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8th > July > 2016 Archive

Facebook US tax lawsuit

Ad agency swipes 'unnamed bloggers' for calling out its cynically fake 'save a refugee' app

Hands back ad award, says attacks were unfair

414,949 D-Link cameras, IoT devices can be hijacked over the net

Waiting for the worms to come

Facebook likes Rich Heley, former Tesla veep

Head-hunted into the Building 8 skunkworks

'We shall overcome' net neutrality, sing Euro telcos in the key of 5Gs

5G Manifeston 'welcomed' by digi commish Günther Oettinger

Facebook ‘glitch’ that deleted the Philando Castile shooting vid: It was the police – sources

Footage vanished on command, not by a tech gremlin

CloudFlare pros pen paranoid phone plan for pwn-free peregrination

New iPhone or GTFO

Idiot brings gun-shaped iPhone to airport

PicIf only his dad had been firing blanks

Wannabe Prime Minister Andrea Leadsom thinks all websites should be rated – just like movies

Maybe God told her to do it

Copy paste slacker hackers pop corp locks in ode to stolen code

Github, your ticket to world domination

Peglar on the hoof: Micron flash and XPoint VP legs it

Exits loss-making company for pastures new

Women, got an infosec?

You can’t sit there, my IoT desk tells me

Something for the Weekend, Sir?I can’t stand up for falling down

ICO smacks lying spammers

When is a refurbished server not refurbished? Ask this Dell reseller

Sysadmin blogPeering into the nooks and crannies of the storage ecosystem

EU votes for Privacy Shield

Blighty will have a whopping 24 F-35B jets by 2023 – MoD minister

That'll fill just a third of our new 70,000-tonne aircraft carriers

Malaysia-based credit card fraud ring broken, 105 arrested

That's a pretty large ring

Apeiron claims NVMe fabric speed without NVMe over fabrics - but how?

BackgrounderThe secret's in the special HBA hardware sauce

New ISS crew will spend their time bombarding computers with radiation

And seeing what happens to your bones in zero-G

Polycom bins Mitel for Siris

175-year-old in storage deal

Rolls-Royce reckons robot cargo ships are the future of the seas

CommentA million pirates yelled 'splice the mainbrace, me hearty!'

Physicists confirm X(4140)

Win 10 Anniversary: 'We're beginning to check in final code' says Microsoft

No watermark in build 14383 though it isn't finished yet

Farewell to Microsoft's Sun Tzu: Thanks for all the cheese, Kevin Turner

Last of Steve Ballmer's old guard heads for the exit

BMW web portal vulns pose car hack risk – researchers

Hey, this isn't the way to Chad's house... and who unlocked the doors?

NTT slips into ITC cockpit at F1 legends McLaren

It's the cloud, with go faster stripes

Barracuda picks teeth after chowing down on cloud market

Selling services in the cloud sea is paying off

Is Pure Storage a solid business or is skepticism justified?

AnalysisBTIG analysts ponder Pure's position and fall in (qualified) love

Bomb-disposal robot violently disposes of Dallas cop-killer gunman

Thanks, O bomber

Bad blood: US govt bans bio-test biz Theranos' CEO for two years

Board should fire her but can't: She owns controlling stake

Facebook offers end-to-end encrypted chat – if you find the right setting

There's always a catch

Juno probe spins up its sonic screwdrivers for Jupiter flyby

It's in the pipe, five by five

Android Mew-ware, I choose you: Code nasty poses as Pokemon GO

DroidJack wants to peek-at-you

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