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21st > June > 2016 Archive

India relaxes rules that kept Apple out of retail

Foreign investment "30 per cent local content" rule relaxed

Intel-supported Open HPC stack to land in Q4

Shrink-wrapped software stack for big ironmongers

AirPort owners: Apple's patched a mystery vuln

We'll tell you what was wrong once it's no longer news

Good hacker uses vid vulns to spy on Quebec Liberal Party meetings

Researcher reports flaws, proffers screencaps.

'Nobody cares about your heart-rate'

CrowdStrike's Mike Sentonas talks IoT security with El Reg

Intel chips in with blockchain code for Hyperledger

Partners gather around the Big Blue Linux block

DARPA demands brand-new command … IN SPAAACE!

What will the space 'flight deck' of the future look like?

Drubbed StubHub carder grub guilty, faces 12 years in cooler club

Million dollar scam club flubs, cops get lion but no cubs

No watershed: China hacker groups in decline before Xi-Obama deal

Respected spook group finds early Washington, Beijing pivoting left China hackers clean and focused

Kremlin wants to shoot the Messenger, and WhatsApp to boot

Russian lawmakers want encryption backdoors

What's DriveScale up to? Mix-'n'-match server and disk storage, for starters

BackgrounderIt's all about 'composable' infrastructure

Apple pollutes data about you to protect your privacy. But it might not be enough

CommentPeople do care about privacy... don't they?

Trustmarque has been sold yet again – this time to Capita for £57m

Now you can buy your favourite software from your favourite integrator

The SPC-1 benchmark is cobblers, thunders Oracle veep

CommentSour grapes, DataCore chairman fires back

Count 'em and weep: Intrinsic looking for fifth CEO in five years

Mark Bates exits biz after search for a buyer proves elusive

New storage upstart Versity offers S3 object storage interface

As well as multi-threaded and SAM-QFS-based archiving software

Intel's Knights Landing: Fresh x86 Xeon Phi lineup for HPC and AI

Machine learning folk, you want to sit up and pay attention here

OpenIO pulls up ARM controller SOCs: Kinetic's Marvellous... can anybody do it?

CommentLucky for software-slingers, they can

Rejoice, fatties: Giving chocolate electric shocks makes it healthier

Less fat needed after careful application of wiggly amps

Microsoft’s IFTTT-alike Flow seeps into the iPhone

Tinker tailor, create a workflow

Cash-strapped English and Welsh cops prepare to centralise all 43 forces' websites

Centralisation was such a success when GOV.UK came in, after all

Not smiling for the camera? Adobe's Creative Cloud suite can fix that

Update includes face-shaping, font matching, magic cropping and more

Supercomputers in 2030: Lots of exaflops and LOTS of DRAM

The future – like the past, but much hotter and drinking way more juice

VC buys 5m Violin shares

Plump Dell lays its table for the upcoming HPC Stampede

Texas gamble accompanies business trio

All this Brexit talk derailed UK tech spending, right? That's a big fat NOPE

Only a day and a half until the madness ends

Nice cluster, kid. But can these supercomputing students actually predict the weather?

HPC blogIt's hard enough for the Met Office...

Last year Nutanix revealed a hypervisor, this year...

Does a collection of sensible tunes mean a 'difficult third album' problem?

Bees with numberplates will soon be buzzing around London. Why?

Scientists hope Big Smoke inhabitants will plant apoid-friendly flowers

Chinese demand end to canine carvery festival

10-day dog-and-cat-meat festival an ‘embarassment’, say pet loving citizens

Supercell bought for $8.6bn

Top boffins detail how to save the open internet from breaking itself

AnalysisCommission publishes final report after two years of work

US House to vote on whether poor people need mobile phones

Lifeline program could be killed with new bill

Neustar to split in two

Cloudian clobbers car drivers with targeted ads

Smart digital road-side ad signage

Pressure mounts against Rule 41 – the FBI's power to hack Tor, VPN users on sight

Politicians reminded of deadline to halt changes

You're not cool unless you have an app store, apparently. So Docker's building one

DockerConContainer Hub-plus enters private beta

CloudFlare apologizes for Telia screwing you over

Unhappy about massive outage

'Plane Hacker' Roberts hacks cows

Teets up security on display

US watchdog lobs balls of red tape at spy-in-the-sky drones

100 mph speed limit and line-of-sight only

Is it a car? Is it a rocket? No, it's Elon Musk's robot butler!

Billionaire's OpenAI club wants to play a game

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