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23rd > August > 2016 Archive

Californian gets 50 months in prison for Chinese 'technology spy' work

Apparent jet and drone export plot foiled

Indian techies told to prepare for tax sprint

Banks, government given 30th September deadline for tax announced three weeks ago

Your wget is broken and should DIE, dev tells Microsoft

PowerShell applause sours as curl dev doesn't care much for Redmond's alias either

Fujitsu: Why we chose 64-bit ARM over SPARC for our exascale super

Hot ChipsClue: When was the last time you heard nice things about SPARC Linux?

Microsoft's maps lost Melbourne because it used bad Wikipedia data

Bing Maps relies on Wikipedia? Even a bit? Umm, guys, you do know anyone can edit it?

Software-defined networking is dangerously sniffable

'Know Your Enemy' scheme uses switch flow tables to design attacks

Epic Games forums breached, salted passwords nabbed

Unreal Engine chathaus had unbelievably bad security

Google to block web views from using its OAuth

Deprecation starts in October

Cisco's upsell plan: tell you your old kit is not as secure as its new kit

Sales conference leaks also hint at mightier UCS and new customer portal

Container OS for RPi

Crims share vulns but vendors don't. This needs fixing

InterviewCentrify's strategy man says attack re-use is an opportunity for better security

'NSA' hack okshun woz writ by Inglish speeker trieing to hyde

Linguist says perps of zero day dump wanted to pose as gramatically-incorrect aliens

KFC-scented sunscreen

Mozilla's trying on seven hot new spring/summer logo looks

LOGOWATCH PollSeven new logo candidates run from Monsters Inc to completely mad

Kaspersky launches its own OS on Russian routers

Four-year build results in OS that aims to secure industrial control systems, мы думаем

Ovation claps together private cloud storage service with HGST, Versity basis

Entertaining archival store for media and oil-slinging types

Facebook backup, anyone?

Beardy Ed Vaizey: 'I can't let go. I like the tech sector'

InterviewWants to see a department for digital. Good luck with that

Data-viz biz Tableau Software brings ex-AWS exec to the table

Hopes for tasty earnings as it dines out on share spike

Dropbox IPO prospect

The TPC-C/SPC-1 storage benchmarks are screwed. You know what we need?

Another benchm... WAIT! I mean a workable, realistic...

Ireland's govt IT: Recession and job cuts forced us to adapt

The road from 2008 bust, bailout and 'no new staff'

NASA tried turning lost spacecraft STEREO-B off and on again... but it didn't work. True story

But Deep Space Network brought her back online

DCIG mid-market array guide: Why we left those companies out

AnalysisThree levels of in and out filtering used to produce buyers' list

Microsoft, Lenovo cross-licensing love-in: Android mobes knocked up with... Office apps

Locked and loaded baby

Simplivity delivers storage quadruplets: Meet all-flashery and better DR

And app-aware SQL Server backup, double VDI count

EU ministers look to tighten up privacy – JUST KIDDING – surveillance laws

No phone taps on WhatsApp is whack, moan spymasters

Never heard of NxGn?

Syncsort inhales Cogito, ergo Big Data and Big Iron can be friends

Bridging the gap with Brit software biz gobble

Veeam: You know what's not a disaster? Our software mega-update

DR firm's VI-part VAS, VAL, VAM, VAO, VAC and VCC embiggening

Blizzard blighted by another DDoS storm

Someone likes fragging servers

Corbyn lied, Virgin Trains lied, Harambe died

VideoWorkers of the world, you have nothing to lose but your train seats

Privacy advocates rail against US Homeland Security's Twitter, Facebook snooping

Coalition sends letter complaining about 'highly invasive' proposal

If you want to build your own Nvidia-powered self-driving car – or hack one – here's a blueprint

Hot Chips'Parker' robo-ride processor design revealed

Tesla touts battery that turns a Model S into 'third fastest ever' car

Hint: You'll need $120,000

An end to rude emails?

So-called artificial intelligence reader performs reality check

North Korea unveils its home-grown Netflix rival – Manbang

Needs work on the branding

Australian Federal Police resume NBN raids, this time in parliament

Former comms minister Conroy calls on cops to back off, current minister says they're just following orders

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