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12th > August > 2016 Archive

Foxconn profits plummet 31%

Reds are infiltrating VMs, says new x86 virt Supernatural Square

Chinese vendors and Red Hat are the big movers in Gartner's virtualisation Magic Quadrant

Intel overhyping flash-killer XPoint? Shocked, we're totally shocked

+CommentStorage tech's real performance figures fail to match marketing claims

Business users force Microsoft to back off Windows 10 PC kill plan

Support for Skylake kit extended until end of life for Windows 7 and 8.1

IPv6 comes to AWS S3

Boffins' blur-busting face recognition can ID you with one bad photo

Developers warn that scary people are out there doing this already

Adobe stops software licence audits in Americas, Europe

Don't pop the champagne: it means Adobe is coining it in the cloud without licence checks

Trump golf privacy probe

'I found the intern curled up on the data centre floor moaning'

On-CallPlus the strange case of the wrong number, the right admin, but the wrong database

Meet DDoSCoin, the cryptocurrency that pays when you p0wn

Proof-of-work turned to nefarious purposes, like taking down a Census

Juno shoots 'Marble Movie' of Jupiter

Blinded observers granted gift

Azure clusters use 880 servers. Azure Stack-in-a-box will run on four

And don't throw out your Cloud Platform System or Azure Pack kit, it will play with the Stack

What next for the F-35 after Turkey's threats to turn its back on NATO?

CommentWest's lovebombing of Erdogan doesn't disguise tech transfer threat

Ten-trillionths of your suntan comes from intergalactic photons

But fear not – our galaxy has in-built SPF protection

The curious case of a wearables cynic and his enduring fat bastardry

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Let’s get physical, physical

Software-defined storage is glitzy, but E8 and Nimbus are still delivering hardware

CommentHigh-end all-flash testing methodologies needed

Vivaldi's tweaky grinders fire out another release: Add themes, security

The power browser that China doesn't own

Swiss firm still wants to eat up Pi flogger Premier Farnell

Undeterred by moneybags Avnet's massive counter-offer

Ingram Micro $6bn sale to Chinese logistics biz delayed

Bumps on road ahead? 'We'll be flogged this year' say execs at globe's largest distie

Russia is planning to use airships as part of a $240bn transport project

Nice idea ... in theory

Hey, turn down that radio, it's alien season and we're hunting aliens

Brainiacs' lower-frequency 'scope seeks ET

SAP kills staff reviews

How do you securely exchange encrypted-decrypted-recrypted data? Ask Microsoft

No keymasters, just keys

£1m military drone crashed in Wales after crew disabled anti-crash systems – report

Well, duh

Mobile malaise drags down Asus Q2 numbers

Pulled ahead of Apple, still struggling to grow

Apeiron gains new reseller

Blighty's 24-hr Universal Credit outage caused by upgrade glitch

Techies at SCC's hosting sub throw an all-nighter to fix service crash

Seagate's flash advice: Don't buy the foundry when you can get the chips for cheap

Analysis... or something like that. Spend it on essential IP

Microsoft’s stealth scripting engine arrives on Android

With health warnings all over it

DIY bank account raiding trojan kit touted in dark web dive bars

Roll-your-own-malware kit Scylex offered for seven large

US extradition of Silk Road suspect OK'd by Irish judge

Davis' lawyers concerned about his Aspergers Syndrome and depression

Post-Silk Road, Feds bust chaps for 'dealing heroin, coke' on world's largest dark web souk

Whack-a-mole against online drug sales continues

Adblock Plus blocks Facebook block of Adblock Plus block of Facebook block of Adblock Plus block of Facebook ads

This arms race will never end

ISPs face piracy sue-balls

A Russian cyber-gang, the Oracle MICROS hack, and five more POS makers in crims' sights

Who, what, when, why, how?

Flipping heck! Virtual machines hijacked via bit-meddling Feng Shui

Flip Feng Shui, quicker than the human eye

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