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China cuffs ten white-hats, nobody knows why

Did respectable researchers overstep the mark? Your theory welcome, Sinophiles

Russia reports RAT scurrying through govt systems, chewing data

Trojan customised to target specific users, then goes on its merry way

Giant Musk-stick test-firing proves a rocket can rise twice

VidOne careful owner, only ever driven to low-Earth orbit, top speed 6,300 km/h

Beer merger dwarfs EMC/Dell

Juno turns around and heads off to graze Jupiter's clouds

First 'capture orbit' passes 'apojove', probe breaks out its cameras to celebrate

Auto crypto algo validation? Protocol prototype here

New standard aims to escape the vuln/validation trap

Smartphone sales stall at ~3.5 million per day

Huawei now a solid third in global sales race

Windows 10 still free, even the Anniversary Update, if you're crass

PollCan you bring yourself to say you need assistive technologies for a free OS?

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Is Acronis backup truly the fastest of them all?

Analysis + commentAn EMC partner architect says not

Meet the chaps who run the Black Hat NoC and let malware roam free

Black HatIt's not cool to kill a demo, but you can watch all the pr0n you want

Dark scientists' LUX-ZEPLIN doubles down on WIMP hunt

Search for elusive particles may shed light on dark matter

You’ve left too many VMs lying about. You’re a very naughty boy

Buy-buy baby: Building a disciplined cloud

The dev-astating truth: What's left to develop? Send in the machines

Can your post-agile job be done by AI in the future?

SCC-owned SCS bags HR and Payoll biz Pyramid

Bank of Rigby reaches into the vaults again

Uber rips off Chinese arm, swaps it for share in successful rival – reports

Billions wasted on gaining ground in Middle Kingdom market

Pokémon Go tragedy strikes

IBM’s DeepFlash 150: Got half a million bucks for a fat, fast JBOF* box?

WHOMP: Half a petabyte

Hasta la vista Lustre, so long Spectrum Scale: Everyday HPC is here

CommentFlash arrays could make parallel file systems redundant

Microsoft grabs employment guns, aims at British sales units

Shouts pull.... people run for their live....lihoods

UK tax collectors' IT boss Mark Dearnley steps down

Kisses £185k salary goodbye

Hello, Barclays? Why hello, John Smith. We meet again

UK bank drops passwords, rolls out voice recog for phone banking

EE roaming outage hits Brits basking abroad

Operator asks: Have you tried switching it on and off again?

F-35 targeting system laser will be 'almost impossible' to use in UK

It's a new system undergoing trials, give it time, groans MoD press office

Tesla spends $2.6bn on solar

All roads lead to Rome as Irish seminary gripped by Grindr scandal

'Strange goings on' prompt Dublin bish to send trainees abroad

UK govt digi-chief confirms he is standing down after ... 9 months

Second GDS leader in the past year to go

RM to resell Apple, Lenovo, HP, Dell to YOUR children

Yes those firms killed our PC biz but if you can't beat 'em...

DBM Cloud System 'M' man identified

Google and GlaxoSmithKline fling £540m at bioelectronic meds firm

Mini-robots float round your body and zap your neurons

Your next flight is to Glorious China, Owners Of All South China Sea

Vietnamese airports hacked by propaganda-spouting ninnies

Ognall quits NetApp, heads to Microsoft ERP biz QuantiQ

Channel veteran bags sales director role

Nigerian cops cuff cybercrime suspect, reveal you don't need 419 to make $60m

A litte romance scamming in the charges mix, though

Click your heels, Dorothy ... We're not in gen-7 Panasas any more

8th generation scale-out box lands

Google-backed Thread, OCF form alliance for Internet of Things sanity

Fragmented market slowly coming together

You think Donald Trump is insecure? Check out his online store

UpdatedYuge security flaws, the best kind of security flaws, guaranteed incredible flaws

Brave browser lands $4.5m

FBI electronics nerd confesses: I fed spy tech blueprints to China

Chinese handlers paid for his nights with hookers, five-star trips around the world

Verizon gobbles Fleetmatics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has made a hash of the census

BootnotedPromising wonderful outcomes without explaining privacy protection burns the public's trust

VC vampire: Peter Thiel wants to live forever

And he'll buy your blood to do so, as long as you're young

US state sues Comcast for $100m in row over 'worthless' repair plans

Unlimited free troubleshooting and repairs is a minefield of caveats, says Washington AG

Open-source PowerShell?

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