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28th > July > 2016 Archive

Tesla autopilot driver 'was speeding' moments before death – prelim report

Turns out a simple thing could have saved his life

Apps record your heartbeat but now you worry the Census will remember your name?

Australian governments' liking for data-matching needs more than promises of privacy

BEEEELLIONth iPhone sold

Qualcomm STEMs gender lawsuit with US$19.5 million

Class action engineers ways to pull down glass ceiling

Avaya data leak bug

Fabric Connect VSP boxen need OS upgrade

Plenty of fish in the C, IEEE finds in language popularity contest

R: you ready for a top-ten spot?

Salesforce's data-losing NA14 instance is still a bit naughty

It's up and down like the Assyrian Empire! Or at least rather wobbly

Buzz Aldrin's Apollo XI expenses claim revealed

Tesla's splitting with sensor supplier

Mobileye's new best friends are BMW and Intel, and Elon says he's not worried

Exclusive transcript: WikiLeaks reveals ass call from a zoo

Leaked voicemail trove includes names and phone numbers from random callers to DNC

HPE promises users Itanium server refresh next year. In Dutch!

Unix? It's got YEARS left in it

Bot-herders fire fake GPS co-ords at Niantic to collect Pokémon

Pikachu, I spoof you!

Cortana expelled from Windows 10's new school editions

Academic licence-holders get new education versions whether they want it or not

Flight sim records show MH370 captain practiced 'flight' near search area

Might pretend airports favoured by flight sim fans defeat nefarious intent theories?

Hyperconvergence: Designing for failure

I, for one, welcome your ship of FAIL

Skyscape rebrands to UKCloud following legal challenge by Sky

Prefers to avoid legal limbo

BT sees 35% sales gain as it digests hearty EE meal

Look Ofcom, we're reforming Openreach OK. No need for legal split

Fork YOU! Sure, take the code. Then what?

Open source insiderWhy people matter in open source

O2 sales dip 9% as tight-fisted Brits cling to their old handsets

Weak pound affects sales reporting in Blighty

Here WeGo! Google Maps rival drops Maps branding

Clever, huh?

Russian spy aircraft are flying over Britain – and the MoD's cool with it

So cool we're even hosting them at RAF Brize Norton

Security FUD and malware outbreaks boost Sophos' coffers

Targeting the 'underserved mid-market' pays off nicely

Hybrid Cloud: The new IT service platform?

App level, OS level, VM level - we break it down for you

Oracle to buy Netsuite for $9.3bn

QLC flash is tricky stuff to make and use, so here's a primer

Readin', writin' and a-bit-matic

Avnet sees Dätwyler's bid for Raspberry Pi slinger, raises to £868m

Americans arrive late to spoil Swiss acquisition of Premier Farnell

Avoiding Liverpool was the aim: All aboard the world's ONLY moving aqueduct

Geek's Guide to BritainBarton Aqueduct – where heavy metal shifts H2O

Larry Ellison's Oracle swallows Larry Ellison's part owned Netsuite for $9.3bn

So that $3.69 BEEEEEELION for more adult toys then Lazza?

ESA's ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter blasts itself closer to the Red Planet

Mission aims to find little green men, no less

HP awarded £1.95m in reseller grey market fraud case

International Computer Purchasing bagged £1.5m in disputed discounts, judge rules

Seagate: We've doubled flash capacity without density changes

Background to the embiggened XM1440 explained

Who should deliver our next Reg lecture? You tell us

You could be one of our brains in a bar

Malware ads' steganography

AT&T fined for school gouge

IPv6 now faster than IPv4 when visiting 20% of top websites – and just as fast for the rest

The long and painful transition is getting there

nbn™ switches on first Telstra HFC-powered broadband services

100/40Mbps services available to 2,300 Perth homes

Flame Canada, flame Canada ... Botched govt payroll computers spew smoke ahead of probe

It's not even a real software rollout anyway

New US spy satellite in orbit

Don't use a VPN in United Arab Emirates – unless you wanna risk jail and a $545,000 fine

Arab monarchy tries to slam door on privacy tools

Sweating Springpath fails to defuse SimpliVity's patent bomb

Jury trial beckons as hyper upstart risks business disaster

Someone (cough, cough VeriSign) just gave ICANN $135m for the rights to .web

DNS overlord literally doubled its annual revenue in one day

Bought a GTX 970? Congrats, Nvidia owes you thirty bucks

GPU maker opens wallet to make class-action suit go away

Google, er, Alphabet takes on 10,000 more staff, banks more and more billions from ads

Still totally reliant on advertising

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