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23rd > June > 2016 Archive

Libarchive needs patching again

Input validation bugs in 7zip, mtree and Rar handlers

Linux on PS3 white flag

What do Tor, Tails and Caddy have in common? Mozilla bucks

Latest round of MOSS cash splashed

Secure Islands digested, Redmond pushes out DLP tool

Adding more lock-down to Azure data

Quigley: FTTP wasn't a failed project

But unscrambling this egg will be painful

Tor onion hardening will be tear-inducing for feds

Onion rings get more scrambled

Fat-thumbed a BGP entry? Relax, now your pain has a name

RFC gives route leaks names, to help netops explain why traffic goes missing

Queensland creep cops charged with snooping through police records

Aussie bikini model had file accessed 1,435 times

Dutch court says BREIN should get e-book uploaders' names

It's 2016 and Usenet providers are still being used sued

Advantec HMI vulnerable

US committee green-lights CRISPR-Cas9 human cancer cell trials

Genetics builder and breakers hope to bolster treatments

Revive revived: Oculus DRM push shattered as DIY devs strike back

Homebrew movement counters update with gift to pirates

HDS goes hyper with its latest pile of converged IT Lego blocks

Entry-level box joined by new hyper-converged product

No contract protected against the risk of bid-rigging, says expert

In procurement? Read this

Put storage inside the individual hosts of a virtual cluster? You're CRAZY... Like a fox

Sysadmin blogOur man Trev thinks 2016 is hyperconvergence's year

Linux's NFV crew: Operators keen to ditch clunky networks, be 'cool' like, er, Facebook

OPNFV SummitMoving as fast as embiggened bods can shift

Hedvig hoists Docker flags

Late night smartphone use makes women go blind

London doctors warn of perils of in-bed, one-eye watching

Maplin Electronics demands cash with menaces

Listen up people, want to appear in our stores or website? Cough

Considerate CTERA comes running to tell us of a Nasuni outage

Nasuni CEO: First outage in 3 years of this system being live

Utah sheriffs blow $10,000 on smut-sniffing Labrador

Beehive state sends in the dogs to tackle porno public health crisis

Huawei: Come 2017, we'll also deal in pure, uncut software

OPNFV SummitBut box biz will take a long time to die, says chief cloud architect

Intrinsic: We have no CEO. Otherwise everything is tickety-boo

Biz that couldn't find buyer devises 3-year strategy plan - services and security

Deploying software every day is... actually... OK – what devs tell their real-life friends

But does running Win2003 make you a high-performer?

Ho hum, yet another storage startup. But, but, we're objectively different, yell newbies

CommentDifferent doesn't always = good, but baby steps

Germany: If Brits vote to Remain, we'll admit Hurst's 1966 goal was a goal

Oh, we'll also shares our beach towels, be nice to your Royals and dump frothy beer

BlackBerry's turnaround stalls

Software bet looks great, but Priv apathy taxes the bookkeepers

In brave new 5G world, data centres are pizza boxes... or football fields

OPFVN 2016Software, software, software... some hardware

Pull on your branded rival T-shirt, it's time to party with Nutanix

We're all trying to make hyperconvergence happen. But who's going to win?

Raspberry Pi 3 tops SBC poll for self-brew hackers and Linux folk

Mmm, lovely fresh new Pi

Physicists build simulator, hope to stand up beautiful Standard Model

Particles, antiparticles and putting meat on bones of theory

Twilio IPO a success

From Watson Jr to Watson AI: IBM's changed, and Papa Watson wouldn't approve

The customer and staff company is no more

Google beefs up Fiber with Webpass gobble

Chocolate Factory kills any doubts about its national ISP intentions

Are DataCore's SPC benchmarks unfair?

Storage ArchitectRivals cry foul over server figures

Opera cries foul over Microsoft Edge power-slurping claims

Begun, the browser battery wars have

Surveillance, interrogation and threats: Behind the Nest witch-hunt

National Labor Relations Board releases details of employee's complaint

Let's Encrypt in trademark drama

Comodo lays claim to cert authority's moniker

No software changes needed to use E8's screaming fast arrays

BackgrounderNVMe fabric-attached all-flash array coming in August with 10 million 4K IOPS

Apple kernel security

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