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11th > July > 2016 Archive

VirtualBox 5.1 RC1 lands

Hacker bites Datadog, finds hard-to-chew bcrypt passwords

Customers told to reset creds even though no leg-lifting password spray has wet the net

Tintri 'consolidates' Australian office to Singapore

If VM-aware storage can't thrive in the most virtualised nations on earth, where will it thrive?

In mourning for Nano, chap crafts 1k-loc text editor

Forked, not dead, it seems, because GNU Nano is still a thing

Is Pokemon Go leaky?

Kim Dotcom pregnant with Bitcoin's mutant offspring

He's having another go at a legit cloud content locker

SETI mulls reboot: Believing the strangest things, loving the alien

Radio? Just because we like it doesn't mean ET phones home

Linux 4.7 delayed

Pints on a plane!

Clouds will gather again after wispy Q1, says IDC

Lots more switches, a little more servers and storage

White hat banned for revealing vulns in news sites used by London councillors

Vendor claims claims of vulns are tosh

Linus Torvalds in sweary rant about punctuation in kernel comments

'Brain-damaged sh!t-for-brains' devs told to drop 'drug-induced crap' and use asterisks properly

Lurk trojan takedown also took out Angler exploit kit

Follow the malware

Please stop working and abuse your expense account at the beach

On-CallReader endured extended Italian holiday waiting for kit to clear customs

Drowning Dalek commands Siri in voice-rec hack attack

Boffins embed barely-audible-to-humans commands inside vids to fool virtual assistants

HPE dumps software biz into the bargain bin

For sale: Slightly used Autonomy, price negotiable

Galaxy S7 Active can't swim, claims site. But it can, vendor retorts

Consumer Reports says phone more aqua-phobic than billed

Amazon denies hack claim

FBI arrests satellite engineer on charges of espionage

Alleged to have sold hardware designs to undercover agent

Next big thing after containers? Amazon CTO talks up serverless computing

AWS Summit London'Perhaps we no longer have to think about them'

NetApp CEO Kurian: Buying SolidFire was a long-term strategic bet

InterviewPlus: Avoiding hard decisions reduces a company to mediocrity

4-day Fasthosts outage: Customers' sites go TITSUP

Ouch - online bookings take punch to wallet

Kotkin on who made Trump and Brexit: Look in the mirror, it's you

InterviewHow Hipsters and Silicon Valley's tech plutocrats cast the poor aside

IBM scraps loyal staffer gifts in favour of... a congratulatory social page

No Montblanc pens for you lot!

Cycling paramedics in epic rush to save patient who ate stale sandwich

Adrenaline-soaked exploits worthy of Hollywood

HP Inc: Double-digit bounce due on PC prices next month

Because currency. Why haven't we put up printers? Er, no comment

Samsung deals out microSD-crushing faster fingernail flash cards

UFS format far faster ... but you can't just swap 'em out

Use Brexit to save smokers' lives and plug vaping, say peers

Promote e-cigs and bin the regulations

China really wants to get its hands on Idaho's 3D NAND tech

If you can't buy out firms that do it, license their IP

Amazingly insecure industrial control systems + internet = Cupful of nope

Kaspersky found plenty of evidence... from public sources

Scammers gotta catch em all

AWS works on 'urgent' deals for UK customers as £ dips against $

'People feel like they are getting less for the pound'

Hewlett Packard Enterprise shifts the deck chairs

UK boss Andy Isherwood gets the call, heads to EMEA high office

EU cybersecurity directive will reach Britain, come what May

Brexit may have got us out, but EU rules still affect us deeply

Much more Moore's Law: Wonder-stuff graphene transistor trickery

But this time it's a gardening job

Theresa or Teresa May? Twitter confuses nude model and new PM

Automated algorithms invite Brits to join her Punishment Party. Fnarr!

Backblaze hopes to melt Amazon Glacier customers' hearts

Offers three ‘nines’ SLA and 75% lower price

Former Lenovo boss directed to CEO chair in Avnet's exec lounge

Bill Amelio lands top job at tech distie... on temp basis

Omni-shambles! Card-stealing malware checks into US hotel chain

At this point, it might be safer to just sleep in your car

Pokemon Go oh no no no, we're not reading your email, says gamemaker

Final updateGod-mode access token found in wildly popular app

Google slammed over its 'free' school service

Sweden sour – source

Seagate defrags 14% of workforce: 6,500 axed

Brings the number of staff facing unemployment to more than 8,000 in a couple of weeks

Facebook deleted my post and made me confirm pics of my kids weren't sexually explicit

When automated censorship goes awry

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