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18th > July > 2016 Archive

Happy 50th birthday, optical fibres for telecoms

In July 1966, Charles Kao looked into glass and saw the future of telecoms

Brit chip biz ARM legs it to Softbank for $32bn

UpdatedJapanese telco giant gets into the mobile microprocessor biz

Extortion trojan watches until crims find you doing something dodgy

And then the extortion starts and you're asked to steal critical data

Intel's SGX tiptoes towards Linux

SDK, driver live on GitHub

New Mars rover is GO for 2020 says NASA

This time we'll hear the sounds of Mars, if the enhanced Sky Crane works

India tweaks tech colleges to 'become real power in software'

We need home-grown Googles and MOOCs might get us there, says minister

Run Dropbox compression

Security firm clarifies power-station 'SCADA' malware claim

It's not the next Stuxnet, says SentinelOne, it's just very naughty code

PokeCops catch no crims

Tor veteran Lucky Green exits, torpedos critical 'Tonga' node and relays

Chap responsible for very early nodes says 'recent events' make it impossible to continue

World's worst exploit kit weaponises white hats' proof of concept code

Plaid Parliament of Pwning's IE attack turned into pay-to-p0wn cannon

Euro IP study finds 25 Tor-and-Bitcoin-loving pirate business models

In colossal surprise, criminals revealed as rather fond of anonymity technologies

Docker and storage – solving the problem of data persistence

Pull on your vendor hoodie - it's a casual affair

Facebook and Google show how the world really will be blanketed in 5G

Zuckerbook adds OpenCellular to its disruptive, non-MNO network vision

Brexit has left a regulatory black hole for digital, say MPs

You mean there actually was a plan in the first place?

Softbank promises stronger ARM: Greater overseas reach and double the UK jobs

And plenty of investment, natch

UKFast owner slurps app security biz Pentest

Swells the ranks of ethical hackers at Secarma

£19.5m for quantum tech

Ed Vaizey booted to backbench, Hancock booted to DCMS

Son of beefburger loving Gummer gets Cabinet Office job

Shelfware wars should be conceded, admits Microsoft compliance boss

Honest mistake with your licensing? Audit police look at it on a 'case by case basis'

Rubrik's tube: Pure play

Trump? Terror? Turkey? Whoa, there's a Tentacool in that Bush...

BBC captures Jeremy Corbyn capturing Krabby

Good gravy, Toshiba QLC flash chips are getting closer

BackgrounderQuadding 3D NAND cells to up capacity

We ain't in 1996 anymore, Dorothy: SQL Server 2016 proves it

Enterprise engine? Check. Cloud database? TBC

Cancer data firm funded

UK's climate change dept abolished, but 'smart meters and all our policies strong as ever'

What? Hang on, isn't it an EU mandated project?

Boffins unveil 500TB/in2 disk. Yeah, it's made of chlorine. -196˚C, why?

'True importance of this work is not necessarily the data storage' – lead author

Lock up yer cargo: Commvault wants to be your container bouncer

Full-state containers covered by the end of the year

15-year-old security hole HTTPoxy returns to menace websites – it has a name, logo too

So you know it's really scary

Opera sells open-source Chromium browser for $600m to Chinese bods

Did, er, did they check what was inside the box?

How to scam $750,000 out of Microsoft Office: Two-factor auth calls to premium-rate numbers

Tech giants scramble to fix pricey loophole

What will laws on self-driving cars look like? Think black boxes and 'minimum attention'

German government and United Nations plan for the future

For $800 you can buy internet engineers' answer to US government spying

Open-source CrypTech board launches in Berlin

US gov open data, code push

Australia gets one-quarter of a minister for national infosec

Greg Hunt moves from environment to Minister For Agreeing With StartupLand

What's big, blue and red all over? IBM. Profit, z Systems down, cloud up

Blockchain, AI, analytics ... if it's a buzzword, it's the future

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