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30th > June > 2016 Archive

Trans-Pacific FASTER fibre fires first photons, finally

Google-backed cable ready for service

China swaps cyber czars

Lu Wei steps down, Xu Lin steps up

Hopeless Vic agencies have two years to hit infosec best practice

Or something will happen, as bad as being hacked

Cisco looks to LoRaWAN for IoT device connectivity

Gateway for Things

Android 'ransomware surge'

Loop Dreams: Top college talents showcase their skills … in cabling

Remember these names, they'll be running copper in the big leagues soon

Big Blue finds big green in derailing transport

Big bucks in pillaging parking

Oh, Red Hat. Contain yourself and your 'new innovations' talk

Red Hat SummitOpen-source biz extends Linux sandbox offerings with storage and more

Mystery black hole hides by curbing its appetite

Careful, he might hear you

Brexit-bored Brits back to bashing the bishop after ballot box blues

Even footy didn't dampen self-love happy folks' ardour

Points tables unveiled: Who needs sport? Follow HPC kids' summer cluster cup final

HPC BlogThird trophy for South Africa

Amazon twangs its Elastic File System at on-premises filer rivals

If people trust Bezos' boys with their data, this is going to rattle a few cages

EU Investment Bank will honour pre-Brexit deals – but don't gamble on new ones happening

What happens after the 2 year wait? Depends – spokesman

ODM for the masses? Facebook's OCP still ain't for you, brother

The nuts and bolts of the matter

Seagate to cut 1,600 jobs

Broker DP Data shuts up shop after HP's lawyers took a bite out of them

'Extremely challenging' year for sales and 'trademark infringement' sueball blamed

Cassandra props GridGain

Fear and Brexit in Tech City: Digital 'elite' are having a nervous breakdown

CommentWho will pour cash into our disruptive apps?

Amazon slashes mobe prices to get more eyes on lockscreen ads

Small crumb: You can pick your own network operator

Talend announces IPO plan

Hackers: Ditch the malware, we're in... Just act like a normal network admin. *Whistles*

Nmap in hand, they're soon working pwned systems like a boss - study

Lightning strikes: Britain's first F-35B supersonic fighter lands

Nice jet, just don't look too closely at the software snafus

Cosmo study: Middle-aged galaxies are rarer than you'd think

Gorgeous MIlky Way not even close to turning red through stress of ageing

Seagate axing 1,600 staff amid PC sales slump

Bean counter eye up $100m cost cuts

Drones, weed and prison: Bloke pleads guilty over plan

Your smuggling idea? Probably best to drop it

Jupiter's throwing a firework party for Juno – and Hubble's peeking in

Spacecraft 'welcomed' by gas giant's aurora, light show seen by NASA

Google calendar TITSUP

Google Spain raided by Agencia Tributaria in latest European crackdown

Sounds good. Wait, Google agua caliente for us, will you?

Wannabe West Midlands gun smuggler jailed for ten months

Ball and blockchain for Glock parts postal buyer

Office 365 falls over in US

Google licks Android Nougat

Apple, Amazon and Google are screwing us, warns Elizabeth Warren

Potential Clinton running mate lays into anti-competitive Silicon Valley giants

NRA guns down 38,000 sites in anti-parody spray-and-pray

UpdatedSparks fly as DigitalOcean pulls plug amid shocking trademark tantrum over sendup site

Qualcomm sues Chinese biz

Encryption, wiretaps and the Feds: THE TRUTH

New US report suggests fewer peeps are using crypto but it's probably the other way around

FCC starts running from cable box rip-off kill-off

Has the regulator finally bitten off more than it can chew?

Russia, China fight UN effort to extend human rights onto the internet

Vote at Human Rights Council to take place Friday

Telstra's business network in six-hour collapse

The Big TITSUP strikes again

WA government still hopeless at infosec

Colin Murphy, can we talk about SHA-1?

Man killed in gruesome Tesla autopilot crash was saved by his car's software weeks earlier

Probe launched after ex-Navy SEAL, 40, dies in semi smash

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