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19th > August > 2016 Archive

NASA dangles ONE MILLION DOLLARS for virtual Mars robots

Devs challenged to train humanoid helper for red planet mission to shut down

ICANN takeover in October

Apple beats off banks' bid for access to iPhones' NFC chips

For now, anyway, as Australian regulator says it needs time to ponder a complex matter

Microsoft promises free terrible coffee every month you use Edge

World's most unpopular browser, now with opt-in SuperStalking

Google adds SQL Server to its cloudy database collection

Nearline storage mystery deepens as Cloud SQL, Datastore and Bigtable go live

Twitter suspends 235,000 'violent extremism' accounts

Amazon now renting cloudy desktops for $0.22 an hour

Workspaces can now be scheduled to shut down and are cheap for half-time workers

You shrunk the database into a .gz and the app won't work? Sigh

On-CallPlus: The misguided tale of the 20-second support response time that wasn't

Five-hour Azure wobble

Password strength meters promote piss-poor paswords

You had one job ...

WikiLeaks uploads 300+ pieces of malware among email dumps

Freedom. Justice. Openness. And some entirely avoidable p0wnage for good luck

Windows Phone dives into irrelevant-like-BlackBerry territory

Android is the Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt of mobility, even Apple is far behind

Uber and Volvo take on Ford in race to launch self-driving vehicles

Automated trucks and – gasp! – SUVs could be here in five years' time

Polish developer hacks Android rewards app for free beer

Broadcasting authent keys over the air is just asking for trouble

Nutanix scoops Cisco. Everyone's really happy ... but Cisco is strangely quiet about it

It's a meet-in-the-channel affair for resellers

My headset is reading my mind and talking behind my back

Something for the Weekend, Sir?'A virgin? In his right ear, perhaps'

Nvidia welcomes Intel into AI era: Fancy a benchmark deathmatch?

HPC blogWe love your deep learning benchmark 'mistakes'

DVLA misses out on £400m in tax after scrapping paper discs

Dept loses at least £80m due to fraud

UK IT consultant subject to insane sex ban order mounts legal challenge

+CommentHomeless Yorkshire man must tell plod in advance if he wants to have a flirty text chat

Plexistor unveils storage-stack-perplexing PMoF tech

More not-quite-remote memory speeds apps

Unis don't pay ransom

iPhone: Apple's Mac battle with Windows rebooted

Status quo déjà vu, for the mobile generation

UK's mass-surveillance draft law grants spies incredible powers for no real reason – review

IPBillDespite umms and aahs, GCHQ is home free to hack

Two-speed Android update risk: Mobes face months-long wait

We need to outpace malware-flingers, securo folk warn

Microsoft’s Continuum: Game changer or novelty?

Hands OnWe have a look at the latest cut

ISS astronauts begin spacewalk to install new docking adapter

Don't drop that wrench, whatever you do

Cambridge University controlled tech startup fund raises £75m

We're not your traditional venture capitalists, says firm

Boffins tout The Li-ion King

Shopped in an Eddie Bauer store recently? Your card's probably gone. It's just gone

350 US and Canadian stores catch sales till malware

This MySpace investor keeps spamming Google with lawsuits – and the ad giant just wants him to stop

Chocolate Factory asks court to block Greenspan's complaints

Windows 10 Anniversary Update completely borks USB webcams. Yay.

Official Redmond response: Customers love Win10

Apple kills its Stores

Snowden files confirm Shadow Brokers spilled NSA's Equation Group spy tools over the web

Tech world faces summer of emergency security patching

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