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20th > July > 2016 Archive

How's this for irony? US Navy hit with $600m software piracy claim

German software house says sailors are just the wurst

State hate for VW Dieselgate

WhatsApp gets another Brazilian whack as magistrate blocks it again

UpdateNational shut-down starts Tuesday, just in time for the Olympics

After Monday's landing, SpaceX wants to do it in triplicate

Rocketeers apply for two more landing pads, but faces NIMBY challenge

WordPress admin? Thinking of spending time with the family? Think again

P0wnage party pops plugins, providing plenty of party-pooping projects

Microsoft Azure doubles up to $800m a quarter – and is wiped out by dying phone sales

AnalysisWin some, you lose some: profit up, revenue down

An anniversary to remember: The world's only air-to-air nuke was fired on 19 July, 1957

Vid'Genie' test simulated pocket nukes' potential to evaporate bombers

South Korea mulls TREEELLION-Won fine for Qualcomm

Royalties rumble could cost chip-maker US$880m, a bit less than LG and Samsung pay

Flaws found in security products from AVG, Symantec and McAfee

UpdatedPatch frenzy imminent, say researchers, thanks to bad use of code hooking

EU Net Neutrality debate heats up as Tim Berners-Lee weighs in

400,000 submissions received, some critical of carriers claiming 5G costs justify fast lanes

What's big and red and squashes 276 bugs, 19 of them critical?

A Big Red Oracle Quarterly Patch Dump, that's what!

Torrent is a word, and you can't ban words, rules French court

Google, Microsoft won't have to block searches for 'les torrents'

VMware/Cisco software-defined spat thaws as ACI comes to vSphere

The two companies are now collaborating nicely, thanks in part to an intern

Spectra Logic preserves black pearls in Amazon's deep freeze

Your cryptic storage crossword clue of the day

Prometheus 1.0 rises

Gigabyte heads ARM push

Microsoft tweaks TCP stack in Windows Server and Windows 10

Ideas dreamed up by BitTorrent and Google people should speed Windows

Hacker shows Reg how one leaked home address can lead to ruin

UnrestconJust don't go on Facebook, people. You're giving yourself up to crims

Electric Cloud offers cautious corporates Canary choice

Blue/Green also a deployment option

Question: What's missing in Microsoft's data science professional degree?

CommentHint: It's relational

Web meltdown: BT feels heat from angry punters

Power outage in London fingered

Reg readers head to pub to hear about the digital home

Reg LectureBuilding internet mousetraps and enchanted umbrellas

Really Scary Telecoms Stuff? Nah – telephony's just an app

How to pick your hosted solutions

Diablo 'decisive' court victory

Los Desaparecidos di Disruption: The Final Days of Conservative 2.0

¡Bong! SpecialNotes from the underground

EMC staffers: We are crashing into Dell within weeks

Deal a go-go unless Chinese anti-trust regulators play tough

TalkTalk: 9,000 broadband customers did the walk walk last quarter

Installed base of subscribers will continue to shrink post hack, warns analyst

Red Hat redraws Ansible Tower so even enterprise managers can get it

Engineering worldview not always ... appreciated in the enterprise

Schrödinger's cat explained with neutrinos

Physicists show quantum weirdness of neutrinos over longest distance yet digi peeps hunt open source chief

First among penguins

BT internet outage was our fault, says Equinix

Faulty UPS takes out 10 per cent of BT customers

Kaminario flashes service guarantees

Kaminario service guarantees have six appeal

Microbe drives tropical butterfly species to a male-killing frenzy

Cannibalistic behaviour also affects evolution

Acronis 12 is fastest backup product out there

That's what Acronis says

Star Trek Beyond: An unwatchable steaming pile of tribble dung

ReviewTrek works when the struggle is within, not when the fights are fast and furious

Logicalis: Top line shrinks as UK restructuring continues

Things no better at sister biz Westcon

GMB tests Uber 'self-employed drivers' claim at London tribunal

'Not a technology company and drivers aren't self employed'

Spectra Logic sits in the Cyberducking stool

If it quacks like a can swim in many different ponds

Teradata and Nuix are dancing in the dark

Where there is dark data let there be...umm...light data

CenturyLink punishes hogs

300k Turkey govt emails leak

Internet exchange Linx cuts peering prices by 40% after rip-off claims

Did Netflix's accusations force company's hand?

ISS chases the Dragon

Firefox to banish hidden Flash files – and kill off sneaky ad snoopers

Browser tightens the screws on Adobe's internet screen door

Microsoft ordered to fix 'excessively intrusive, insecure' Windows 10

UpdatedVous avez trois mois, Nadella

Everyone's favorite infosec biz – Blue Coat – must cough up $40m to rival in patent rip-off row

From SSL cert blowup to busted infringement appeal

Data retention grants still not flowing to Australia telcos

Carriers still in the dark about how much they'll get or when ahead of April 2017 deadline

Raving mad: Glow sticks are secret weapon in Facebook's 2.1Gbps laser internet drones

Umm-tsch umm-tsch umm-tsch umm-tsch

40 years ago today the US govt sent a taxpayer-funded robot to invade an alien hostile world

PicsPhenomenal photographic proof of planet plundering

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