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22nd > June > 2016 Archive

Carbonite online backup accounts under password reuse attack

System-wide reset to block miscreants with account lists

Maine town plans to become 'Gigabit Island'

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...

Google medical search

Oz 'gifted education' program pitching WiFi, vax scare stories

Victoria's Dept of Education vetting questioned

Cisco firmware patch lands

Google turns to codeless tap factor authenticaton

Possible bug in screen lock requirement

Musk's Tesla to buy Musk's SolarCity for US$2.8 billion

Elon? Yes, Elon? Would you like to buy my business? Sure, Elon, name your price

Clouds rain revenue on Adobe's business

Q2 2016 ahead of 2015 by 20 per cent

Boffins map Netflix's Open Connect CDN

Six continents, 233 locations, thousands of servers

Dr Craig Wright lodges 51 blockchain patents with Blighty IP office

EITC Holdings sources promise hundreds more to follow

Fedora 24 is here. Go ahead – dive in

ReviewThe complete package?

Who'll guard your personal data post-Brexit?

Regulatory arbitrage and data flows

Intel still chip, chip, chippin' away at the European Commission's anti-trust fine

AMD's complaint: sweet sixteen, never been nixed

Hacker, Bromium donate $30,000 in bug bounty cash to charity

Ormandy's win is Amnesty International's windfall

Police ICT Company head: Eat your cloud, cops, it's good for you

Let's put body-worn camera footage in the white'n'fluffy stuff, says Martin Wyke

Three non-obvious reasons to Vote Leave on the 23rd

CommentHow I stopped being an avoidnik and got off the fence

Professor slams digital efforts of 'website-obsessed' government

Data, platforms, agility, users... buzzwords

CIA invests in Apache Spark

Stuxnet was the opening shot of decades of non-stop cyber warfare

'Packets don't wear uniforms', says Atlantic Council fellow

Google tribute to Jo Cox

Wanted: New cloudy head for 37 hour week, £90k salary

Digi Marketplace director role looks so arduous. Any takers? Bueller?

KCOM inks train deal

Israeli cybersecurity boom 'sustainable', argues industry’s father

Israel cyber weekPipelines are improving but discrimination is still a problem

Datastax comes for Oracle's lunch with new graph database release

Co-founder: I think graph is going to be big

NHS advertises for digital director at £131k

A Reg expert would sort them out, right? Paging Simon now...

Parliament is building a new website – and it doesn't want GDS anywhere near it

'Constitutionally incompatible' to get the digi-bods to do it

Astroboffins find first 'wind nebula' around rare 'magnetar' star

No it's not Michael Fassbender getting flatulent

Shareholders rubber-stamp Ingram Micro $6bn sale to Chinese firm

Execs and directors post deal payout of $126m gets thumbs up too

Holy kittens! YouTube screens go blank

Google dispatches monkeys

Why you should Vote Remain: Bananas, bathwater and babies

CommentBetter the devil EU know?

Kaminario 'shelves' future. Between you and NVMe, it could get flashy

AnalysisFabricating array structure for more compute, storage separation

It's all fun and games until someone loses a rack*

HPC BlogStudent cluster configurations stretch imagination, credulity

Zerto swallows fresh funds

Happy Mappiversary, Ordnance Survey

Two retro treats for you, cartofans

Dell tempts hordes with MASSIVE DISCOUNTS on PCs

By massive we mean, er, not very big at all...

One place to inhale all cloud: Apache Libcloud 1.0 now available

Interoperability, hallelujah

Speaking in Tech: We don't need Jack – sound off on Apple rumours


Patch the Pidgin, patch the...

Huawei taps ex-Nokia devs for 'secret phone OS project'

When Android goes proprietary, everyone will need a Plan B

Google enlists Microsoft VoIP partner to unseat Office 365+Skype

RingCentral in the middle

Microsoft hops onboard bonk-to-pay bandwagon

Windows Mobile gets support for NFC payments

Open letter from EPO staff pleads with country reps to fire president

UpdateKing Battistelli faces ousting from his subjects

Datrium adds insane mode to boost speed

Will add replication and capacity next year to its single box Netshelf

Schrems spy case a 'circus'

77 per cent ignore company social media policies

And they're probably right to

US Senate strikes down open-access FBI hacking warrant by just one honest vote

Fourth Amendment plays second fiddle to the Second

FTC dings InMobi ad network for tracking world+dog

What's your privacy worth? A few cents, apparently

Mobile phone app replaces Congressional TV as Democrats stage sit-in

C-SPAN rebroadcasts Periscope feed after cameras turned off

Supermassive black hole devours star and becomes X-ray flashlight

The sleeping giant wakes up hungry

Zuck covers up mic and webcam because sharing isn't always good

Instagram PR pic poses interesting questions

Pure expands Evergreen

Red Hat CEPHalopod gets shiny new software legs

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