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29th > June > 2016 Archive

AWS opens India warehouse

No means no: Windows 10 nagware's red X will stop update – Microsoft

Clicking on pop-up's close icon will postpone upgrade, Redmond exec promises

Evernote riles freetards with two-device limit

Out of sync with customers, or financial reality?

Liberal Party of Australia: why are you paying so much for ancient software?

Dev pulls apart Parakeelia's Feedback to find DataFlex underneath

Play Store malware roots phones, installs an app every two minutes

App not on the level, and not in the spirit

Those Xbox Fitness vids you 'bought'? Look up the meaning of the word 'rent'

Redmond takes service behind shed, shot heard

China cybersec legislation inches towards law

Controversial regulation gets second reading

3GPP sets 2018 as freeze date for 5G air interfaces

LTE control plane will help ease carrier transition

Florida man sues Apple for $10bn, claims iPod, iPhone was his idea


Global 'terror database' World-Check leaked

Thomson Reuters 'working furiously' to secure 2.2 million sensitive records

Zero-interaction remote wormable hijack hole blasts Symantec kit

Google blasts AV security with 'patch or pay the price' red alert

VW finds US$15 BEEELION under the couch to pay off US regulators

Only the beginning for beleaguered Beetle-monger

Google off the hook for feeding kids bad cookies

Not ad giant's fault it gobbled your youngsters' viewing habits, nod US appeals judges

What Brexit means for you as a motorist

From petrol to insurance, laws and more

Body of evidence: Biometrics and YOU

Feeling your way around non-password access systems

This local council paid HOW MUCH for an SD card?!

Barmy burghers not the worst when it comes to price-padded procurement

PAC slams for lack of evidence-based science investments

Says funding should be informed by a 'sound business case' ... WHAT?

Vodafone hints at relocation from UK

Au revoir, auf wiedersehen and arrivederci!

Plymouth 'animal rights' teen admits Florida SeaWorld cyber attack

Yet denies sending bomb threat hoax Tweets to US airlines

Lenovo HPC bounces back after IBM spinoff

High performance biz has grown... and customers.. well, they're a little different

Brexit, schmexit: BT and Oracle join hands for a cloudy tryst

But partnerships not the same as winning new biz – analyst

Lauri Love at risk of suicide if extradited to US, Brit court hears

Westminster Magistrates to decide if Feds can get their hands on alleged hacker

Bacon is not my vodka friend

Things you can't do in Oklahoma

Dixons, UK's fifth 'emergency service', brushes off Brexit scare stories

CEO: 'volatility inevitable' but look at our fiscal '16 financials, we are peerless

Veeam poster boy and CEO Ratmir Timashev steps down

Fills top office with existing general, raids VMware for chief operations man

Fancy hacking Man City? Happy days: Footy club to host hackathon

Moneyball-style data crunching applied to the beautiful game

ZTE flagship elbows aside Xiaomi

Never, mind, we're here now

Win 10 has Update date

InfiniBand-on-die MIA in Oracle's new 'Sonoma' Sparc S7 processor

Big Red to tear wraps off scale-out CPU with crypto, analytics acceleration

Atlantis retreats to core VDI software and appliance market

Software biz needs to curtail ambitions and restructure for second time this year

Speaking in Tech: Techcast on Brexit 'You can't argue with people'

PodcastPlus: Dockercon nerds, bimodal silos, Twitter airport hijinks and more

Cubesats, balloons, and rockets: Top prof takes us to new space

Reg LecturePraying that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space?

Lloyds Banking Group puts 640 techies and backroom bods on chopping block

Part of planned 9,000 job cuts and 200 branch closures

The problem with Canada? The price of broadband is too damn high

OpinionAnd other telco oligopoly moans... Our resident maple leafer talks to digi rights group

Peter Gabriel-backed music startup goes titsup, takes £500k of your money with it

CueSongs hits the run-off groove

Hubble spies rare cosmic tadpole galaxy

Astro boffins use find to study star formations

Kremlin hackers and the Democratic National Committee: How deep is the rabbit-hole?

US politicos a side project for spies, claims report

ACL-Sue: Civil rights warriors drag Uncle Sam to court for hacking laws

Filing claims the CFAA blocks online researchers

GitHub reveals DMCA wipes

OpenDNSSEC 2.0 out of beta

Permabit offers deduplication to Linux masses – almost

Data slimming tech for Hybrid Cloud Prof Services partners

Facebook crushes Belgian attempt to ban tracking of non-users

You need to go bother the Irish, says appeals court

Alleged Brit hacker Lauri Love bailed amid US extradition battle lull

Final arguments to be heard next month over fate of bloke who 'broke into' FBI boxes

Cali bloke accused of illegally trousering $68k using mom's Apple AuthenTec gobble tip-off

He raided bank account to buy shares in biz just before acquisition news, SEC claims

Internet takes another step away from US govt and into ICANN's hands

Regional Internet Registries sign contract with DNS overlord

Google hires black man

While you filled your face at Noodles and Co, malware was slurping your bank cards

Run for the tills! Software nasty infected registers, admits US chain

LDAP snafu in Cisco Prime

AWS Elastic File System is go

Telstra restarting long-stalled ADSL investment

Wait, what?

Honey, why are porno apps on your Android?! Er, um, malware did it!

Mobes face Hummer summer bummer

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