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And now we go live to Nashville for the latest on Google Fiber v AT&T and, yup, it's a mess

Web ads giant not helping its case by cutting gas lines

Firefox to block crapware

Australia to spend a billion bucks and seven years on SAP project

And will hire multiple integrators to make it work: what could possibly go wrong?

Android's latest patches once again remind us: It's Nexus or bust if you want decent security

Or buy something that doesn't use a Qualcomm Snapdragon

LG claims freshest Nougat

Australian spooks' email guide banishes MS Word macros, JavaScript

The Defence Signals Directorate says scripts don't belong in your inbox

Windows 10 grabs 22 per cent desktop market share in a year

But Windows dips below 50 per cent of all web traffic according to US gov data

TP-Link fined $200k, told to be nice to wireless router tinkers after throwing a hissy fit

Chinese biz told to pour water, baby back into bath tub

Kaspersky iOS browser vuln

Black Hats control Jeep's steering, kill brakes

Black Hat videoTiny device could drive remote CAN bus assassinations

MSFT hikes training prices

Boffins shrink light-twister to silicon scale, multiply bandwidth 10x

This could be how light becomes a more common data carriage medium

Qualcomm, Oppo patent deal

Salesforce's US$582m giggle: It buys cloud collaboration biz Quip

Surely Marc Benioff can recite the long list of folk who tried to kill Office, but died trying?

Tablet sales remain bitter, but Nougat tipped to sweeten the market

Shipment slump means just the iPhone outsells tablets from all vendors

Pass the hash for peace, love and security in the quantum computing age

Boffins smokin' idea to share parts of keys to cook quantum-proof crypto

YouTube now 97% secure

Hackers brew Intel chip defence kit to neuter budding exploits

Black Hat 2016Researchers claim they can stop malware before it executes

Virgin Galactic wins US operator's licence for SpaceShipTwo

Beardy Branson's bird not cleared for takeoff just yet, but hopeful of flight tests soon

'The box' Bones uses to fix any ailment on the Enterprise? Yup, it's real

Yeast factory bests cumbersome labs and slow supply chains

OK, we've got your data. But we really want to delete it ASAP

No kidding. We need the storage

Windows 10: Happy with Anniversary Update?

The Big ReviewYeah, what of it? Wanna take this outside...

HPE loses its cloud and storage heads: No Goel, Vrij packs up, Fink runs

Manish the man moves out with two other execs

Sky fibre down at breakfast-time across the nation

Soz, engineers are looking into it...

123-Reg goes TITSUP – again


300 million pelicans? Pah. What 6 billion plastic bags really weigh

How many Jubs? What number of chicken's eggs? You demand answers – we give them

Diablo backers toss $18m in pot to forge software keys to XPoint DIMM kingdom

AnalysisInvestors eye up Memory1 tech and OEM qualifications

FireEye admits filtering out legitimate emails in sniffer snafu

Benign messages frogmarched into quarantine

Chinese Android smartphone firm: It packs a dedicated crypto chip

Which means... what exactly?

Hitachi's Americas CEO resigns

Jack Domme departs with plaudits

Liberata in £43m buyout by Japanese firm OUTSOURCING Inc

Hurrah! RICH private equity vampires have become RICHER, in BLOCK CAPITALS

Going! going! pwned? 200! million! Yahoo! logins! leaked! allegedly!

UpdatedLegit or not, they're on sale on the dark web

Swede suffers shrinking penis after dentist fits mouthguard

Chopper protection blamed for faltering erection

123-Reg drowns in ongoing DDoS tsunami

Data centre target of attack of 30+ Gbps

Outsourcery burned through more than £20 MEEEELLION in cash before it crashed

Administrator's Statement of Affairs reveals the nitty gritty

WD's 10TB Gold nugget

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: This design needs a dictator

Hands onGlyphs and the Swiss

Domain name bods NetNames netted by CSC Global

HgCapital offloads loss-making outfit for undisclosed sum

Seagate scoops a revenue boost off back of its 8TB drives

Ray of light in declining disk drive market with no good flash sales news

HTC Q2 sales crash

Samsung eyeballs new Note

VMware: We're gonna patent hot-swapping your VMs' host OS

CommentChanging operating system updates forever

Apple gets judge to hit ctrl-alt-delete on $625m FaceTime patent troll

VirnetX will have to go back to court with infringement claim

Reminder: IE, Edge, Outlook etc still cough up your Windows, VPN credentials to strangers

UpdatedTake precautions – like using a strong passphrase

Don't want to vote for Clinton or Trump? How about this woman who says Wi-Fi melts kids' brains?

Jill Stein joins the presidential farce

Crocodile well-done-dee: Downed Down Under chap roasted by exploding iPhone

Warning: picLi-ion, li-ion, pants on fire

Fun fact of the day: Network routers are illegal in Japan


White House loves drones

Akamai, Limelight bury hatchet (not in each other) to end patent spat

Networking foes settle war over 'induced infringement' with $54m deal

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