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5th > July > 2016 Archive

Linux letting go: 32-bit builds on the way out

Ubuntu joins calls for users to let go of i386 versions

Oz competition regulator seeks input on ending wholesale ADSL declaration

NBN is likely to make the service obsolete. If the clown-show gets it built

Uber opens up on Oz deactivation policies, just a little

Facing the nightmare of unionised drivers, drive-share behemoth makes half-hearted attempt at transparency

Vuln drains energy sector control kit

One patched, one to go

Judge gives Zuck a US$6 million Brazilian

Facebook funds frozen because WhatsApp won't hand over drug-lords' messages

Israel's security minister suckers Zucker for Facebook'ed killings

Erdan: social media king not cooperating with cops

TCL plots ramp-up in India, mulls manufacturing

Hopes to climb the smartphone market

Researcher pops locks on keylogger, finds admin's email inbox

Hawkeye plucked

Word hole patched in 2012 is 'unchallenged' king of Office exploits

It's 2016, people, even the pirates have patched

Second celebgate hacker pleads guilty to phishing

Phisherman's friend

Celebrated eye hospital Moorfields lets Google eyeball 1 million scans

Access granted to DeepMind for historic data. What consent?

Theft of twenty-somethings' IDs surges

Latte-swilling, public Wi-fi-using, over-sharing #DataToGo

Supermicro's macro Microblade: That chassis is... huge

ReviewSmall blades, supersized bodywork

5 years, 2,300 data breaches. What'll police do with our Internet Connection Records?

Big Brother Watch report

Not your Imagination: Britain’s other chip giant posts biggest ever loss

Brexit rebound?

Huawei promo photo goof

One container to rule them all? No. Um, a plastic box* refresher

AnalysisReal talk about this generation's coolest tech toy

Mind the GaaP: needs to get a grip on digital

AnalysisCan we stop farting around with website designs now, please?

Obi Worldphone MV1: It's striking, it's solid. Aaaand... we've run out of nice things to say

ReviewSculley-backed Cyanogen contender falls short

Juno enters Jovian orbit

Get ready for mandatory porn site age checks, Brits. You read that right

Digital Economy BillPlus: 10Mbps right, extra Ofcom powers as Commons sniffs bill

Germans politicos woo London startups

EU uncorks €1.8bn in cybersecurity investment. Thirsty, UK?

Will Blighty get ours? Probably

Wealthy youngsters more likely to be freetards than anyone else – study

Middle class self-entitled whingers also Remainians? Yarr.

Brexit-themed spam surges

Microsoft devolves sales ops powers to the UK

So that's orders, payments, discounts, invoices and incentives managed locally

Post Brexit EU will spend 'stability and peace' budget funding Chinese war drones

Instrument Contributing to Stability and Peace? Whatever wants to fine websites £250,000 if teens watch porn vids

Digital Economy BillAnd you thought killing off ATVOD was the start of a new era

Dell confirms price rise post Brexit vote as UK pound stumbles

Wanna buy a Dell? It'll cost you 10% more now

SCC and Entanet haul in big hitters

Sales and ops chiefs rock up during the silly season

Apple wants your organs

FBI won't jail future US president over private email server

And everyone is now happy to leave it be… wait, what's that?

Huawei: Our fake phone camera pic shame

Chinese giant caught using expensive cam to shoot photo supposedly taken by mobe

Rightside: No domain deal

$15m renames Harvard center

EasyDoc malware adds Tor backdoor to Macs for botnet control

Smugness levels cut among Apple fanbois

Australia's ABC suspends presenter over 'Wi-Fi is dangerous' claims

Catalyst's Dr Maryanne Demasi off air, programme under review

Maybe China's on to something: Clickbait articles now need to be 'verified' by officials

It's like a spam filter only with faceless censors in charge

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