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4th > July > 2016 Archive

Boston blocks Oz FoI: 'the price of our dodgy reports is a secret'

Sudden outbreak of modesty in the gun-for-hire business

Lenovo scrambling to get a fix for BIOS vuln

Is it a bug or is it a backdoor?

ICANN pushes back against brand lobby

Hands were washed long ago

Android tablets too bitter a pill for Dell

No Venue for droids

Here's how to SMS spam Liberal voters and get away with it

Bulk SMS sender, Tails, Tor, and some free WiFi

SQLite developers need to push the patch

Tempfile permissions a can of worms

One in 200 enterprise handsets is infected

iOS bad, but not Android bad

Klepto Zepto could steal millions in looming ransomware wave

Locky's deadly brood spawns a fresh horror

Humans and bees share the same sociability genes

Bee pheromone is similar to genes found in mammals

Microsoft: Enterprise Advantage will be 'a step in quite a long journey to modernize our licensing'

Enterprise Agreement killer to land in early 2017

Crown Commercial Services is to slap SMEs with price hikes

While also hoping to throw £1 in every £3 spends on procurement at small biz

ZTE Axon 7: A surprise flagship contender

Hands OnChina's venerable big beast splashes in

London Stock Exchange's German mega-merger: It's a go, despite Brexit

Playing politics with the IT jobs axe

Martha Lane Fox: Brexit is all about MEEEEeeee!

CommentAs long as our Establishment thinks digital is magic, it can avoid the oiks

DRAM and blast it: Micron staff face axe after flash woes

Seagate eSSD deal faces problems

Mozilla emits nightly builds of heir-to-Firefox browser engine Servo

Rust project still needs a lot of polish

Data sprawl killer updated

Prominent Brit law firm instructed to block Brexit Article 50 trigger

Mishcon de Reya leads charge to put up hurdles to EU exit path

New phones rumoured as BlackBerry cans BB10 production

Rebadged Alcatel imminent?

Nuvias, hmm? What does this shiny new brand mean, Rigby?

Come now, Sir Peter, tell us how we pronounce this

Euro researchers more loyal and cheaper than Silicon Valley folk

CommentDDN hires staff for Paris R&D centre

John Lewis CIO commands brand-new super-group role

ExclusiveWaitrose elevation

900 Hewlett Packard Enterprise staff to leave building by month end

But IT outsourcing bods told no more redundo planned... until after CSC merger

By Jove! NASA's Juno prepares to slip into orbit around Jupiter

The big red button has already been pushed on the risky manoeuvre to date

Data protection, Brexit and campaigners: Privacy policy? Eh?

How did they get your number – and was it legal?

RM: School spending on tech is soft, soggy and downright subdued

PC biz-less supplier chalks up more top line slippage in first half of its year

Detroit Rock(et Fiber) City: Startup brings 10Gb service to Motown

Muni project doubles as data-center linkups

Down to Earth: NASA's kilo-kitty balloon lands after 46 days

100 day target still out of reach

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