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17th > August > 2016 Archive

Russia investigates downsizing space station crew from three to two

You're fired – into space

Wanna build your own drone? Intel emits Linux-powered x86 brains for DIY flying gizmos

IDF16Plus other developer kits: Joule and Euclid

Android Pay now works for paying speeding fines

New South Wales grasps Google's gear in its one-stop-services-shops

Christmas already here for developers, says Google

PGP admins: Kill short keys now, or Alice will become Chuck

Someone's impersonating the likes of Linus Torvalds with attacks via keyservers

FalseCONNECT sends vendors scrambling to patch proxy MITM bug

Protocols pwned, but patches parachuted for many popular platforms

We're going to bring an asteroid fragment into Lunar orbit

NASA's bean-counters okay US$1.4 billion rock-munching space robot

Watt the USB-C logo?

#Shadowbrokers hack could be Russia's DNC counter-threat to NSA

Claimed NSA hacker outfit Equation group confirmed to be breach victim.

Drones, blockchain still hype

Linux Foundation becomes a PNDA-hugger

Big data network analytics platform gets the open-source embrace

Blackberry beats the vendors it trails, finishes Quadrooter patches

Both its users, sorry, handsets are safe

Xeon Phight! Phight! Phight! Nvidia says Intel cheated benchmarks

Xeon Phi vs. GPU comparison needs a level playing field

Web pests pour two exploit kits into one cup

RIG, Sundown, deployed in Java campaign.

Running a DNSSec responder? Make sure it doesn't help the black hats

Systems can be roped into amplification attacks

Tech support scammers mess with hacker's mother, so he retaliated with ransomware

Net scum fall hook, line and sinker for infected .ZIP file

He's a p0wnball Wizard, and he's twisted one Ubuntu-powered game

Hacker's supple wrist plants new imagery in and streams data from Hobbit game

Penetration tech: BAE Systems' new ammo for Our Boys and Girls

InterviewMilitary kit firm's Radway Green factory tweaks its bullet designs

Chip giants pelt embedded AI platforms with wads of cash

AnalysisShift from supercomputer to mobile continues

Price drop in flash

Nasuni adds sync 'n' share to its cloud file gateway

Want to pump files to the cloud? Go right ahead

Shark bosses sink teeth into booming ransomware market

If Cerber can do it...

Ford announces plans for mass production of self-driving cars by 2021

President: Where we're going, there are no steering wheels

Cisco raises axe above 14,000 staff – reports

UpdatedDoesn't need so many backend staff in post-tin world

Fake Android update menace

Cops break up German sausage fight between pair of Neubrandenburgers

BMW battered with giant sausage, says police report

English Uber alles in London taxis? No way, TfL – taxi app titan

Flings lawsuit at capital's transport regulator

Ad-blocking ‘plateaus’, claims hopeful ad industry


£11bn later: Smart meters project delayed again for Crapita tests

This would be funny if it wasn't worth 31 years of non-existent Brexit NHS funding

Pivot3 tries to butter up sysadmins with policy-driven protection

Hyper-converged gear QoS extended

Happy Anniversary: What’s new, what’s missing in Microsoft’s giant mobile update

Smarter, leaner update

Speaking in Tech: Intel joins ARMs race – even Chipzilla needs to Make All The Things

PodcastKeep those multi-billion dollar fabs pumping

Profit-hungry Ghouls raid corporate networks worldwide

And some folks flinging malware are prowling about too

Hyper-converged top-of-the-pops list is out: Guess who hasn't crushed it?

EMC not a leader - yet - and Pivot3 in the top 3

Light at the end of Intel's Silicon Photonics: 100Gbps network tech finally shipping, sorta

IDF16Long-awaited tech 'now available in volume' ... kinda

Ancient radioactive tree rings could rip up the history books

Boffins mull a new way of historic dating

Adapt is finally bought by American biz Datapipe

Indepedence up in smoke

Monitoring software dev ordered to face wiretapping suit

WebWatcher goes from chat logs to court logs

Intel teases geeks with 2017 AI hyper-chip: Xeon Phi Knights Mill

IDF16Well, at least we know what our future cyber overlords' brains will be called

Cisco axes up to 5,500 workers in scramble to remain relevant

Official cull figure not quite the 14,000 rumored

NSA blames it on the rain

Verizon fingered in Android bloatware-for-cash cram scandal

Report says carrier offered to pre-install apps for moolah

Cisco confirms two of the Shadow Brokers' 'NSA' vulns are real

Tech giant rushes to fix firewall remote code execution flaw

Australian States stutter in coding-for-kids bandwagon-jump

Each State is doing its own thing and some are yet to adopt the new national curriculum

Cisco rewards massive profit jump with thousands of layoffs

Switchzilla to terminate connection on 5,500 employees

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