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9th > August > 2016 Archive

'Clock Bomb Kid' family sues

Defuse census outrage with independent oversight of data-handling

Australia needs a transparent, independent data-broking agency

CubeSat Moon mission to test new Ion Drive

Mini-sats to buzz Luna and snap its sunny shores in 2018

Juniper ships IPv6 hotfix

Google password fill effort could kill Android malware's best tricks

Small boost to login speed could be a big roadblock for Marshmallow malware

China forms 27-strong alliance to grow silicon standards

Government prods industry towards vertical integration

The next time Salesforce goes down, you'll get six reasons why

SaaS-o-saurus Rex preparing more granular status service for September debut

MIT's chip fires frikkin' laser at qubits

Another step towards miniaturising quantum computing

AT4 labs to put LTE-U to the test in Wi-Fi Alliance tie-up

Pushing ahead with 'coexistence' plan, while industry squabbles

Hot iron: Knights Landing hits 100 gigaflops in plasma physics benchmark

Russian physicists give Chipzilla's HPC star the elephant stamp

Windows 10 Anniversary Update crashing under Avast antivirus update

Intel Skylake drivers + Avast = kernel panic, BSOD

UK tops European charts ... for carder fraud

One more reason to stop worrying and love the Brexit

Google deleting websites

'Alien megastructure' Tabby's Star: Light is definitely dimming

Boffins clueless about cause to open-source made-to-order software, allow contributions

Three-year code pilot to cut costs, lock-in

VMware pulls buggy NSX release from distribution

Do Not Upgrade order escalated to Nuke It From Orbit It's The Only Way To Be Sure

London's 'automatic' Tube trains suffered 750 computer failures last year

Rise of the Machines? Perhaps if they're not very good ones

Hybrid cloud: Deciding the right mix for your workloads

BlogThe old public, private, or home school sorting bin

London's Met Police has missed the Windows XP escape deadline

27,000 PCs still compute like it's 2001

Coraid man buys things back

Google sucks up SaaS cloud

ExaFlash: Cheap, dense, energy-sipper will 'empower humankind'

+CommentSo says vendor Nimbus

Mangstor has unleashed an NVMe TITAN over fabrics array software

Shared external access under 200 microseconds

Vodafone bins line rental charges as it moves onto TalkTalk's turf

The ASA will soon require operators to advertise services in one monthly fee

Australian national census fails in the IBM cloud

UPDATEOnline form goes down hard ... and stays down

Internet of Car...rikey what the hell just happened to my car?

Complete/partial loss of control of your vehicle's systems? Yeah, possibly - IOActive

Police Scotland to cough 0.001% of annual income for unlawful RIPA spying

Cops slapped on wrist by Investigatory Powers Tribunal over 'reckless' witch-hunt

Oracle Java patch problem? Browsium rolls management fix

Locked down and white-listed

Watch hot 'stars' shower ... again. It's Perseid meteor showtime

Prettier than normal with a little help from friendly gas giant

Rackspace CEO: Yes, Brexit has hit us, yes we sold our Cloud Sites biz

As for that tale about us selling entire org... no comment

Israeli upstart E8 reckons it's hit storage's Holy Grail. Hmm

DSSD competitor squares up for market struggle

Micron smartphone flashery

Seagate flashes 60TB (yes, sixty) SSD monster

Micron helps disk biz join the 3D NAND party

IT security splurge surge

Google Chrome will beat Flash to death with a shovel: Why... won't... you... just... die!

Adobe plugin completely snubbed for HTML5

Facebook to forcefeed you web ads, whether you like it or not: Ad blocker? Get the Zuck out!

These silos of your personal information don't run themselves for free, folks

Good news: Teen hacker gets 1-million-air-miles bug bounty reward. Bad news: It's United Airlines

There's always a catch

Twitter flogs office space

In 2014 Malcolm Turnbull said 'Nobody likes outages' in the cloud

Redundancy is important, said Australian PM. So what does he think of Australia's cloud-hosted census failing?

Intel gobbles AI chip biz Nervana for $350m

Chipzilla wants upstart's algorithms

Australia's online Census collapses, international hackers blamed

'Four attacks' on SoftLayer-hosted service

Web pages, Word docs, PDF files, fonts – behold your latest keys to infecting Windows PCs

Patch TuesdayEverything's broken

ISP roundup: Google mulls fiber-less Fiber, America goes Wow, Comcast still terrible

Wire cuts, ad complaints, and big promises around the States

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