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22nd > August > 2016 Archive

OpenFlow controller design killing SDN, say network boffins

Packet serialisation means processors waste up 20 per cent of their time

Radio astronomy pioneer dies at 92

Vale Owen Bruce Slee, who helped our universe expand

NASA wants to sell International Space Station to private enterprise

For sale: Space station, several owners, billions of miles travelled

FireEye probes Clinton foundation hack: Reports

Mechanical Phish auto-exploit auto-patch kit lands on GitHub

Vuln-hunting robot ready to roam the world

Systemd adds filesystem mount tool

Linux mount gets a systemd wrapper

IOActive turns up the most SOHOpeless router so far

Pwnable any way you like

I got the power – over your IoT power-point

It never gets better, does it?

Samsung's out of Milk

Five-storey Blue Screen Of Death spotted in Thailand

Where have you seen Windows #fail? And at what scale? Send them in, readers

Beauty site lets anyone read customers' personal information

Strawberrynet says it's convenient for customers, security chaps say it's stupidly convenient for crims

Google killing app format used only by The 1%

'Chrome packaged apps' to be snuffed, except on Chrome OS

Little ARMs pump 2,048-bit muscles in training for Fujitsu's Post-K exascale mega-brain

Hot ChipsNEON is so 80s, er, 90s, no, 2000s, wait, 2010s

German minister seeks facial recognition at airports, train stations

Backpack ban for Oktoberfest beer bash depts in post-Mad Frankie Maude landgrab over IT spending controls

AnalysisCat departs, mice start giant bunfight

LTE-U’s window is closing and bigger 5G disputes may be coming

Verizon and Qualcomm slam Wi-Fi Alliance’s proposed test framework

Paper mountain, hidden Brexit: How'd you say immigration control would work?

Never gonna give EU up, never gonna let you down... er

Swiss firm shrugs in defeat as Avnet preps to swallow Premier Farnell

Raspberry Pi flogger to be flogged to apple-pie loving nationals

Is security keeping pace with continuous delivery?

BroadcastDeliver a development process as secure as it is dynamic

London cops hunt for drone pilots who tried dropping drugs into jail

One quadcopter was stopped in mid-air

Backup biz Arcserve: Private equity... there's nothing like it

Don't worry CA Technologies – we're being looked after

Microsoft's kinder, gentler collaboration war: Evernote, you're first

It's all fun and games till a little wizard appears

Sex ban IT man loses appeal – but judge labels order 'unpoliceable'

+CommentAnd still no criminal conviction in sight

HPE sharpens knife for next salami-slicing staff redundo round

This time 220 staffers face chop in Blighty

Four in five Android devices inherit Linux snooping flaw

TCP exploit lets hackers get at your plaintext web traffic

Former RN flagship HMS Illustrious to be sold for scrap – report

Efforts to preserve aircraft carrier for the nation failed

Honor 8: Huawei targets millennials with high-spec cheapie. 3 words – Food pic mode

Hands on$400 gets you a pretty good smartphone

Irish Olympics' officials digital devices seized in Rio

Phones and laptops taken amid Games' tickets investigation

Microsoft buys Genee's lamp, tips it into Office 365, smashes lamp

Email AI assistant will close by next month

Labour election 2FA fail

Actifio adds replication tool to its data copy Swiss army knife

Everyone has to be everything these days

Software exploits overrated - it's the humans you need to be watching

VideoDumb passwords and phishing the main threats

Das ist empörend: Microsoft slams umlaut for email depth charge

Germans a little verärgert at Outlook bug

$3bn Renesas bid for Intersil

Gaze in awe at Elon Musk’s historic 156-foot erection

First retrieved Falcon 9 goes on permanent display

IPv6 tipping point

Sharp's new CEO warns of job losses amid 'optimization'

New guy bows to FoxConn demands

'Neural network' spotted deep inside Samsung's Galaxy S7 silicon brain

Hot ChipsSecrets of Exynos M1 cores spilled

Maxta goes Freemium and enlarges VP count with new hires

Full-featured software comes with no support, and node count and capacity restrictions

Chocolate Factory exudes Nougat as Android 7 begins rollout

Newer Nexus owners get it first, the rest will have to wait

Google cloud in five-hour unplanned cloud outage

Microsoft's HoloLens secret sauce: A 28nm customized 24-core DSP engine built by TSMC

Hot ChipsHow to make your own virtual reality brain

HPE patches NonStop admin

Australia Post says use blockchain for voting. Expert: you're kidding

Centralise the decentralised. Magic happens, then profit

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