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18th > August > 2016 Archive

Bitcoin 'targeted by state sponsored attackers' says

UpdateBitcoin Core devs don't know about threat, advise usual signatures and hash checks

Fortinet follows Cisco in confirming Shadow Broker vuln

Versions after August 2012 are in the clear

'Flying Bum's' first flight was a gas, gas, gas

VideoWe like big blimps and we cannot lie, as the Airlander takes to the sky

Google hopes to sniff out OS X badware

'Santa' will tell MacAdmins if code is naughty or nice?

McDonald's launches wearable then pulls it after kid feels the burn

LED on 'Step-It' Happy Meal fitness tracker scalds child

PayPal patches 2FA portal bug

Attacker could log in to account without triggering confirmation text

Australia's Telstra and Optus outed as two of the world's six most expensive ISPs

Cloudflare says they just won't peer so it has to pay 17 times European data prices in Oz

Chrome turning off pocket vibrator

Robo-buses join the traffic in Helsinki

Autonomous electric nine-seaters get a start from the Finnish

Wearable fart generator

VMTurbo now 'Turbonomic'

If this headline was a security warning, 90% of you would ignore it

Boffins find interrupting users with pop-ups in the middle of things just doesn't work

Windows 10 needs proper privacy portal, says EFF

Slams 'questionable tactics to cause users to download software many didn’t want'

BT best provider for 10Mbps USO, says former digi minister Ed Vaizey

Any regrets on the pro-BT stance? Nah

CERN staff conduct 'human sacrifice' at supercollider site

MILDLY NSFWMacabre video was a joke, but boffins promise better security

FireEye warns 'massive' ransomware campaign hits US, Japan hospitals

Locky ransomware running rampant, mounted on personalised phish

New UK trade deals would not compensate for loss of single market membership

AnalysisSo says Institute for Fiscal Studies report

Brit cops cuff Sage employee at Heathrow airport

Woman nicked on suspicion of fraud

'Disciplined' NetApp cuts weight, turns in a prettier spreadsheet

Profits rebound and new marketing boss hired away from IBM

Nutanix has swallowed something. Cough once if you're OK, guys

S1 shows you're snacking on something again. Care to tell us what it is this time?

Let's Encrypt ups rate limits

20 is plenty

Viscous liquid oozing down the walls? You must have hives

Hospital combed for cause of sweet infection

UK military buys third £4m Zephyr drone for 'persistent surveillance' trials

Flying solar panel runs off batteries and a 300W motor

Oracle campaigns for third Android Java infringement trial

Android on Chrome in the spotlight

Snowden says Russia ‘probably responsible’ for NSA hack

Shadow Брокеры?

Qualcomm piqs 'Centriq' as specifiq honorifiq for slicq ARM server chip

And shifts its data center processor wing into its own Inq, er, Inc

The calm before the storm: AMD's Zen bears down on Intel CPUs

More details confirmed ahead of 2017 desktop, server launch – and don't mention ARM

BT and Nokia slink off together, muttering about 5G tech

Operators join hands for laboratory love-in

Scality loses marketing veep

Two G4S call centre staff sacked over 999 answering scam

Two more quit before internal tribunals, one cleared of wrongdoing

Scared of mobile banking

Atlassian promises frictionless, casual video encounters

HipChat escalates the face

Microsoft has open-sourced PowerShell for Linux, Macs. Repeat, Microsoft has open-sourced PowerShell

OpenSSH remoting will be baked in, too

NASA to begin first asteroid sample mission: Seeks 'pristine' specimen

Bennu.... no, not a scientology overlord

Cisco joins Microsoft and flings out Skype-friendly collab app

Can't use your favourite OTT voice app? FTFY

Google had Obama's ear during antitrust probe

UpdatedWait, whaaat? This isn't supposed to happen

Adblock Plus chalk talk takes stock: Facebook's gonna block our block of their block of our block? Let's rock

Filter-flinger suggests the FTC could even step in

US Patent Office sued after it declared a power outage a 'national holiday'

Filing challenges authority of trademark bod to extend deadlines

Oracle Java copyright war latest: Why Google's luck is about to run out

AnalysisDatabase giant claims web ads goliath tricked court, Android isn't just phones

Banking system SWIFT was anything but on security, ex-boss claims

Why bother with computer defenses when billions are at stake, eh?

DLH 'hack' menaces gamers

$100m settlement snub: Super Cali goes ballistic, says Uber deal atrocious

And the sound of robot drivers is something quite ferocious

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