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16th > August > 2016 Archive

DoJ preps criminal charges for VW over Dieselgate

Uncle Sam readying more charges for emissions cheating

Researchers crack homomorphic encryption

Thankfully nobody's using it yet

Brisbane council loses $500k to scammers

Email and a phone call enough to secure nine payments.

Farewell Patch Tuesday fragmentation: from October, MS will roll just one monthly patch

Downside: that zero-day is still zero-month

White hat pops Windows User Account Control with log viewer data

PowerShell your way to user hell

Google+ subtracts live videoconf service 'Hangouts On Air'

Another triumph for Google's social network as identical YouTube service takes over

Minecraft on Oculus Rift

NBN delivers boring, solid result for 2015/2016

Where's the money coming from after the gummint's last billions? Don't know yet

Microsoft bins Azure RemoteApp, says go with Citrix instead

Small problem: Citrix's software isn't built yet and RemoteApp closes on August 31st, 2017

NIST wants answers on infosec - your answers

Crowd-sourcing info for White House cyber-sec wonk-circle

New Google vid-call app

China launches quantum satellite to test spooky action at a distance

Entangled photons will also be used for encryption key exchange … in Spaaaaaaace

Demise of Angler, the world's worst exploit kit, still shrouded in mystery

Not everyone is convinced the Lurk takedown also accounted for Angler

VMware shipped public key with its Photon OS-for-containers

Add another item to Virtzilla's list of unfortunate mistakes

Some Windows 10 Anniversary Update: SSD freeze

OS and apps & data on different storage media? Oops

How Brussels works: if you can’t beat them, join rewrite an EU directive

AnalysisTelcos get green light to stiff WhatsApp, OTTs

Summer of Salesforce: CRM cloud swallows tiny pattern-recog firm

BeyondCore taken in 'season of M&A'

Vodafone: Dear customers. We're sorry we killed your Demon

It's part of our £2bn customer service systems overhaul

Euro regulator calls for delay to virtual currency exchange anti-money laundering regime

Not enough time for businesses

Excelero gets in a right non-volatile mesh over SSD-server connection

AnalysisMesh startup wears NVMe-over-fabric-style hat

Swedish Pokemon teens terrorised by laser-wielding 'sex pigs'

Gob-smacked drivers spot pair playing Pork-a-chu against municipal waterwheel

WD: Resistance is not futile

AnalysisSanDisk ReRAM becomes WD's XPoint competitor

IT delays helped derail UK's historic child sexual abuse inquiry

ExclusiveIndependent inquiry has already slammed 'legacy of delays'

Intel's Optane XPoint DIMMs pushed back – source

First media unsuitable for DIMM use and ASIC tuning needed

VeraCrypt security audit: Four PGP-encoded emails VANISH

Researchers fear spies are about

Grindr rolls out New Relic in ‘comprehensive lifestyle’ push

How many API calls does it take to keep 1 million users a day happy?

Social service council bungle

Coho Data: You know what's BDaaS? Getting rid of noisy multi-tenant neighbours

Hadoopery comes to Coho's DataStream along with QoS

Hey crims: Stumped on where to invest? Try this global franchise. No experience needed!

Worldwide Cerber ransomware franchise exposed

BullGuard busts into IoT

Oculus Rift will reach UK in September – and will cost more than two PS4s

Virtual reality: Because one meaningless and uncaring universe isn't enough

Colour us shocked: ISPs not that keen to sign up for Universal Service Obligation

'Either the government pays for it, or consumers do'

Oh dear, Xiaomi: '$46bn' winner's phone shipments tumble 38%

Apple drops too, as Chinese shun tiddlers

GDS Verify head Janet Hughes steps down

Follows Foreshew-Cain out the door

Lab-grown black hole proves Stephen Hawking's radiation claims – physicist

But 'pioneering paper' also contains some contradictory data, says prof

Physicists believe they may have found fifth force of nature

'Boson X' related to dark matter?

Rubrik's extra funding as Firefly extended data management flies out of the coop

Billionaires a-flutter in Silcon Valley bubble as Rubrik trousers their cash

Microsoft to overhaul Windows 10 UI – with a 3D Holographic Shell

IDF16We're a long way from the Start Menu now

FCC airwaves auction opens bidding

Telcos to begin bidding on space to expand networks

Intel fabs to churn out 10nm ARM chips for LG smartphones next year

IDF162016 is just full of surprises, isn't it?

LinkedIn sues 100 information scrapers after technical safeguard fail

Botnet harvests user data for spam and profit

NASA launches web portal

Baltimore cops accused of violating FCC rules with Stingrays

Groups argue interceptors not just a privacy risk; they also throttle communications

Say Alloy to my Intel friend: Chipzilla touts 'open' VR techno-specs

IDF16Okay. You wanna play rough, Samsung? Okay

Reddit explains outage

Who let the Zookeeper out?

Australian Information Commissioner won't say which agencies follow data-match guidelines

We do know it assessed 12 gov data-matching ideas last year, but the code is voluntary

US Dept of Energy lobs out $34m for bright ideas on securing grids

GE and Intel among big winners in security spend spree

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