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21st > July > 2016 Archive

What do you call a spreadsheet with decent numbers for a change? qualcomm_q3_2016.xlsx

China sales, overdue royalties help chip biz right its ship

Nitwit has fit over twit hit: Troll takes timeless termination terribly

CommentCan Twitter now save itself?

Asian nations mull regional 'Europol' in fight against cybercrime

RSA APACASEAN ministers flag 'Asiapol' in closed-door talks

Wavering about Apple's latest security fix? Don't, says Talos

The very image of a remote exploit

Tor for IoT toothbrushes

WhatsApp goes to Rio (again), but the battle is far from over

Supreme Court lifts block ahead of full hearing; government mulls service regulation

New Google cloud bit barn

Cisco UCS gets critical patch

Microsoft delays Azure updates so you can catch up with the cloud

It turns out some of you are happy running legacy cloud services Redmond wants killed

Alleged skipper of pirate site KickAss Torrents keel-hauled in Poland

US Justice Department claims site pinched ONE BEELLION DOLLARS of content

Microsoft to rip up P2P Skype, killing native Mac, Linux apps

Redmond decides you'll sound better if its VoIP system runs in the cloud via the browser

Facebook's billion sheeple

Google tests its own quantum computer – both qubits of it

Here's something to like about 2016: 'Quantum Software Engineer' is a job title

Selfie-proof smartmobes will hit stores for Christmas

Corning's Gorilla Glass 5.0 can survive 80 per cent of 1.6m drops, at least in the lab

Microsoft and pals re-write arms control pact to save infosec industry

Wassenaar Arangement aims to stop sale of spyware to rogue states, but also goes further

UK's digital strategy must account for Brexit, say MPs

Let a hundred disrupters bloom

The cloud ain't making it rain for Intel right now: Tech giants pause server chip sales

AnalysisWe can always rely on PCs, right? Er...

DDoS, the cloud and you

Who are you rubbing shoulders with?

Need a Brain Lift? Welcome to the Reg Summer School

Reg Events12 videos to help you top up your grey cells

BT customers hit by broadband outage ... again

Another power problem, this time at Telehouse North

Speaking in Tech: Hyperconvergence hype, Microsoft, ARM and more

PodcastAll the drama this week in tech

Whoa! Shanghai Stock Exchange delays $6bn Ingram Micro takeover

How will you fund this, Tianjin Tianhai?

HMRC research finds 'resistance' to proposals to shift contractor tax compliance burden

Oh well

Semiconductor $s to fall

All you need for quantum computing at room temperature is some mothballs

Gives debugging a new meaning

Ransomware gang: How can I extort you today?

Step 1. Improve customer service. Step 2.???? Step 3 PROFIT!!!

GOP delegates suckered into connecting to insecure Wi-Fi hotspots

‘I vote Trump! free Internet’

Stack Overflow takes on technical documentation

Microsoft, Twilio, Dropbox offer support

Seagate in 10TB drive brand brainstorm

Helium premium

UK councils refuse to push data into the cloud

More than two data centres each? Perfectly reasonable

Nope, we can't find dark matter either, says LUX team

The WIMPs theory is still strong though

Bosses at UK infosec biz Quadsys confess to hacking rival reseller

Sentencing set for September

Fear not, humanity – Saint Elon has finished part two of his world-saving 'master plan'

Sustainability and sharing isn't just some 'silly, hippy thing,' says Musk

Verizon kicks its punters

Rumor on repeat: Spotify IPO

Snowden's anti-snoop tool

Apple Watch craze over before it started: Wrist-puter drags market screaming off a cliff

Sir Jony ive's Waterloo

EFF declares anti-piracy DMCA unconstitutional in new legal showdown

Controversial Section 1201 of US law comes under fire

Official: AMD now stands for Avoiding Miserable Death

Officially on El Reg, that is – Mini-chipzilla in the black after strong console chip sales

Tight-wad Apple repair techs swapped our damaged iGear with used kit – lawsuit

Help! They switched our used phones… used phones

XtremIO heading for the bin? Total BS, thunders CTO Itzik Reich

EMC slams rumors of scaling, availability headaches

IETF boffins design a DNS for crypto-currencies

Interledger uses familiar concepts to connect networks

AT&T: Money? Oh, sure, no I'm fine – I'm doing great (if you ignore my phone business)

Wireless drops bolstered by DirecTV cash

Warframe leaks 800k addys

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