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24th > June > 2016 Archive

Nazi witch-hunt ends with fierce judgment

Boards of Appeal excoriates EPO president over threats

Holy Crap! Bloke finishes hand-built CPU project!

The Mega Processor is done... er, like we ever doubted it

Israeli researcher fans fears: here's another way to cross the airgap

'Fansmitter', a cool way to steal passwords

Genes take a shot at rebooting after death

Have you tried turning it off, and turning it back on again?

Australia's Defence Department tips AU$12M to seat spies with students

'Unusual' pairing hopes to attract new hacking blood

Objective-C can fly the COOP, says subversive at Microsoft Research

Redmond offers hardening ideas to Cupertino

Arista-scat! Possible import ban looms after US ITC decision

Infringed three out of five Cisco patents

Swagger staggered as hacker drops dapper code execution cracker

Silent maintainers put on notice

Juniper preps global policy manager for OpenContrail

'Project Ukai' would automate multi-region cloudy config

LIGO team may have found dark matter

Not betting the house, but it's plausible, boffins say

Judge rules FBI can hack any time, any, place, anywhere

Tor pedos torpedo privacy

Ericsson: 5G migration won't be a terrifying slog. No. We have ‘plug-ins’

AnalysisPerfect for finding MIMO... and also RAN

Mandarins plotted to water down EU data protection regs

ExclusiveMoving to ensure grip on citizen data even before we voted Leave

Home Office ignores plight of BA techies as job offshoring looms

Trade union hand-delivered letters of protest, to no avail

I want to learn about gamification but all I see is same-ification

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Youth culture and the iron-cladding of backsides

PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

BREXITRueful Remainer or Shy Leaver? Let us know

Patriotic Brits rush into streets to celebrate… National Cream Tea Day

Country spreads itself with jam - but no whipped cream

Technology shares slide with Brexit vote, except ARM

BREXITCambridge firm: Our earnings are outside EU

Vendors suspend tech orders as Brexit slaps Brit pound

BREXITCustomer uncertainty, short term pain predicted, will be no jam tomorrow

Things ain't what they used to be... Find out how at The Reg Lecture

IoT prof will open your mind, and maybe even connect it

Look into our network, not around our network... you're under

Negev desert foxes aim to outwit hackers

Brexit and data protection: A period of shock and reflection

BREXITLet's all take a moment to catch our breath

BT/Openreach 'split' plans

Gartner: Brexit to wipe $4.6bn off tech spending in Blighty

BREXITAnd as for currency volatility: there will be price rises

'2nd referendum' topples site

Tech firms reel from Leave's Brexit win

BREXIT'It’s completely unclear where this leaves us in Britain'

Oracle: Cloud-first for 12.2 update – on-prem world will have to wait

You'll eat Larry's fluffy white stuff and enjoy it

Brit startup adds intelligent search to Amazon storage

Real-time access to public cloud storage

Don't laugh: Ofcom's a model for post-Brexit Europe

BREXITTelco regulation done right? We can show how

Dev boss: What will Microsoft do with Windows 10 Mobile? Surprise – it's for work!

'Surface phone' will have challenging app gap

'Leave EU means...' WHAT?! Britons ask Google after results declared

BrexitPost-poll wake up

EU GDPR compliance still a thing for UK firms even after Brexit

BREXITLeaving doesn't get you out of commitments

Brexit government pledge sought to keep EU-backed UK science alive

BREXIT'Poor man of Europe' warning from Digital Science chief

$70m bid for Rightside

Xerox names new chief

Thunder struck: Apple kills off display line

Curse of the Cupertino peripheral strikes again

SPC says up yours to DataCore

One of three SPC-1 benchmark results withdrawn

Thinking of using multiple clouds? Don't do it, stick with us says AWS CEO

'Every tier-one country will have an AWS region' – but analyst says other providers are catching up

Sliced your submarine cable? Fill in this paperwork

FCC approves rules that make itself more important

Violin goes for reverse stock split

Stockholder approval looks to be a formality but market capitalization issue remains

Disco, Pogs, and the Microsoft Surface 3

Name three things that are dead

NVMe fabric array flasher gets top Tosh flash

Apeiron certifies unannounced Toshiba NVMe SSDs

Time to re-file your patents and trademarks, Britain

BrexitBrexit buggeration, part 42

Special delivery: Activists drop 100,000 net neutrality complaints on FCC

Wheeler gets flooded with gripes about zero-rating

NASCAR team red-flagged by ransomware attack

Sprinters pay up to unlock data

Mangstor bursts its buffers

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