallet ahead of IPO

Russia MP's son found guilty after stealing 2.9 million US credit cards

Point of sales malware wrought $169 million in damages.

Phoney bling ring pinged by Tolkien's kin

Oz court sour on unlicensed Sauron 'One Ring'

BSODs at scale: We laugh at your puny five storeys, here's our SIX storey #fail

Windows in a state of undress, all over the world

Big data busts crypto: 'Sweet32' captures collisions in old ciphers

Boffins blow up Blowfish and double down on triple DES

Chinese CA hands guy base certificates for GitHub, Florida uni

Man-in-the-middle diddle

Ireland looks like it's outpacing Britain in the superfast broadband rollout stakes

CommentA national fibre plan, what's that?

VMware goes back to its future with multi-cloud abstractions

Virtzilla's going to bet you've got server sprawl all over again, this time in the cloud

India tests Mach 6 scramjet

Tegile gets IntelliFlash into a cluster duster

Cloud Platform for private cloud

Europe to order Apple to cough up 'one beeellion Euros in back taxes'

Shiny phone giant faces devastating two per cent drop in profits

FBI: Look out – hackers are breaking into US election board systems

SQL injection attack used to slurp voters' info

Apple sued over shoddy iPhone touchscreens

Class action accuses Cupertino of ignoring handset defect

Tim Cook trousers $135m in Apple shares

CEO celebrates five years by getting even richer

UK watchdog: You. Facebook. Get over here now. This WhatsApp privacy update. Explain

Decision to share numbers picked up by Canuck crusader

NetMundial finally dies

Pope meets Zuckerberg

Facebook replaces human editors with McChicken romping, Fox News faking AI bots

Zuck's algorithm in full: 10 INPUT El Reg Bootnote Archive; 20 GOTO 10

Shock: AT&T totally not OK with FCC saying it ripped off US schools

They didn't get E-rate price because they didn't want an E‑rate plan, apparently

FAA powers up an invisible hand, groping the skies for rule-busting biz drones

Top tip: Keep flying cams away from Robert Duvall's house

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