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26th > July > 2016 Archive

Florida Man cleared of money laundering after selling Bitcoins to Agent Ponzi

Miami ... Christ

Iraqi government finally bans debunked bomb-finding dowsing rods

Three years, and hundreds of deaths, after fraud uncovered

Boffins snoop on snooping Tor nodes

Honeyed onions - mmmm .... honions - used to plug the HSDir privacy hole

Microsoft offers admins free Win 10 upgrade lube

New Upgrade Analytics tool offers risk-based driver, app assessments

Micron sets a canary to watch over its stock in case of takeover

Poison pill filing sparks speculation about aggressive buy-out action

Google's multi-zonal cloud

European privacy body slams shut backdoors everywhere

European Data Protection Supervisor gives crypto-hawks a thumb in the eye

Amazon drone tests in UK

Seminal adventure game The Hobbit finally ported to the Dragon 64

Users of obscure Motorola-powered micro can finally see Thorin singing about gold

UK 'leccy car company Ecotricity patches leaky car recharge app

Account takeover is a pushover

Microsoft dangles code candy in front of iOS devs

Objective-C code-checker is Redmond's latest attempt to get app devs into WindowsLand

Microsoft stops to smell the roses, creates the Shazam of flowers

Cross-pollination with boffins helps those who can't tell a daffodil from a daisy

Failing projects pray blockchain works as 'magic middleware'

And fail anyway, as will you in 'the year of pointless blockchain projects' says analyst

Openreach to split from BT... so they'll be 'Legally Separate'

...kind of (c'mon – you didn't think it would go all the way!)

Washed out summer? Fear ye not: DVDs for DevOps droogs

StobVirtual box sets for REAL IT pros

Seagate soups up M.2 Nytro flash card

Doubles capacity of its mini NMVe drive to 2TB

CMO finds new berth at F5

UK membership of Council of Europe has implications for data protection after Brexit

CommentMaybe Brits don't need GDPR

Data's democratisation: Because there's no doh in Type 0

Handle me with care

BT to get Infinidat-driven storage

BlackBerry's new best pals: Microsoft, Google, Samsung

'I cannot buy everything. Or manage everything' ... We need partners – Chen

ClusterStor is clearly alive (but Havant's still closing) – Seagate VP

Ken Claffey clarifies ClusterStor after PR 'no comment' snafu

Apple Watch exec Bob Mansfield 'gets into secret Apple car'

Here in iCar, iCan only receive, iCan listen to you...

Remix chomps Marshmallow, updates its Android for PCs

Who needs Windows or an iPad anyway?

Mirantis Fuels up containers

O2 customer data grab: Not-a-hack creds for sale on dark web

Are you a login-recycling gaming fan?

Harrison Ford's leg, in the Star Wars film, with the Millennium Falcon door

Disney subsidiary pleads guilty to criminal charges

TechCrunch defaced by self-professed 'white hat' hackers

'Don't worry we never change your passwords.' Contact us!

Locky now top email menace

EMC insiders say Salesforce has ordered $75m of its kit

Forget AWS (sort of): We've still got skin in the game

Panzura primps file sync 'n' share replication tech

Global compression and dedupe for faster transfer times

Calling all hipster... *hic* hip-hip-storians! Craft beer job spotted

Smithsonian on lookout for boozy history buff

Gridstore deal done: Wrap your mouth around HyperGrid HCIaaS

Does hyperconverger pass the say-it-5-times-fast test?

Ofcom: Legal separation will force Openreach to eat more fibre

Plans for 2 million FTTP connections in next four years 'not enough'

Dolly the sheep clones have aged well, say scientists

Nottingham's cloning success not usual, though

A10 snaps up Appcito

Commvault's growing, even if profits dipped into losses this quarter

A million here, a couple of million there

Astro boffs to say bye to Philae lander

It's 2016 and your passwords can still be sniffed from wireless keyboards

KeySniffer – does what it says on the tin

BlackBerry snips Alcatel label off a midrange biz 'Droid, sells it for $299

While promising some extra security

Odds are your office is ill-prepared for network-ransacking ransomware

Cisco cybersecurity report points to dangers ahead

Intel soundlessly emits Broadwell Xeon E5-4600 v4 quad-socket chips

She's built like an E5 but handles like an E7

Hacked? Call White House

Verizon blames striking workers for dent in sales

Yahoo! is! going! to! love! it! here!

AMD, Nvidia in pro GPU battle

Anti-theft kill switches in smartphones just got a little less creepy

US peeps now get more control over tracking and remote wipes

Citrix's GoTo goes to LogMeIn in $2bn merger

LastPass owner brags about $1bn-a-year sales

Europe gives Privacy Shield one year to work

But privacy watchdogs warn they'll be gunning for it come 2017

Oz regulator eyes broadband marketing

ISPs fudging performance claims in ads? Say it isn't so!

What's losing steam at Apple? Pretty much everything

Cook: Hey, we thought it was going to be even worse

3D print biz Shapeways hacked, home and email addresses swiped

Hashed passwords exposed, too

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