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6th > July > 2016 Archive

Chap fails to quash 'shared password' 'hacking' conviction

Appeals Court says CFAA can be wielded in Nosal case

Dolphin fans freak, blast browser's bumbling bundles of bloatware

Shocking revelation, people don't like forced add-ons

Gigabyte BIOS blight fright: Your megabytes’ rewrite plight in the spotlight

Vendors queue for punishment as 'ThinkPwn' fallout spreads

ITU okays another TV spec

HPE rushes out patch for more than a year of OpenSSL vulns

Logjam in patch pipeline cleared at last

Australian Information Industries Association*: you're not the future of democracy, so please shut up

Flawed arguments and right-wing tropes don't make the case for Internet voting

BEELION-star dataset to land in September

ESA schedules Gaia mission's first data release

TP-Link abandons 'forgotten' router config domains is a pain, but it's better than 'admin:admin' on the Web anyhow

FTC wants a date with Ashley Madison's fembots

Bonk-hopefuls' site's fake profiles under investigation

Space prang of cosmic proportions blamed for giving Mars its moons

VidPhobos and Demos last remnants of Martian rings

Outed China ad firm infects 10m Androids, makes $300k a month

Check Point slayers reveal building address, pop panels, publish office floor plan.

'Double speak' squawk users as Silent Circle kills warrant canary

Securo firm says it was a 'business decision', unrelated to warrants 'we didn't recieve'

'Digital influencers' must disclose paid-for content, says new guidance

Must 'clearly and prominently' label it

Paper wasps that lie to their mates get a right kicking, research finds

Trial by combat and toothpick-applied war paint

Verizon, KT, Telefonica: On three continents, operators prepare for 5G

Europe, Asia, US close to commercially viable model

Nutanix gobbling Pernix – why not?

CommentFlash cacher gets undermined by cheapening flash

Ofcom is to get powers to fine mobe providers for crap service

Digital Economy BillUniversal Service Obligation of 10Mbps may be increased in future

Israeli tech firms make their exits, stage rich

Following the trendIT trend rolls out 10 years' chokey for industrial scale copyright pirates

Digital Economy BillTorrent release groups are the target - not teenagers

Sociology student gets a First for dissertation on Kardashians

The condensed version... Klan K not doing much to help women. Or anyone really

WIPO chief trying to 'fix the composition of the Staff Council' – lawyer

50 ambassadors stream in to read locked-down report

Mike Lynch's cybersec biz Darktrace hoovers up $65m in VC dosh

Spook-founded firm slurps more funding

UK patients should have greater data slurp opt-out powers – report

Explicit 'don't take my info' box needed for uses beyond direct care

So. Farewell then, BlackBerry Classic. You were a classic ... of sorts

RIM's strange journey to the design museum

Behold the ROBOT RECTUM... medics' relief

Pucker up, it's for science's hated project binned

Not enough public confidence, says minister

Chilcot's IT spend: Tighter wallet than most public sector bods

Also: Iraq war 'unnecessary', Blair ‘overestimated' own ability

Etch a stretch: 3D NAND layer cake flop leads to 'string stacking'

BackgrounderString what-ting? Glad you asked...

US constitution vs PRISM

Bitcoin child abuse image pervs will be hunted down by the IWF

Brit upstart Elliptic is actively tracking paedos' crypto-currency cash flows

Sage hires de Rojas

EMC told Dell deal 'attractive'

Microsoft boutiques club together for E5 licensing assault

The Consortium has landed and have bloated SIs in their sights

CityFibre takes on Ofcom over pledge to open BT ducts and poles

Regulator now says dark fibre sufficient

Google disputes Gmail ‘bug’

ARM founder now Hon. Sir

Speaking in Tech: As long as you don't blow your fingers off, you're all good

PodcastPlus: Casters chat to EMC's open source guy, Jonas Rosland

OSNEXUS: Storage upstart that funded itself before gaining angel wings

IBM SoftLayer provides the magic carpet ride

App-V birthday to you, Win10: Virty tools baked in Anniversary update

Only enterprises and schools invited to this party

Chelsea Manning 'suicide bid'

Google eats French AI upstart

Huge double boxset of Android patches lands after Qualcomm disk encryption blown open

What a coincidence

Ver-rising raises prices

Bloke 'lobbed molotov cocktails' at Street View car because Google was 'watching him'

Nike shoes, Blue Moon beer, a VW Touareg and an unused pipe bomb

Huawei sues T-Mobile US: Why can't we be FRANDS with benefits?

Is this really all about a factory robot?

Attention, small biz using Symantec AV: Smash up your PCs, it's the safest thing to do

Security patch for ridiculously bad bugs still weeks away

Tech upstarts to pocket up to $5m from crowd-fund suckers, er backers

When I started out, all I had was just a dream ... and millions in donations

Even Silicon Valley rolls its eyes as controversial Zenefits ex-CEO reveals he's back in business

Just how far can learning from failure be taken?

AMD promises code fix for power-hungry Radeon RX 480 GPU

Intel's punching bag says it's working on a patch

The truth about Silent Circle's super-secure, hyper-privacy phones: No one's buying them

Android mobe maker and Geeksphone fall out over debts

OpenCellular: Facebook tests its open templates on base stations

A 2G-to-LTE base station in the palm of your hand, open hardware, open software

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