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4th > August > 2016 Archive

IBM: Illegally Bleeding Mortgages (...allegedly)

Big Blue subsidiary accused of fraud, shoddy IT policy

.NET Framework updated

GNU Guix emits next beta

Microsoft boosts PKI, ISO certs to harden Azure cloud

Your things can now talk to Azure without spilling secret things

Classic Shell, Audacity downloads infected with retro MBR nuke nasty

Gonna party like it's 1989

Smart TVs, satellites, and billboards all hacked in Ukrainian war

Black HatNATO analysis shows cyberwarfare is getting smarter and nastier

Oops, they did it again: Cisco finds new vulns in kit it patched in June

Switches need urgent attention, and UC kit needs cuddles to prevent crashes

Users of secure chat app Telegram popped after possible nation-state attack

Black HatIran's government suspected of cracking down on encrypted comms

Kaspersky upends sofa, finds US$50k for bug bounties

Careful with that axe hack, Eugene

EMC now spruiking PCs and thin clients, not Compellent

The deal's not done but EMC events are already full of chat about Dell products

Microsoft adds new 'Enterprise Products' section to privacy policy

Careful what you tell Azure: Redmond has given itself the right to spam your buddies

Non-volatile MRAM coming to servers in early 2017

Everspin says it has 256Mbit chippery ready to roll to system builders

Cray profits literally go up in smoke after electrical incident

Ready-to-ship systems canned after equipment failure at factory

Hackers detail the blood and guts of the 2016 Pwn2Own exploit expo

Black HatKernel carnage bashes browsers and punishes plug-ins

PC pioneer Gary Kildall's unpublished memoir revealed

CP/M and BIOS inventor adds to story of how Microsoft's IBM deal shaped the PC forever

Ready for the Internet of Things big data firehose?

Sipping gently, if you can...

UK telco market worth £37.5bn, Ofcom reports

Breaking Bad was the most-streamed series of 2015

Perlan 2: The glider that will slip the surly bonds of Earth – and touch the edge of space

Sailplane en route to Argentina for sky-scraping test flights

Top infosec top bods praise and damn in Pwnie Awards

Black HatRemember (Sad)Badlock? They do

Mastercard armours its contactless cards against relay attacks

Rest of industry still sitting on its hands over 9-year-old threat

Microsoft has stopped cutting sales fees for resellers? Yep

Insight Enterprises cheers this and other things in a decent Q2 outing

15 million tech-fried Brits have tried giving themselves a 'digital detox'

Why, you bizarre individuals?

Mad-tech labcoat-sporters DARPA pit infosec AI against itself

It's the Cyber Grand Challenge

Ofgem sets up database so energy companies can spam Brits

Capitalism, free markets, competition, whoop-de-doo

West country cops ponder appearance of 40 dead pigeons on A35

Dead dove dumping just latest avian abstruseness to afflict UK

Ballsup helps Toshiba double tablet SSD capacity

Into the third tablet solid state dimension with ballsy BiCS chippery

ARM's top brass land £54m Softbank windfall

Plus British honesty checker

Londoner jailed after refusing to unlock his mobile phones

Also picked up 5½ years' stripey suntan time for illegal possession of firearms

BlackBerry DTEK 50: How badly do you want a secure Android?

ReviewIf you don't care, then this probably isn't for you

Gone Goel: HPE changes storage leadership

CommentWhat's Philbin's plan for storage crown jewel?

'ICANN's general counsel should lose his job over this'

InterviewDot Registry CEO reacts to extraordinary judgment against DNS overseer

Microsemi 1m IOPS Flashtec

Bomb victims denied .ir grab

California to put all your power-hungry PCs on a low carb(on) diet

Hippy Golden State would be first to limit machines sold within its borders

Sales staff exodus at PernixData as Nutanix gobbles up caching biz

AnalysisBoth stubbornly refusing to confirm acquisition of engineering talent

New boss at .au helm

New York jerks face $25K fines for hassling ex with fake caller IDs

Is that you mom? No, it's my idiot ex-husband

Very peed off: Ohio urologists stay zipped after embarrassing leak

150GB of patient, internal files stolen? You gotta be kidney me – no, urine for a shock

Olympics bans GIFs

Protect your staff from Toronto's terrible Twitter trolls, bosses told

Public transport execs ordered to push back against abuse

Jeep hackers: How we swerved past Chrysler's car security patches

Black HatClue: It involves physically breaking into a ride this time

Mozilla 404s '404 Not Found' pages: Firefox fills in blanks with copies

Break through the web's annoying HTTP dead ends

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